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Janis & Jade: Women Can the Logosol - Logging and sawmilling brings to mind images of tough men with callused hands. While this is true for many wood-related jobs, Janis Freer and her daughter Jade, of Grand Forks, British Columbia have found that producing moldings with the Logosol PH260 can also be done with a feminine touch. (1/1/2007)
Know the Value of Your Logs - Sawmill & Treating Insights for January 2007 (1/1/2007)
Processor Is Workhorse of Firewood Business - Minnesota Company Likes Reliability, Performance, Safety of Multitek Firewood Processor (2/1/2007)
Technology Matters at Vaagen Bros. Lumber: Integration of Wagner Electronics, Metriguard Systems Enhances Optimization at Trimmer - Integrated Wagner Electronics, Metriguard Systems Enhance Optimized Trimmer (8/1/2007)
Wisconsin Logger Leans on LogMax - Three Cut-to-Length Crews Equipped with LogMax 7000 for Felling, Processing (9/1/2007)
Focus on Old Growth Misses the Mark - The Sensible Environmentalist (9/1/2007)
Louisiana Loggers Add Fuel Chip Operations - Lincoln Logging Puts Bandit Chipper to Work in Cut-Overs, Before Loggers Begin (10/1/2007)
Focus on Old Growth Misses the Mark - The Sensible Environmentalist (11/1/2007)
Imports Overtake Forest Products Exports - Survey Reveals Wide Impact of Globalization and Companies Responding, Adapting (12/1/2007)

Cut-To-Length Logging
Holli a Logging Leader in Upper Michigan - Holli Forest Products Leans Heavily on John Deere for Cut-to-Length Machines (9/1/2007)
Hilberg Logging Focus on Cut-to-Length - Company Reaps Benefits from Cleaning Radiators with Cleanfix® Reversible Fans (9/1/2007)
Michigan Logger Weathers the Challenges - Belmas Logging Likes Combination of TimberPro 630 with Risley Equipment Rolly II (9/1/2007)

Environmental Issues
The Sensible Environmentalist: Wood Fiber Best Choice to Make Paper - Dr. Moore speaks out on how wood fiber is the best choice to make paper. (5/1/2007)
Use Wood to Reduce Greenhouse Gases - The most important thing is to reduce fossil fuel consumption. (7/1/2007)

Equipment, Products & Services
Kubinec is an Alternative to Steel Bands: Woven Polyester Straps, Buckles from Kubinec Are Easy to Use, Safe, Light-weight - Woods Products Companies Turn to Kubinec Woven Polyester Straps (6/1/2007)

Industry News
Wood-Mizer Tour to Visit 12 States and 4 Provinces - Wood-Mizer Products, a leading manufacturer of portable band sawmills, will mark its 25th anniversary in 2007 with a 17-stop promotional tour across the U.S. and Canada. (2/1/2007)
Industry News - Industry News for the Forest Products Industry (2/1/2007)
Sawmill & Treating INSIGHTS: Upgrade Your Mill for Volume or Value? - EDITOR’S NOTE: Dr. Brian Bond is the newest regular columnist to join TimberLine. He is an assistant professor at Virginia Tech. Dr. Bond is a specialist in improving efficiency in sawmills and lumber drying operations. His columns will regularly cover general topics and the latest technology for treatment and sawing processes. Dr. Bond may be reached at (540) 231-8752 or (3/1/2007)
The Sensible Environmentalist: N. America Leads in Conserving Wildlife - The Sensible Environmentalist (3/1/2007)
Industry News for July 2007 - Industry News (7/1/2007)
Move to Replace Oil with Ethanol Portends Bright Future for Wood - Cellulosic Ethanol Expected to Overtake Corn-Based Ethanol Within 20 Years (10/1/2007)
Hahn Machinery Founder Dies at 84 - Raymond M. Hahn, a pioneer in the development of mechanical logging systems, died recently at the age of 84. (11/1/2007)

Logging Operation Case Studies: Midwest
Oregon Logger Chooses Varied Equipment - ACME Manufacturing Inc. Carriages Meet High Expectations at Pacific Rim Associates (2/1/2007)
Wisconsin Loggers Stay with What Works - Father-Son Team Replaces TimberPro, Risley Rolly II Combination with Newer Version (2/1/2007)
Wis. Contractor Leans Heavily on TimberPro - Company Has Line-Up of TimberPro Carriers, Forwarders for Land-Clearing Operations (11/1/2007)
Tub Grinder Serves City Recycling Center - Wisconsin Community Chooses DuraTech 4012 Machine to Recycle Green Waste (11/1/2007)
Big G Wood Products Plans to Grow - Timberland Machinery Big Jake Scragg Saw Is Workhorse in Arkansas Scragg Mill (12/1/2007)

Logging Operation Case Studies: Northeast
Indiana Logger Adds Firewood Business - Timberwolf Mfg. Firewood Processor Boosts Production, Keeps Loggers Working in Mud, Snow (1/1/2007)
Maine Company Enters Biomass Fuel Market - W.T. Gardner & Sons Adds Bandit Track Model Whole-Tree Chipper for Tough Wood (4/1/2007)
Maine Contractor Adds CBI Track Grinder - CBI 6800T-12, Stump Shear and Grapple Rake Extend Capability of L.E. Taylor & Sons (4/1/2007)
Vermont Logger Stays Small, Efficient: Stripper Pull-Through Delimber Works Well for Three Vermont Logging Families - Stripper Mfg. Delimber Works Well for Vermont Logger (5/1/2007)
Lafoe Logging Turns to Waratah Attachment: John Deere 703GG Track Carrier, Paired with Waratah HTH622B, Shows Impressive Fuel Economy - John Deere-Waratah Combination Impresses with Fuel Economy (5/1/2007)
N.H. Logger Turns to Tigercat for Machines: Garland Lumber Adds Tigercat Harvester with Risley Processor and Tigercat Feller-Buncher - N.H. Company Adds Two Tigercat Machines, Risley Processor (5/1/2007)
Focused on Sustainable Forestry - Stripper Delimber Good Match for Father-Son Team That Provides Range of Forestry Services (11/1/2007)
Johnson Lumber Benefits from Mill Upgrades - Specialist in Eastern White Pine Lumber, Log Homes Has Strong Ties to HMC Corporation (12/1/2007)

Logging Operation Case Studies: South
Grinding Positions W.B. Henry for Growth - South Carolina Contractor Relies on Morbark Machines for Grinding Capability (4/1/2007)
Georgia Company Finds Solution for Stumps - Land Clearing Contractor Chooses DuraTech Machine to Grind Stumps, Root Balls, Debris (4/1/2007)
Louisiana Contractors Busy Clearing Land - Company Grinds Stumps, Other Debris, and Vail Stump Shear Boosts Production (4/1/2007)
North Carolina Logger Relies on Versatility - T.K. Ellis Trucking and Logging Has Strong Ties to John Deere, R.W. Moore Equipment Co. (11/1/2007)

Logging Operation Feature Articles
Wisconsin Father, Son Are a C-T-L Team: Meverdens Find Log Max Harvester on Timbco, Eco Log Forwarder an Effective Combination - Father and Son Like Eco Log Forwarder, Lgo Max Harvester Head (5/1/2007)
Demand for Biofuel Makes Chips Attractive: Trelan Whole Tree Chipper Is Integral to Maine Timber Harvester’s Operations - Trelan Chipper Integral to Operations for Maine Logger (6/1/2007)
Fla. Company Leapfrogs into Grinding - Custom Mulch & Recycling Gets Fast Start with Support from Morbark and Two Grinders (10/1/2007)
Forestry Mulcher Benefits Oregon Ranch - SUPERTRAK Machine Follows Loggers, Mulches Slash; Treatment Provides Numerous Benefits (10/1/2007)
Connecticut Contractor Keeps Clearing - CBI Machine Proves Versatile for Grinding Land-Clearing Debris, Making Mulch (10/1/2007)
Building a Life - Tanner Owen Built a Home and a Life with his LT40HD (12/1/2007)

Logging Operation Feature Articles: West Coast
Versatility Is a Must for Calif. Company - Tri-Max® Cold Compressed Foam Systems Simplify Fire Safety for Warner Enterprises (2/1/2007)

Lumber Drying
Sawmill and Treating Insights: Options for Small Scale Drying Operations - Many small sawmill operations look to lumber drying as a way to add value to their product and to gain entrance to new markets. Let’s face it; most purchasers of small volumes of lumber want a dried product. (6/1/2007)
Limington Lumber Positioned for the Future - Maine Company Manufacturing Eastern White Pine Relies on USNR for Kiln-Drying (7/1/2007)
Oak Market Prompts Change at Gebhardt - Missouri Sawmill Adds Dry Kiln from Kiln Direct to Preserve Green Inventory, Add Value (7/1/2007)
Vermont Company Focused on Flooring - Lathrop Maple Supply Likes Energy Efficiency, Easy Operation of Nova Dry Kilns (7/1/2007)
Hawaiian Ranch Reclaims Old Wood: Lignomat Wireless System Enables Company to Monitor Lumber Drying Process in Solar Kiln - Lignomat Enables Company to Monitor Lumber Drying (8/1/2007)

Lumber Market
Housing Market Continues Slide - U.S. Forest Service economist provides analysis to the current housing market decline. (10/31/2007)

New Products
Product Profiles - January 2007 - New products/services and supplier announcements from Edge, Fecon, Lignomat and AIM. (1/1/2007)
Product Profiles - February 2007 - New products/services and supplier announcements from J&J Machinery, Eagle Machinery, Fecon, Blount, H&A Swing Saw and L&M Equipment. (2/1/2007)
Product Profiles - March 2007 - New products/services and supplier announcements from Select Sawmill, Fecon, Saw Shop, SMH Inc./Mingo, Oregon Cutting Systems, Eagle Machinery, Built-Rite, and Cook's Saw. (3/1/2007)
Product Profiles - April 2007 - New products/services and supplier announcements from J&J Machinery, Eagle Machinery, Fecon, Blount, H&A Swing Saw and L&M Equipment. (4/1/2007)
Product Profiles - May 2007 - New products/services and supplier announcements from Fecon, Bunting Magnetics Co. , LPS Equipment & Acquisition Co., Tri-Star Metals, Eco Log, Wood-Mizer, Eagle Machinery and Koetter Dry Kiln. (5/1/2007)
Product Profiles - June 2007 - New products/services and supplier announcements from Kubinec, MDI, Weima, SMH, Cook''s Saw and Blue Ox. (6/1/2007)
Product Profiles - July 2007 - New products/services and supplier announcements from DuraTech, Log Max, Eagle Machine, Pendu, NHLA, Baker Products, Tigercat and Morbark. (7/1/2007)
Product Profiles - August 2007 - New products/services and supplier announcements from Select Sawmill, NHLA, Oliver Mfg., John Deere and Eagle Machinery. (8/1/2007)
Peterson Portable Sawmills Special Promotion - Company Offers New Zealand Travel Package for Purchase of Automated Swingblade Mill (9/1/2007)
Product Profiles - September 2007 - New products/services and supplier announcements from Morbark, Fecon, Norwood and Rayco. (9/1/2007)
Product Profiles - October 2007 - New products/services and supplier announcements from Fecon, Pitts Enterprises, Rockland Manufacturing, VanStarr Enterprises and American Wood Dryers. (10/1/2007)
Product Profiles - November 2007 - New products/services and supplier announcements from Hogzilla, GAP, John Deere, Joral Devices and Qescorp. (11/1/2007)
Product Profiles - December 2007 - New products/services and supplier announcements from Fecon, Precision Husky, Caterpillar, Rotochopper and John Deere. (12/1/2007)

Portable Sawmill
Portable Mill Creates New Opportunities - New Hampshire Man Likes Price, Versatility of Norwood LumberMate 2000 (1/1/2007)
Mississippi Sawmill Forges Beyond Katrina - Beatrice Sawmill Relies on Three Wood-Mizer Portable Band Mills for Cutting Pine (1/1/2007)
Vaagen Bros. Expands with Acquisition - Company Also Adding Third HewSaw, a Portable Model to Further Its Reach (3/1/2007)
The Call to Saw - Missionary Pastor Serves Community with Prayer and Sawmill (3/1/2007)
Shoot-Out Showcases Supplier Differences Side By Side - Independent Sawmill & Woodlot Management Shoot-Out featuring Wood-Mizer, Peterson Portable, Baker Products, Lucas Mill and Select Sawmill. (7/1/2007)
Capturing History: A Passion for Pioneer Cabins - Wood-Mizer Mill Makes Lumber to Restore Cabins (8/1/2007)

Felling with Match Cut Contributes to Fatal Mishap - Safety Alert (2/1/2007)
Welded Tire Rim Blows, Kills Logger While Inflating - Safety Alert (3/1/2007)
Sawyer Struck, Killed While Working Near ‘Set Back’ Tree - Safety Alert (5/1/2007)
Driver Falls, Injured Improperly Binding Slasher - Safety Alert (6/1/2007)
Ash Tree Under Tension ‘Explodes,’ Injuring Cutter - Safety Alert (7/1/2007)
Dead Tree Top Breaks, Hits Logger While Felling - Safety Alert (8/1/2007)
Drying Pallets and Keeping Them Dry Help Prevent Mold from Occurring - Fan Sheds, Chemical Dip Treatments Effective Combination for Controlling Mold (9/1/2007)
Lodged Trees, Broken Limb Lead to Fatality - Safety Alert (11/1/2007)
Loader Boom Descends, Hits Crewman During Refueling - Safety Alert (12/1/2007)

Sawmill Case Studies
Planer-Moulder Proves Versatile for Calif. Mill - All Bay Mill & Lumber Adds Pinheiro Planer-Moulder from River Valley Machinery (3/1/2007)
North Carolina Mill Specializes in Cypress: Company Cuts Cypress Lumber with Pair of Cook’s Saw Thin-Kerf Band Sawmills - North Carolina Company Cuts Cypress with Cook's Saw Mfg. Mills (6/1/2007)
Coomer and Sons Sawmill Adds AWMV Thin-Kerf Head Rig: Indiana Pallet Maker Turns to Wood-Mizer’s Industrial Affiliate - Indiana Pallet Maker Turns to AWMV for New Head Rig (6/1/2007)
Gulf Lumber Upgrades Head Rig at New Mill: Addition of USNR 3D LASAR Carriage Optimizer System Improves Production Recovery - USNR LASAR 3D Scanner Improves Production, Recovery (8/1/2007)
Al-Tom Benefits from Optimized Head Rig: JoeScan Scanners, Nelson Brothers Engineering Optimizer Behind Gains in Yield, Production - JoeScan, Nelson Brothers Fuel Gains in Yield, Production (8/1/2007)
Sawing for Grade Increases Value - Sawmill and Treating Insights (10/1/2007)

Trade Shows
Trade Show News - Trade show news for the Forest Products Industry (3/1/2007)
Wood-Mizer Debuts LT50 Production Mill; 25th Anniversary Tour Successfully Opens - Wood-Mizer kicked off its 25th Anniversary Tour in North Carolina, and the TimberLine staff was there (4/1/2007)


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