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Where Does the U.S. Stand in the Global Market? - Analyst Discusses Changes in the Global Forest Products Industry (8/1/2008)
News Releases - New Products, News (9/1/2008)

Equipment, Products & Services
Product Profiles - New products in the Sawmilling and Logging Forest products industry. (10/1/2008)
Product Profiles - New Products, Events in the Forest Products Industry. (11/1/2008)
Sawmill and Treating Insights -- Virginia Tech: Preventative Maintenance Programs Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs - Money spent on maintenance ultimately does not contribute to the final product – lumber, pallets, etc. However, without maintenance, machinery failures will lead to higher costs and more unplanned downtime. (12/1/2008)

Cord King Offers Two New Firewood Processors - Cord King Offers Two New Firewood Processors (5/1/2008)
Washington Firewood Business Gets Fired Up: Multitek Firewood Processor Helps Company Expand, Position for More Growth - BLW Firewood – Multitek Firewood Processor Spurs Growth for Washington Business (6/1/2008)
Firewood Business Benefits Loggers, Retirees - Chomper Firewood Processor from Rainier Hydraulics Enables Easy Entry into Business (8/1/2008)

Industry News
Prentice Boosts Skidder HP; Fuel Economy Same - Prentice Boosts Skidder HP; Fuel Economy Same (5/1/2008)
3 Wood-Mizer Mills Offer Remote Control - 3 Wood-Mizer Mills Offer Remote Control (5/1/2008)
AIM Attachments Opens Location in Northwest - AIM Attachments Opens Location in Northwest (5/1/2008)
Baker Products Marks 20th Year Anniversary - Baker Products Marks 20th Year Anniversary (5/1/2008)
Wisconsin Company Offers Cross-Cut Saws - Wisconsin Company Offers Cross-Cut Saws (5/1/2008)
John Deere to Invest $80 Million in Russia - John Deere to Invest $80 Million in Russia (5/1/2008)
Wagner Hosts Drying Quality Control Seminar - Wagner Hosts Drying Quality Control Seminar (5/1/2008)

Logging Operation Case Studies: Canada
BC Contractor Finds Opportunity in Grinding: Duratech Tub Grinder Processes Material Left by Cutting Roads, Landings for Oil Crews - Duratech Grinder Keys Operations for Canadian Company (4/1/2008)
Alberta Contractor a Leader in Land Clearing: Bear Slashing a Big Believer in Benefits of Using Forestry Mulchers to Clear Vegetation - Bear Slashing – Alberta Contractor Benefits from Cleanfix Fans on Mulchers (6/1/2008)

Logging Operation Case Studies: Mid Atlantic
N.C. Company Offers Complete Clearing: Shelton Logging & Chipping Leans Heavily on Morbark Chipper and Tub Grinder - N.C. Contractor Depends on Morbark Chipper, Grinder (4/1/2008)

Logging Operation Case Studies: Midwest
Minnesota Firewood Business in High Gear - Wood Beaver Firewood Processor from Resource Recovery Systems Boosts Production (1/1/2008)
Hard Work, Head for Business and Lots of Luck Led to Young Logger’s Success - Tim Jacobs – Wisconsin Logger Pleased with Cat C-T-L Machines (2/1/2008)
Wisconsin Father-Son Loggers Keep It Small: Team Relies on Cat 550 Wheeled Harvester with Prentice PD-46 Dangle Head - Wisconsin Father-Son Loggers Pleased with Cat-Prentice Combination (5/1/2008)
Fence Company’s Success Breeds Challenge: Montana Business Finds DuraTech Grinder the Solution for Trim Ends, Forestry Applications - Burgundy Farms – Florida Logger Adds Chipping with Morbark Machine (10/1/2008)
Wisconsin Logger, 74, Still Going Strong: Winter Logging, Petit Family Have Relied on Woodland Equipment More Than 25 Years - Winter Logging – Wisconsin Logging Family Has Long Ties to Woodland Equipment (11/1/2008)

Logging Operation Case Studies: Northeast
Wisconsin Man Launches Firewood Business - Rainier Hydraulics Chomper Is His Choice for Firewood Processor; Shear Cutter Has Benefits (1/1/2008)
Firewood Dealer Faces Changes, Challenges - New Hampshire Company Relies on Newest Multitek Machine to Produce Firewood (1/1/2008)
Cousineau a Forest Products Leader in NE: Company’s Continental Biomass Industries Grinder Marks a Decade of Service - CBI Grinder Marks 10 Years with Maine Business (4/1/2008)
Maine Logger Takes on New Opportunities: Bandit 3590 Whole-Tree Chipper Pays Off for L.R. Hamilton in Production, Fuel Economy - Maine Contractor Adds Fuel Chip Operations with Bandit Machine (4/1/2008)
Gardner & Sons Continues Growth: Newest Addition Is John Deere 753J Track Feller-Buncher - Maine Company Adds John Deere Track Feller-Buncher (5/1/2008)
Zoladz Construction Co. Is on the Road Again; Buffalo-Area Company Buys its Third CBI Grinder: New York Company Sends Crew to Clean Up After Ike - Zoladz – New York Company Benefits from CBI Grinders (10/1/2008)
Vt. Logger Keeps Operations Small, Simple: Stripper Pull-Through Delimber Boosts Production for Williams Logging - Williams Logging – Stripper Pull-Through Delimber Boosts Production for Vermont Logger (11/1/2008)

Logging Operation Case Studies: South
Kentucky Loggers Glad They Moved to C-T-L: Sutton Logging Adds TimberPro 810 Forwarder - Sutton Logging – Kentucky Logger Adds TimberPro to Work With Timbco-Risley Combo (2/1/2008)
Florida Logger Finds Niche in Thinnings: Stripper Pull-Through Delimber Proves Productive for McClellan Logging - Stripper Pull-Through Delimber Aids Florida Logger (5/1/2008)
Florida Logger Adds Chipping Operations: Morbark Whole Tree Chipper Enables Company to Get More Business, Increase Revenue - Burgundy Farms – Florida Logger Adds Chipping with Morbark Machine (10/1/2008)
Florida Contractor Expands Original Niche: SUPERTRAK Machines Give Rick Richards a Competitive Edge in Efficiency, Operating Costs - Rick Richards Inc. – SUPERTRAK Machines Give Competitive Edge to Florida Contractor (10/1/2008)

Logging Operation Feature Articles
Forestry Mulchers Essential for Ga. Company: Southeastern Clearing Systems Relies on Specialty SUPERTRAK Machines - Georgia Company Relies on SUPERTRAK Machines (4/1/2008)
Minnesota Contractor Focused on Benefits - Dave Rasmussen Wanted a Retirement Home, but He Found a Business with Gyro-Trac (9/1/2008)
LaFleur Retires to Full-Time Logging - Michigan Father-Son Loggers Turn to Nortrax and John Deere, Friends and Family (9/1/2008)
Wisconsin Brothers Tackle Tough Hardwoods - Nordine Land Management Eager to Put New Track TimberPro Carrier into Service (9/1/2008)
Kentucky Logger Moves into C-T-L for Pine - Salem Log Yard Completes Transition to Link-Belt Carriers with Log Max Harvesters (9/1/2008)

Logging Operation Feature Articles: West Coast
Oregon Logger Learns to Adapt to Succeed: A-1 Logging Benefits from Using Log Max Attachments - A-1 Logging – Log Max 7000XT Processor Benefits Oregon Logger (2/1/2008)
Good Work Keeps Oregon Logger Going: ‘We’re Very Environmentally Careful, and That Brings Us Work’ - Kriege Logging – Oregon Logger Likes John Deere 2554 Undercarriage for Delimber (2/1/2008)
McLaughlin Logging Finds Niche in Thinning: Log Max Harvesters Prove Good Fit for Idaho Contractor Who Transitioned to C-T-L - McLaughlin Logging – Log Max Harvesters Prove Good Fit for Idaho Contractor (11/1/2008)

Lumber Drying
New Mathematical Model Improves Lumber Drying: Wagner Electronic Products Implementing Process for Greater Accuracy in Kiln-Drying - Supplier Makes Strides in Improving Accuracy in Kiln-Drying. (7/1/2008)
Wagner Developing New Drying Program: Moisture Management Grade Recovery Program Will Utilize Patented Mathematical Model - Supplier Makes Strides in Improving Accuracy in Kiln-Drying (7/1/2008)
Making Old ‘New’ and the New Look Old: Virginia Company Remanufacturing Antique Lumber into Flooring Adds Kiln-Direct Dry Kilns - Kiln-direct Aids Virginia Company (7/1/2008)
Ohio Company Adds, Expands Dry Kilns: Walnut Creek Planing Uses Nova Dry Kilns to Produce High Quality Hardwood Components - Ohio Business Uses Nova Kilns to Produce High Quality Hardwood (7/1/2008)
Beyond Drying: Integrated, Mill-Wide, Moisture Measurement & Control - SCS Forest Products: New data integration and barcoding capability to achieve next level of efficiency and yield. (7/1/2008)
New Kiln Boosts Efficiency, Lumber Quality -- Bibler Brothers Lumber Turns to Uni Temp, Tinsley Consulting for Continuous Dry Kiln System - Bibler Brothers Lumber – Uni Temp, Tinsley Consulting Supply Continuous Dry Kiln System (12/1/2008)

New Products
Product Profiles - January 2008 - New products/services and supplier announcements from Multitek, Rainier Hydraulics, Peterson Portable Sawmill, Wagner Electronics, Waratah Forestry Attachments and Resource Recovery. (1/1/2008)
Laguna Tools Adds Platinum Series Machines: Industrial Bandsaw Leads Company into New Applications - Laguna Tools – Machinery Supplier Introduces Industrial Bandsaw (3/1/2008)
Options Convert Tigercat Mulcher to Feller-Buncher - Tigercat has developed a new multi-function hydraulic system and quick-attach boom adapter for its M726E mulcher. (4/1/2008)
Fecon Develops New Chipper Knife Tools - Fecon has developed a new line of chipper knife tools that cut 25-50% faster. The new chipper knives also use less horsepower than the standard double carbide-tipped tools. (4/1/2008)
Amerimulch Develops New Mulch Colorants - Amerimulch Develops New Mulch Colorants (5/1/2008)
Morbark Develops New 40-36 Whole Tree Chipper - New products. (7/1/2008)
Fecon Introduces New Line Bull Hog Mulchers - New products. (7/1/2008)
Cat Makes Improvements to Track Feller-Bunchers - New products. (7/1/2008)
Baker Offers New Automated Stacker - New products. (7/1/2008)
Keystone Machinery Offers Grade Bandsaw - New products. (7/1/2008)
Peterson Sawmills Pass European Safety Review - New products. (7/1/2008)
AWMV Introduces Saw-Carriage System - New products. (7/1/2008)
HMC 2-Saw Trimmer Cuts Board, Cants, Ties - New products. (7/1/2008)
News Releases - Logging/Sawmilling Industry News and Products (8/1/2008)
Prduct Profiles - New Sawmill and Logging Industry Products. (12/1/2008)

Logs Spill from Truck At Unbinding Station - Safety Alert (1/1/2008)
Safety Alert: Skidder Strikes, Kills Logging Supervisor - Anyone working on an active logging job must communicate with everyone that they are on foot in the woods. Consider carrying hand-held radios on the same frequency used in the logging equipment. (6/1/2008)
Safety Alert: Skidder on Highway in Near-Miss with Car - On a clear, spring morning in the Southeast, a logging crew member was moving a small flatbed trailer across a public highway from one harvest block to another. (8/1/2008)
Safety Alert: Harvester Boom Strikes Overpass During Transit - Accessory equipment, such as hydraulic booms and blades, must be completely lowered and secured to a lowboy. (11/1/2008)
Safety Alert -- Cutter Grabs Tree Near Power Line, Topples Pole Background - When a machine operator identifies a hazard, it is best to remove the hazard as soon as possible. If it is not feasible to remove it immediately, mark the hazard with flagging to identify it clearly. (12/1/2008)

Sawmill Case Studies
Irish Sawmill Turns to USNR for New Log Line: USNR Blends North American, European Log Processing Technology - Murray Timber Products – Irish Sawmill Turns to USNR for New Log Line (3/1/2008)
Tennessee Mill Reaps Rewards from Resaw: Brewco Horizontal Resaw System Improves Yield - Wilcher and Sons Sawmill – Tennessee Sawmill Reaps Benefits of Brewco Resaw (3/1/2008)
Amish Furniture Makers Succeed in Cluster: Ohio Amish Settlement Fosters Prosperous, Growing Hardwood Furniture Industry - Amish in Rural Ohio Thrive at Making Hardwood Furniture (5/1/2008)
Potomac Supply Corp. Wins Environmental Award, Utilizes Green Energy - Virginia SawmillRelies on McConnell Tech, National Barn, Unitemp, Koger Air and SmartTrac (8/1/2008)

Sawmill Case Studies: Softwood
Va. Mill Showcases Automation, Optimization: Morgan Lumber a Leading Pine Producer - Morgan Lumber – Virginia Pine Producer a Showcase for Automation, Optimization (3/1/2008)
Florida Company Specializes in Cypress: Wilson Lumber Increases Yield by Using Cook’s Saw Mfg. Band Mill to Resaw Cants - Wilson Lumber – Florida Company Increases Yield with Cook’s Saw Band Mill (6/1/2008)

Wood Fiber Case Studies (Grinding, Chipping, Etc)
Wood Shaving Business Enjoys Growth -- S.C. Company Partners with Jackson Lumber Harvester to Produce Shavings for Horses - South Carolina Shavings – Jackson Lumber Harvester Provides Turn-Key Operation for Wood Shavings (12/1/2008)


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