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Dreaming Creek Timber Frame Homes: Sets a Standard of Excellence - Wood-Mizer Advertorial (1/1/2009)

Environmental Issues
Letter to the Editor: Clarifying Implications of Carbon Markets for Forest Management - A good technical service provider or forest consultant can greatly ease the burden on landowners in preparing a forest project for enrollment by an aggregator. (4/1/2009)
Legislation Seeks to Reduce Formaldehyde Emissions - Legislation to reduce emissions of formaldehyde from composite wood products has been introduced in the Senate. (11/1/2009)

Equipment, Products & Services
Product Profiles - New products in the forest products industry. (1/1/2009)
Taking the Mystery Out of Swingmill Blades: Manufacturer’s Blade Generally Is the Best Bet for These Circular Saw Portable Sawmills - Swingmill Blades – Taking the Mystery Out of ‘Swingmill’ Blades (1/1/2009)
New Products - New forest products in the Logging and Sawmilling Industry. (2/1/2009)
"Grocery Store" Gives Wagner Lumber Success - UC Coatings Enables Hardwood Producer in New York to Preserve Lumber Quality - Wagner Lumber – UC Coatings Enables Hardwood Producer in New York to Preserve Lumber Quality (3/1/2009)
Maintain Swingmill Blade to Keep Cutting: Maintaining Blade, Re-Tipping and Sharpening Are Keys to Keep the Mill Cutting - Swingmill Blades — Re-Tipping, Sharpening Are Keys to Keep Sawmill Cutting (3/1/2009)
Flexible, Green & High Tech: Industry First: Fritch Mill Powers Kiln with New Bio-Mizer Furnace - Bio-Mizer – Wood-Mizer’s New Furnace Uses Biomass for Environmentally Friendly Heat (4/1/2009)
Product Profiles - New products in the sawmilling and loggin industry. (4/1/2009)
Proper Blade Tension a Key to Good Sawing: Sharp, Well Maintained Blade Will Keep Tension; Forcing Blade Causes Heat, Loss of Tension - ‘Swingmill’ Blades – Proper Blade Tension a Key to Good Sawing (5/1/2009)
Product Profiles - New products and information in the industry. (5/1/2009)
Virginia Man Grows Custom Sawing Business: Cook’s Saw Manufacturing Is Choice for Portable Band Sawmill That Supplements Income - Lockhart Custom Sawing – Virginia Man Chooses Cook’s Saw Mfg. Mill for Business (6/1/2009)
Product Profiles - New products in the Sawmill and Forest Products industries. (6/1/2009)
Blade Adjustments Keep Mill Cutting True: ‘Swingmill’ Blade Adjustments Are Easy to Learn and Take Only a Few Minutes to Make - ‘Swingmill’ Blades – Blade Adjustments Keep Mill Cutting True (7/1/2009)
Product Profiles - New products in the sawmill and logging industries. (7/1/2009)
Swingmill Blade Maintenance: This Issue’s Focus: Maintenance & Running Costs - Swingmill Blade Maintenance – Maintenance Costs of Swingblade versus Bandsaw (9/1/2009)
New Products & Industry News - News and machinery in the Forest Products Industry. (9/1/2009)

Pennsylvania Firewood Business Going Strong: Four Multitek Firewood Processors Keep Production Humming Along at Gish Logging - Gish Logging – Multitek Firewood Processors Power Pennsylvania Company (1/1/2009)
Western Logger Gets Jump Start in Firewood: Wyoming Man Processes Logging Slash into Firewood with Wood Beaver Machine - WallyWood – Wood Beaver Jump Starts Wyoming Firewood Business (1/1/2009)
Firewood Equipment Review: Machines Enable High-Volume Firewood Production - Machinery Reviews – Information in Table Form on Firewood Processors and Splitters (2/1/2009)
Firewood Business Heats Up with Kiln: Kiln-Direct Heat-Treater Makes Firewood Conform to Federal Regulations for Insect - Growing Seasons – Kiln-Direct Heat-Treater Makes Firewood Conform to Federal Regulations for Insect (3/1/2009)
Vermont Man Makes Firewood His Way: Colton Enterprises Turns to SII to Upgrade, Increase Production of Kiln Dried Firewood - Colton Enterprises – SII Dry Kilns Will Help Vermont Firewood Business Expand (5/1/2009)

Forest Health
Fecon Mulchers Draw Receptive Crowd: Taylor Atlantic Hosts Demonstration to Show What Fecon Forestry Mulchers Can Do - Taylor Atlantic-Fecon – Dealership Hosts Successful Demo with Fecon (8/1/2009)
Fighting Invasive Species:Federal Officials Explore Pest Rules for Wood Packaging, Firewood - Federal Officials Explore Pest Rules for Wood Packaging, Firewood – The federal government is considering the potential extension of pallet heat treating to domestic packaging. The possibility of heat treating firewood offers the biggest challenge. (10/1/2009)
Active Forest Conservation Beats Passive Preservation: Addressing Accumulated Forest Fuels Can Yield a Triple Win - Active Forest Conservation Beats Passive Preservation—Public policies thwart managers from restoring forests and effecting long-term fuel reduction designed to protect wood, water, wildlife and other values. (11/1/2009)
Green Meets Beautiful at Lot Scapes Where SUPERTRAK, Inc. Plays Leading Role - 140 plays central role at Lot Scapes, a land improvement company (12/1/2009)

Tips for Finding the Logger’s Share of Recovery Funds - Tips for Finding the Logger’s Share of Recovery Funds – Funds designated for hundreds of hazardous fuels reduction, forest health protection, road maintenance, eco-systems improvement, and watershed restoration projects. (10/1/2009)
USDA Secretary Outlines Forest Policy - USDA Secretary Outlines Forest Policy – New forest policy vision addresses restoration issues across broader landscapes, including both federal and private lands. (10/1/2009)

Industry News
The Financial Crisis and the Wood Products Industry - Financial Crisis – Impact on the Wood Products Industry; How We Should Respond (2/1/2009)

Logging Operation Case Studies: Mid Atlantic
Chipper from Trelan Mfg. is a good fit at Arrants Logging, Inc. - Arrants Logging, Inc. Adds Trelan Mfg. Chipper to Machinery Options – Arrants offers variety of services, including thinning, clear-cutting, and reforestation. (10/1/2009)

Logging Operation Case Studies: Midwest
Woodland Equipment Supplies New TimberPro TN725 B Track Harvester to Spencer Forest Products - Spencer Forest Products Logs in Upper Peninsula of Michigan – Woodland Equipment Supplies TN725 B Track Harvester (9/1/2009)
Tigercat propels J. Lauhon Logging – Davis Tractor and Equipment Now Serves Both - Longtime fan of Tigercat gives two thumbs up to new Tigercat harvesting head. (11/1/2009)
Roger Liimatta Logging for a Lifetime: Turns to Timbco 415EX and Log Max 7000 Head to Stay Competitive - Roger Liimatta Logging is a 3rd and 4th generation logging operation specializing in the cut-to-length method with the use of the Timbco 415 EX and the Log Max 7000 head. Through the struggle the current economy, Roger Liimatta Logging has found a way to survive through the use of this up-graded equipment. (11/1/2009)

Logging Operation Case Studies: Northeast
Maine Logger Keeps Focus on the Landowner - Atkinson Trucking & Logging – Stripper Pull-Through Delimber Helps Maine Logger (5/1/2009)
New York Logger Transitions to Chipping: Mitchell Logging Benefits in Change from Round Wood to Chipping Operations - Mitchell Logging – New York Contractor Makes Transition with CJ Logging Equipment (5/1/2009)
Multiple Enterprises Proves to Be Strength in Slow Economy: CBI 6800-T Reduces Labor Needed for Grinding Operation - American Tree and Landscape Survives Current Economy by Using Right Machinery, Including a CBI Grinder – Three divisions for land clearing, landscaping, and excavation are a strength today. (10/1/2009)
Whelden Logging/CJ Logging Equipment—A Long Term Mutually Beneficial Relationship - George Whelden, owner of Wheldon Logging, has developed a long term relationship with CJ Logging Equipment that goes beyond the average customer/supplier relationship. He attributes his long-term survival as a company to the way CJ Logging Equipment has stood by him during tough times. Tigercat and CSI Firewood machinery have played a major role. (11/1/2009)

Logging Operation Case Studies: South
South Carolina Logger Expands into Shavings: A&H Logging Adds Mill from Industrial Machinery & Engineering to Produce Pine Shavings - South Carolina Logger Adds Shaving Mill from Industrial Machinery & Engineering (6/1/2009)
Georgia Loggers Work Steady with Langdale: Cleanfix® Reversible Fans Keep Lott’s Logging Running, Eliminate Down Time to Clean Radiators - Cleanfix® reversible fans clean radiators to keep Lott’s Logging running efficiently. (9/1/2009)

Logging Operation Feature Articles: West Coast
Quality Helps Oregon Logger Survive, Thrive: Cat TK732 Track Feller-Buncher a Key Machine for RiverRidge Excavating & Logging - RiverRidge Excavating & Logging – Oregon Logger Impressed with New Cat Feller-Buncher (2/1/2009)

Lumber Drying
Finding the ‘Sweet Spot’ in Lumber Drying: Wagner Electronics Offers New Statistical Process Control Methodology for Building Profits - Wagner Electronics – ‘Sweet Spot’ Statistical Process Control for Kiln-Dried Lumber (7/1/2009)
Georgia Pine Mill Transitions into Hardwoods: Kiln-direct Dry Kilns Help Cline & Sons Position Itself into the Hardwood Market - Cline Lumber – Georgia Mill Transitions to Hardwoods with Kiln-Direct (7/1/2009)
Kiln Upgrades Boost Anthony Timberlands: Hardwood Operations at Arkansas Company Reap Benefits of Unitemp Dry Kilns - Anthony Timberlands – Hardwood Operations Upgrade with Unitemp Dry Kilns (7/1/2009)
Diversity, Flexibility Keys for Surviving: Vacutherm Lumber Drying Kilns Also Help Distinguish Iowa’s River City Hardwoods - River City Hardwoods – Vacutherm Dry Kilns Benefit Iowa Company (7/1/2009)

New Products
New Products - New Products in the Sawmill and Logging. (3/1/2009)

Portable Sawmill
Mill Owner a Believer in Thin-Kerf Bands: Alabama Man Finds Place in Low-Grade Hardwood Business with Two Bandmills from Cook’s - Sharon Wood Products – Alabama Man Relies on Cook’s Saw Mfg. Bandmills (1/1/2009)
Lots of Choices Available for Portable Mills Portable Sawmill Guide - Information Guide for Portable Sawmills (6/1/2009)
Two Portable Sawmill Operations Honored for Best Business: One Montana Sawyer, One Michigan Sawyer, Both Sawing with Wood-Mizer - Portable Sawmills Honored for Best Practices (6/1/2009)

Safety Alert: Loader Touches Power Line; Worker Is Killed - On a summer day in the Southeast, a skidder operator pulled a knuckleboom loader out of the woods with the skidder in preparation for moving the next day (1/1/2009)
Safety Alert: Limb Under Pressure Pushes Snag onto Cutter - On a sunny, dry spring afternoon in the Appalachians, a timber cutter was felling trees with a chain saw in a clear-cut harvest. (2/1/2009)
Safety Alert: Water Drops in Babbitt Pot Cause Burns to Driver - Employee reached for the towel, and water that had gathered on his hard hat fell into the Babbitt pot and splashed molten metal onto his face, arm and hands. (3/1/2009)
Safety Alert: Tree Enters Skidder with No Door, Injures Operator - Never operate a skidder if a door or any ROPS/FOPS (rolling over protection structures/falling objection protection structures) protection has been removed or disabled. (4/1/2009)
Safety Alert: Deckhand Hurt When He Bucks Log Held by Loader - After trees were felled in the woods, a deckhand bucked them near a track loader. When the he cut the end of the log, it fell to the ground and struck him in the left lower leg. (5/1/2009)
Safety Alert: Skidder Blade Hits Stump; Driver Killed in Rollover - A skidder machine rolls downhill across another skid trail. It appears the skidder rolled over four to five times before coming to a stop. (6/1/2009)
Safety Alert: Skidded Tree Top Strikes Timber Cutter on Hardhat - An untrimmed limb shifted and moved rapidly toward a timber cutter, who was refueling his chainsaw slightly uphill from a skid road. The upper part of the untrimmed limb struck the timber cutter in the back of the hardhat with a glancing blow. (7/1/2009)
Safety Alert: Logger Struck, Killed While Walking Under Elevated Tree - In the early afternoon of a winter morning in the Appalachians, a timber cutter was walking uphill near some trees that he had felled. (8/1/2009)
Safety Alert: Ignoring “Twice Tree Height” Rule Leads To Fatality - A tree with a pinched saw suddenly broke loose, fell, and landed on top of a logging owner/operator, pinning him to the ground. (9/1/2009)
Safety Alert: Logger Lacerates Finger on Slasher Saw - Safety Alert – Safety includes being alert to prevent everything from major accidents to minor situations (10/1/2009)
Safety Alert: Skidder Backs Over Sawyer - Fatal accident in which the rear tire of a skidder backs over a sawyer, and he died at the job site. (11/1/2009)
Safety Alert: Tire Rupture Knocks Truck Driver Down - Tire blows driver to ground. (12/1/2009)

Trade Shows
Full Slate of Trade Shows Scheduled in 2009: Expo Returns to New Orleans, Northeast Expo Offers 2 Venues, Sawlex Features 2 Shootouts - Trade Shows — Full Slate of Trade Shows Scheduled for 2009 (4/1/2009)
NE Expo Makes Strong Showing in Maine: Added Venue in NY Also Attracts Support - Trade Show Makes Strong Showing in Maine (6/1/2009)

Tree Plantation Management
Mississippi Logger Expands into Pruning: Wall Timber Uses Marden Industries Equipment to Prune Lower Limbs from Plantation Pines - Wall Timber – Mississippi Logger Prunes Pine Plantations with Attachment from Marden Industries (2/1/2009)
Fla. Contractor Makes a Path in Vegetation: Howes Vegetation Management Relies on SUPERTRAK Machines to Provide Niche Services - Howes Vegetation Management – SUPERTRAK Machines Spur Business for Florida Contractor (2/1/2009)
Versatile Machine Does Many Jobs on Farm: SUPERTRAK Machine Performs Many Tasks - Versatile SUPERTRAK Machine Does Many Jobs on Farm (6/1/2009)
Florida Company Says Coping With Economic Change is “For the Birds”: M.A. Rigoni, Inc. Uses Morbark Machinery - M.A. Rigoni, Inc., a Florida Company, Uses Two Morbark Chipharvestors for Land clearing – Niche market for thinning private acreage to improve bobtail quail habitat. (10/1/2009)
Versatile Mulching Technology Is Key to Success for Forestry Service Contractors and Land Clearing Companies - Bob Ray Company Uses Fecon Mulchers for Versatile Land Clearing Practices – Fecon mulchers are versatile enough to clear out under story and thick brush, as well as serving as a cleanup machine. (10/1/2009)

Wood Fiber Case Studies (Grinding, Chipping, Etc)
American Wood Fibers Launches New Plant: Company Continues Long Relationship with Premier Tech Systems for Key Equipment - American Wood Fibers – Company Continues Long Relationship with Premier Tech Systems for Key Equipment (3/1/2009)
Pennsylvania Man Launches Shaving Business: Salsco Wood Shaving Mill, Pine Logs Produce Material for Dairies, Stables, Poultry Growers - Myers Premium Wood Shavings – Pennsylvania Man Launches Shaving Business with Salsco Mill (4/1/2009)
Pallet Industry Vet Launches Pellet Mill: O’Malley Lumber Adds Plant in Virginia to Make Premium Hardwood Fuel Pellets - O’Malley Lumber – Pallet Industry Veteran Launches Wood Fuel Pellet Mill (4/1/2009)
S.C. Company Cuts Back Here, Grows There: Palmetto Forest Products Closes Reman Plant, Expands into Chipping for Fuel Wood - Palmetto Forest Products – South Carolina Company Adds Morbark Chippers for New Venture (4/1/2009)
Logging Company Turns to Fuel Chip Market: Ontario Business Invests in Bandit Industries Beast Recycler to Produce Wood Fuel Chips - Henson & Tregonning Logging – Ontario Loggers Turn to Biomass Fuel Market with Bandit Machine (8/1/2009)
Fuel Pellet Venture Born from Dying Forests: Bliss Industries Pellet Mills Produce Super-Premium Grade Product for Colorado Plant - Rocky Mountain Pellet Company – Bliss Industries Equips Wood Fuel Pellet Venture (8/1/2009)
Arkansas Company Expands into Manufacturing: Hallco Industries’ Moving Floor Trailers Are Important Vendor for Wood Shavings Supplier - ETW Enterprises – Hallco Moving Floor Trailers Help Keep Arkansas Business Rolling (8/1/2009)
Woodsman 334 Chipper Features 36-Inch Drum - Woodsman Model 334 Chipper (8/1/2009)
Pellet Company Adapts to Sawdust Shortage: Missouri Company Invests in CBI Machine to Chip Pulp Wood, Awaits New CBI Flail Debarker - Ozark Hardwood Products – Missouri Company Turns to CBI to Chip Pulp Wood (8/1/2009)
Alabama Farmer Starts Wood Shavings Business: Central Shavings Turns to Salsco for Custom-built 60-inch Mill - Alabama Farmer Starts Wood Shavings Business – Central Shavings Chooses Salsco Shaving Mill (9/1/2009)
The Smiths Add Another Niche Among Multiple Business Ventures—A New Salsco Shaving Mill - Dennis Smith, owner of D&D Farms of GA LLC and two other businesses, adds a new Salsco shavings mill as another successful venture. Only 6 to 8 months old in this new business he experienced a fire that about destroyed his mill and facility. He’s bounced back with better equipment and more efficiency. (12/1/2009)
Kanerva Forest Products Complements Its Cut-to-Length Logging with Chipping Operation" Uses Bandit Chipper to Move Toward the Future - Kanerva Forest Products Complements Its Cut-to-Length Logging with Chipping Operation: Bandit Chipper Sets Kanerva on a Path Toward Future in Biofuels. (12/1/2009)


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