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1-800-805-0263 stacking, boxing, and bagging, at Paul’s Fireplace Wood, said Paul. “We offer a clean, quality product.” Heat-treatment to thwart the likes of the emerald ash borer is a must for wood going beyond the state line. In December 2013, Paul purchased a kiln in the Quick series (includes the MiniQuick 6 cord and SmallQuick 12 cord) from Kiln-direct in Burgaw, N.C. “I saw the kiln in TimberLine and did some research,” he said. The research included visiting another firm to his north that had a kiln heated with waste wood, a configuration Paul decided was not for him. When the Kiln-direct Quick kiln was first installed, it was heated with propane. The fuel for heat was switched to natural gas after Paul had a line run to his property. Natural gas became a much better choice because it cuts the cost of fuel in half and is more efficient. The Quick kiln from Kiln-direct is loaded with two 100 horsepower John Deere tractors. The tractors drive right up to the front door of the kiln. Paul has worked closely with Patrick Dean at Kiln- direct on the installation and optimal use of his kiln. He said that he appreciates that he can call Patrick whenever he has a ques- tion. Since the year 2000, Paul’s Fireplace Wood has been doing significant sales via the internet. The website and web sales, as well as other administrative functions are the domain of Sharon Wilczek, the owner of the company. Sharon is Paul’s mother. Lorraine Lloyd assists Sharon. November 2014 15 T IMBER L INE In December 2013, Paul purchased a kiln from in Burgaw, North Carolina, after seeing one in Timberline magazine. The kiln was converted from propane to natural gas to increase efficiency and lower fuel costs. ANY WAY YOU CUT IT, IT’S GOT TO BE WOOD-MIZER 800.522.5760 | © 2014 Wood-Mizer LLC