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  Safety Alert: Center Mount Boom Makes Contact With Power Line After Being Left Up - Upon leaving the landing, the boom slightly touched the power line. After crossing underneath the power line, the business owner and driver then exited the truck to lower the boom. Fortunately, both were not injured. They scaled out and headed back to the job site.   (6/10/2019)

  Safety Alert: Tether Line Breaks After Damaged by Bucket Move - An operator of a steep slope machine e began walking the machine down a 40% slope. After just a few feet, the operator felt a jerk from the direction of the base machine behind him up the hill. He looked back and saw that one of the tether lines had broken at the termination point.  (5/7/2019)

  Safety Alert: Chip Hauler Falls Asleep at the Wheel - The truck driver ran a stop sign of an uncontrolled intersection and crossed the road into the ditch. No other vehicles were involved in the accident.  (3/8/2019)

  Safety Alert: Skidder Operator Cuts Leg When Topping Tree - Chain saw cuts into logger''s lower left leg, causing a severe laceration and chipping his shin bone.  (2/5/2019)

  Cold Temperature Safety Tips - Cold stresses can lead to serious medical conditions including hypothermia, frostbite or trench foot.  (1/11/2019)

  Safety Alert: Base Machine Pulled Over by Steep Slope - When an operator completed a cut, he began traveling downslope. He had forgotten to reset the over-speed alarm on the steep slope machine, so the park brake remained engaged causing the back of the base machine to pivot and fall over on its side.  (1/11/2019)

  Safety Alert: Truck Rolls Downhill Into Other Truck - Two loaded logs trucks were parked on a slope. The trailing truck started to roll and collided with the truck in front of it.  (12/9/2018)

  Safety Alert: Unsecured Pulpwood Log Damages Truck - The log damaged the top of the cab and driver’s side door in such a way that the driver’s side door could not be opened. The driver was not injured.  (10/8/2018)

  Safety Alert: Logger Hit by Deadwood Lives - A logger was suddenly struck by a dead tree, which had been grazed with the oak tree he was working on as it fell to the ground.   (9/4/2018)

  Safety Alert: Logger Struck and Killed by Log Truck - After moving the truck forward, the driver exited the cab to complete the truck chain installation process. Upon doing so, he discovered that he had struck the logger, who was non-responsive.  (5/4/2018)

  Safety Alert: Logging Equipment No Match for Locomotive - A truck driver felt pressured to get logging equipment delivered to a site quickly, and as a result, took a chance on crossing railroad tracks instead of coming to a complete stop.   (4/6/2018)

  Safety Alert: Pickup Truck Backs Over Manager - A pickup struck a log procurement manager, knocking him to the ground. The manager instinctively rolled onto his back and reached up to grab the rear bumper.  (12/1/2017)

  Safety Alert: Operator Lacerates Hand While Changing Teeth on Buncher - Feller buncher operator cuts hand, suffering a severe laceration with extensive tendon and nerve damage.  (9/1/2017)

  Heat Illness Prevention Tips During Summer Months - It doesn’t take much to combat heat-related issues. Remember the mantra – water, rest and shade.  (7/10/2017)

  Safety Alert: Overloaded Log Truck Traveling Too Fast - The speed limit was 35 miles per hour, and the log truck was overloaded. As the truck went into the curve, the trailer began leaning hard to the right–towards the outer lane of traffic where a passenger car was.  (2/3/2017)

  Safety Alert: Skidder Strikes Crew Members Head, Runs Over Foot - The on-the-ground skidder driver was hit in the head from behind by the skidder blade and knocked to the ground, landing on his back. He then tried to move out of the path of the skidder to avoid getting run over; however, the skidder tire ran over his right foot. The victim was able to get up and limp 200 feet towards the loader, where he attracted the attention of the owner.   (1/5/2017)

  Safety Alert: Feller-Buncher Door Slammed on Co-Worker’s Finger - A logging business owner and a co-worker were removing a stick that had lodged between the feller-buncher window and the window guard.  (12/1/2016)

  Safety Alert: Improper Use of Feller-Buncher leads to Fatality - The top accumulator arm on a the buncher activated and closed across the man’s chest who was being raised up to remove chains.  (11/1/2016)

  Safety Alert: Dead Trees are Manual Felling Hazards - An ash tree broke off five to six feet from the ground and struck a logger''s chain saw and his lower right leg.  (7/1/2016)

  Safety Alert: Falling Limb Kills Feller - A timber cutter was killed nearly instantly from the impact of a dead limb falling from the neighboring tree.  (6/1/2016)

  Safety Alert: Landowner Nearly Killed at Log Deck - The treelength logs went completely over the top of the landowner and never touched him.  (5/1/2016)

  Safety Alert - Trailer Setout Man Breaks Hand on Landing Gear Handle   (3/3/2016)

  Taking the Long Road: Studying Timber Bridge Service Life - Results of this study found that timber is a durable option for primary structural members in highway bridges.  (3/3/2016)

  Safety Alert: Skidder Operator Injures Ankle From Improper Dismount - A young, athletic logger jumped out of a skidder while facing forward, rather than turning around backwards. One of his feet landed hard on a two-inch-diameter limb that was lying on the ground, causing his ankle to twist.  (2/2/2016)

  Safety Alert: Feller-Buncher Operator Falls From Loader - A feller-buncher operator stepped down onto the engine compartment of his loader, and lost his footing. He fell off the loader and landed on his right heel.  (1/1/2016)

  Safety Alert: Log Truck Driver Spills Load on Highway - The driver lost control and rolled the truck in the center median.   (12/1/2015)

  Safety Alert: Driver Crushed Between Two Log Trucks - A logging truck rolled forward and pinned a driver between his load and the rolling truck.  (8/1/2015)

  Safety Alert: Walking Underneath Danger Tree Proves Fatal - A timber cutter left his saw in the tree and began walking toward the gas can. Unfortunately, his direction of travel placed him directly underneath the expected path of the tree’s fall.  (6/1/2015)

  Staff: Vines Pull Dead Tree Onto Timber Cutter - Fortunately, a freshly cut stump absorbed much of the dead tree’s force just before it struck him. This buffering probably kept the tree from killing him.  (4/4/2015)

  Safety Alert: Lowboy’s Hydraulic Ramp Flops Down on Crew Member - The blow from the ramp crushed the employee’s neck and killed him.  (2/3/2015)

  Safety Alert: Bulldozer Overturns and Kills Operator - A 23-year-old bulldozer operator was found trapped beneath a bulldozer, and first responders who arrived at the scene believe that the he died almost instantaneously  (9/1/2014)

  Safety Alert: Firewood Cutter Breaks Leg - A landowner sustained a compound fracture below the knee as a pickup ran over him.  (7/1/2014)

  Safety Alert: Woods Worker Burned at Warming Fire - A logging crew member sustained severe burns to the hand and face.  (6/1/2014)

  Safety Alert: Dead Tree Strikes Logger On Windy Day - A dead tree fell or blew over, pulling its roots out of the ground and striking a logger’s head.  (5/1/2014)

  Safety Alert: Mechanic Suffers Hydraulic Oil Injection Injury - Where the oil impacted the skin it left a bruise the size of a quarter and pierced a hole through the skin similar to a needle puncture.   (4/1/2014)

  Safety Alert: Trucker Falls Off Triaxle Truck Ladder - The driver lost his balance, slipped off the ladder, and fell approximately eight feet to the surface of the concrete woodyard.  (2/1/2014)

  Safety Alert: Driver Injured in Load Trimming Mishap - A pine pulpwood tree fell from the loader’s grapple and landed on the far side of the log truck where the driver was trimming his load.   (1/2/2014)

  Safety Alert: Collapsing Log Stack Kills Log Yard Worker - While the victim was removing the plastic tarp and standing on the pile, some of the logs shifted, rolled down, and pinned the victim from his waist down.  (11/1/2013)

  Safety Alert: Skidder Operator Killed in Steep-Slope Rollover - As an operator winched the load toward the skidder, the load may have hung up against or became wedged between stumps. The machine flipped over, rolled downhill, and ejected the operator.  (10/1/2013)

  Safety Alert: Driver Injured in Load Trimming Mishap - A pine pulpwood tree fell from a loader’s grapple and struck a log truck driver on his shoulder and leg as it fell.  (8/1/2013)

  Safety Alert: Dump Truck Rolls Over Logger in Garage - A dump truck lurched forward, and the rear wheels ran over both of a logger’s legs.  (6/1/2013)

  Safety Alert: Equipment Operator Drops Tree Onto Power Line - An equipment operator felled a 12-inch-diameter pine and laid it down. The top of this tree contacted and broke one wire on a nearby 3-wire power line.  (5/1/2013)

  Safety Alert: Self-Loader Operator Fatally Electrocuted - While reaching for a bucket of wood, the loader boom came close enough to the power line to allow an electric arc to energize the loader.  (4/1/2013)

  Safety Alert: Fatality from Failure to Observe Safe Work Zone - A welder was somehow pinched between the tracks of a feller buncher and some part of service truck or the extended ramp, and received a deep wound to the inside of his right thigh. The femoral artery was completed severed.   (11/1/2012)

  Safety Alert: Forwarder with Brake Problems Overturns - A forwarder “took off” down a hill andtraveled 15 to 20 feet before rolling over on its side.  (10/1/2012)

  Safety Alert: Near-Fatal Electrocution Involving Knuckleboom Loader - A logger survives an incident with some mild burns on his right hand, and doctors had to remove a portion of a toe on his right foot.   (8/1/2012)

  Safety Alert: Mechanic Crushes Leg While Repairing Delimber - An experiencecd mechanic finished repairing a piece of equipment faster than anticipated and decided to move to the next project without informing anyone of his whereabouts.   (6/1/2012)

  Safety Alert: Log Truck Runs Over Driver - The driver of a truck left the engine running while he worked on the clutch from under the hood of his truck. Suddenly the truck jumped into a forward gear (possibly due to the clutch engaging) and knocked the driver to the ground.   (5/1/2012)

  Safety Alert: Mobile Crane Operator Seriously Injured On Woodyard - A mobile crane was traveling through a mill’s woodyard with the boom in the raised position, rather than in the fully lowered position. This was a recipe for disaster.  (4/1/2012)

  Skidder Fatally Pins Logger - A logger is fatally injured when his head and body were caught between a skidder’s rear fender and a tree. The logger died at the scene of massive trauma to the body. Rescue crews extricated him and transported him to a hospital, but he was pronounced dead on arrival.  (12/1/2011)

  Safety Alert: Chain Saw Lacerates Operator’s Foot - A chain saw cut through a boot and lacerated the top of an operator''s left foot above the ankle.  (10/1/2011)

  Safety Alert: Driver Falls Off Trailer While Cleaning Bark - A truck driver clearing loose bark and wood debris off his log trailer slipped and fell off his trailer. He broke his shoulder and arm.  (9/1/2011)

  Safety Alert: Driver Jerks Strap Hook On To Face - Driver Jerks Strap Hook On To Face   (8/1/2011)

  Safety Alert: Log Trailer Tips Over on Firewood Cutter - A firewood cutter was killed instantly by the impact of a loaded trailer full of wood as it tipped over and fell.  (7/1/2011)

  Safety Alert: Chip Trailer Breaks Apart - An (undetected) rotten chip trailer floor shattered, and broke in half and collapsed near its midpoint, beyond where the support beams ended.  (6/1/2011)

  Safety Alert: Driver Suffocates Clearing Chip Jam In Trailer - It appears that when the driver stepped on to the load, a void within the chip pile caused the pile to give way.  (5/1/2011)

  Safety Alert: Chain Saw Bar Sprocket Projected Into Cutter’s Face Screen - As a timber cutter was limbing a tree, he suddenly felt the chain seize up and stop cutting. At the same time, he saw an object fly up toward his face, hitting his face screen.   (4/1/2011)

  Safety Alert: Load Binder Handle Strikes Truck Driver''s Forehead - Load Binder Handle Strikes Truck Driver''s Forehead  (3/1/2011)

  Safety Alert: Observers of Felling Operation Have Close Call - Never assume you are in a safe position when close to an active felling operation. Always stay at least two tree-lengths (“twice tree height”) away from a timber cutter.  (10/1/2010)

  Safety Alert: Failure To Lockout Costs Employee His Hand and Foot - A foreman was in a hurry and was trying to perform a job that needed two additional people. The machine was turned off, but there was residual pressure left in the system since the lockout procedures had not been completed.  (9/1/2010)

  Safety Alert: Feller-Buncher Rollover Injures Operator - A rubber-tired feller-buncher was on terrain too steep for the machine to operate safely, and the machine tipped over sideways and then rolled side-over-side four times down the slope.  (8/2/2010)

  Safety Alert: Saw Chaps Save Forester from Serious Injury - A forester's chainsaw cuts through all the layers of his chaps and even scratches his pants slightly, but the saw stops short of cutting his leg.  (7/1/2010)

  Safety Alert: Blown Hose Drenches Worker With Hydraulic Fluid - A large stream of hot hydraulic fluid shot up from between a harvester hose clamps and flipped the operator backwards off the machine and drenched him (including his eyes and mouth).  (6/1/2010)

  Safety Alert: Pressure Washer Injures Worker’s Foot - A force of water from a pressure washer’s wand cut through a logging crew member''s leather boot just above the area where the steel-toe protection started.   (4/1/2010)

  Safety Alert: Forester Escapes Injury From Flying Wrench - A truck kicked up a large, open-ended wrench that probably had fallen from a contractor’s work truck. The wrench impacted the front windshield on the driver’s side of forster traveling on the road.  (3/1/2010)

  Unloading Incident Damages Truck - Unloading Incident Damages Truck  (2/1/2010)

  Safety Alert: Timber Cutter Hit By Falling Snag - Timber Cutter Hit By Falling Snag   (1/1/2010)

  Safety Alert: Tire Rupture Knocks Truck Driver Down - Tire blows driver to ground.   (12/1/2009)

  Safety Alert: Skidder Backs Over Sawyer - Fatal accident in which the rear tire of a skidder backs over a sawyer, and he died at the job site.  (11/1/2009)

  Safety Alert: Logger Lacerates Finger on Slasher Saw - Safety Alert – Safety includes being alert to prevent everything from major accidents to minor situations  (10/1/2009)

  Safety Alert: Ignoring “Twice Tree Height” Rule Leads To Fatality - A tree with a pinched saw suddenly broke loose, fell, and landed on top of a logging owner/operator, pinning him to the ground.  (9/1/2009)

  Safety Alert: Logger Struck, Killed While Walking Under Elevated Tree - In the early afternoon of a winter morning in the Appalachians, a timber cutter was walking uphill near some trees that he had felled.  (8/1/2009)

  Safety Alert: Skidded Tree Top Strikes Timber Cutter on Hardhat - An untrimmed limb shifted and moved rapidly toward a timber cutter, who was refueling his chainsaw slightly uphill from a skid road. The upper part of the untrimmed limb struck the timber cutter in the back of the hardhat with a glancing blow.   (7/1/2009)

  Safety Alert: Skidder Blade Hits Stump; Driver Killed in Rollover - A skidder machine rolls downhill across another skid trail. It appears the skidder rolled over four to five times before coming to a stop.  (6/1/2009)

  Safety Alert: Deckhand Hurt When He Bucks Log Held by Loader - After trees were felled in the woods, a deckhand bucked them near a track loader. When the he cut the end of the log, it fell to the ground and struck him in the left lower leg.  (5/1/2009)

  Safety Alert: Tree Enters Skidder with No Door, Injures Operator - Never operate a skidder if a door or any ROPS/FOPS (rolling over protection structures/falling objection protection structures) protection has been removed or disabled.  (4/1/2009)

  Safety Alert: Limb Under Pressure Pushes Snag onto Cutter - On a sunny, dry spring afternoon in the Appalachians, a timber cutter was felling trees with a chain saw in a clear-cut harvest.  (2/1/2009)

  Safety Alert: Loader Touches Power Line; Worker Is Killed - On a summer day in the Southeast, a skidder operator pulled a knuckleboom loader out of the woods with the skidder in preparation for moving the next day  (1/1/2009)

  Safety Alert -- Cutter Grabs Tree Near Power Line, Topples Pole Background - When a machine operator identifies a hazard, it is best to remove the hazard as soon as possible. If it is not feasible to remove it immediately, mark the hazard with flagging to identify it clearly.   (12/1/2008)

  Safety Alert: Harvester Boom Strikes Overpass During Transit - Accessory equipment, such as hydraulic booms and blades, must be completely lowered and secured to a lowboy.  (11/1/2008)

  Safety Alert: Skidder on Highway in Near-Miss with Car - On a clear, spring morning in the Southeast, a logging crew member was moving a small flatbed trailer across a public highway from one harvest block to another.  (8/1/2008)

  Safety Alert: Skidder Strikes, Kills Logging Supervisor - Anyone working on an active logging job must communicate with everyone that they are on foot in the woods. Consider carrying hand-held radios on the same frequency used in the logging equipment.  (6/1/2008)

  Logs Spill from Truck At Unbinding Station - Safety Alert  (1/1/2008)

  Loader Boom Descends, Hits Crewman During Refueling - Safety Alert  (12/1/2007)

  Lodged Trees, Broken Limb Lead to Fatality - Safety Alert  (11/1/2007)

  Drying Pallets and Keeping Them Dry Help Prevent Mold from Occurring - Fan Sheds, Chemical Dip Treatments Effective Combination for Controlling Mold  (9/1/2007)

  Dead Tree Top Breaks, Hits Logger While Felling - Safety Alert  (8/1/2007)

  Ash Tree Under Tension ‘Explodes,’ Injuring Cutter - Safety Alert  (7/1/2007)

  Driver Falls, Injured Improperly Binding Slasher - Safety Alert  (6/1/2007)

  Sawyer Struck, Killed While Working Near ‘Set Back’ Tree - Safety Alert  (5/1/2007)

  Welded Tire Rim Blows, Kills Logger While Inflating - Safety Alert  (3/1/2007)

  Felling with Match Cut Contributes to Fatal Mishap - Safety Alert  (2/1/2007)

  Close Call with Loaded Pulpwood Truck - Safety Alert  (12/1/2006)

  Hard Hat Protects Logger from Falling Limb - Safety Alert  (11/1/2006)

  Log Truck Backs into Loader Operator - Safety Alert  (10/1/2006)

  Equipment Loading Accident Kills Truck Driver - Safety Alert  (9/1/2006)

  Turning Sawhead Disk Cuts Operator’s Leg - Safety Alert  (8/1/2006)

  Logger Not Wearing High Visibility Clothes Is Struck - Safety Alert  (7/1/2006)

  Trade Groups Lead Way for Safe Logging - Logger Associations in Oregon, Montana, Louisiana Leading Successful Safety Efforts  (6/1/2006)

  Summer Worker Tangles with Bees - Safety Alert  (6/1/2006)

  Feller-Buncher Backs into Pick-Up Truck - Safety Alert  (5/1/2006)

  Warming Fire Burns Logging Worker - Safety Alert  (4/1/2006)

  Deck Hand Injured Near Log Pile - Safety Alert  (3/1/2006)

  Limb Injures Chain Saw Operator While Delimbing - Safety Alert  (2/1/2006)

  Worker Injured Near Log Pile - Safety Alert  (1/1/2006)

  New Logging Safety Web Site Added - New Logging Safety Web Site Added  (7/1/2005)

  Cutter Struck, Killed When Vines Pull Dead Limb - Cutter Struck, Killed When Vines Pull Dead Limb  (7/1/2005)

  Doug Duncan Raises the Profile for Safety - The Forest Resources Association recognizes North Carolina Forestry Association staffer for leading the effort to increase logging safety awareness and training.   (12/1/2003)

  Logging Deaths Dip; Falling Objects Leading Fatality Cause - According to government stats, logging-related deaths are dropping as industry become safety focused.  (5/2/2002)

  West Virginia Safety Initiative Is Recognized; - Forest Resources Association Bestows Safety Award on Jim Scronce for His Efforts to Improve Logger Safety  (12/3/2001)

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