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Sawmill Case Studies

  North Carolina Sawmill Reaping Benefits of New Resaw System: USNR Project Enables Hardwood Producer to Boost Production, Product Mix, Profits - Mackeys Ferry Sawmill, which manufactures hardwood lumber, is located in rural Eastern North Carolina, just 60-odd miles from the beaches of the Outer Banks.  (6/10/2019)

  Sawmill Aids Community Forest Management In British Columbia: Small Business Features Key Equipment from Wood-Mizer, Including Sawmill - A Wood-Mizer-equipped sawmill plays a key role in allowing the co-op to achieve its goals of managing the forest based on ecologically sound practices in order to protect the region’s watershed while also stimulating local employment.   (6/10/2019)

  Former Indy 500 Champ Heads Multifaceted Johncock Forestry Products - A Michigan company produces high-quality mulch for wholesale market with Bandit Beast.  (4/5/2019)

  Entrepreneurial Spirit Drives Bluegrass State Sawyer: A Quarter-Century of Time Proves Switch from Oil Drilling to Sawmilling Was the Right Move - Kentucky sawyer made right move when he transitioned from oil drilling to sawmilling a quarter-century ago.  (3/8/2019)

  Log Max Machinery Rep a Key Player in Bringing 19th Century Ship Figurehead Home to New Brunswick - Log Max sales representative writes book about repatriation of Prince Victor figurehead.  (8/1/2018)

  J.M. Wood Products Enjoys Steady Growth While Adapting: Amish Sawmill Company Turns Regularly to Mellott Manufacturing for Mill Equipment - Mellott a Key Supplier to J.M. Wood Products  (6/10/2018)

  Couple Finds Successful Niche Sawing Walnut: Select Sawmill Provides the Band Mill Workhorse for Missouri Husband-and-Wife Business - Select Sawmill Band Mill Powers Missouri Company  (6/6/2018)

  Reclaiming Old Growth Timber in Saskatchewan, Canada: Lincoln Dobson of Last Mountain Timber Wrighting & Recycling turns reclaimed wood into frames. - Last Mountain Timber Wrighting in Saskatchewan, Canada turns reclaimed wood from demolished buildings into new timber frame structures with a Wood-Mizer portable sawmill.  (6/4/2018)

  Ohio Lumber Mill Operating Again Following Fire, Rebuild: Cleereman Lumber Pro is Centerpiece of Sawmill at Winesburg Hardwood & Pallet - Cleereman Lumber Pro Centerpiece of Amish Family Ohio Sawmill  (6/1/2018)

  Hands-on Family Oversees Commitment to Quality: Ordie Price’s Sawmill Produces Furniture Grade, Appalachian Hardwood Lumber - Family-owned hardwood sawmill takes pride in quality production and service, relies on HMC saw equipment.   (3/7/2018)

  Innovative Flooring Company Has Origin in Historic Mill: WD Flooring and Nicolet Hardwoods Share Common Ancestry - Nicolet Hardwoods has a relationship with Cleereman Industries that spans generations.  (3/7/2018)

  Wyoming Lumber Mill Helps Revive Community, Forests: Saratoga Forest Management Refurbishes, Restarts Mill to Cut Beetle-Killed Timber - Company specializes in manufacturing straight, strong, framing lumber from high-altitude Engelmann spruce and lodgepole pine (ESLP) forests. The region produces slow-growing, dense trees that yield straight studs.   (3/7/2018)

  Mississippi Sawyer Relies on Cook’s Saw to Produce Custom Lumber - Custom sawyer relies on two mills from Cook’s Saw Mfg. to provide lumber to artists, woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers.  (1/15/2018)

  Fourth Generation Farm Sawmilling in the Pacific Northwest - J.T. Wilcox and his daughter Katie harvest and mill timber from the family farm to produce lumber and create unique slab furniture.  (8/2/2017)

  Beasley Finds Opportunities to Grow: Cooper Machine Scragg Mills Are Key Machines at Flagship Sawmill - For the pallet and container industry, Beasley Forest Products supplies everything from cants to pre-cut stringers and deck boards and other components.  (3/7/2017)

  Cameron Lumber LLP Chooses Cleereman HS380 Hydraulic Carriage - Cleereman carriage incorporates Paw-Taw-John setworks.  (3/7/2017)

  How to Be More Employee-Focused: Seneca Sawmill Company Has Been Doing It for More Than 60 Years - Seneca Sawmill Shares Best Practices for Keeping Their Workforce Happy and Motivated  (3/1/2017)

  Hopkins Lumber Contractors Inc., Timber Oversight From Start to Finish - Quality products and long-term relationships are top priorities at Virginia lumber company.  (12/1/2016)

  New Metal Detector Keeps Mill Running Smoothly: MDI meets challenge Sierra Pacific faced with new bucking system for fencing plant - A high performance coil was needed to overcome tight space and compact area.  (8/3/2016)

  Diversity Helps New Hampshire Mill: Retail business, pallet operations aid Poulsen Lumber Company - About one-third of the company''s revenues come from lumber sales, another one-third from pallet sales, and the remainder from retail sales of building supplies.   (3/3/2016)

  Seeing the Opportunity in Elephant-Damaged Trees – And Seizing It - African big-game hunter, safari guide and outdoorsman, Ron Crous, salvages and transforms priceless African hardwoods with his Norwood sawmill.   (1/1/2016)

  Portable Sawmill Owner Builds Dream Projects: Plus Highlights from Wood-Mizer’s 2015 Personal Best Contest - Wood-Mizer LT40 Hydraulic sawmill owner Bryan Summerlin entered four award-winning projects.  (1/1/2016)

  Father and Son Salvage Urban Walnut Trees with WM1000 - Hunski Hardwoods salvages diseased and dying west coast urban trees and mills them into high quality slabs and lumber.  (8/1/2015)

  Optimization in Action: State- of-the-Art Sawmill and Plantation Benefit from Leading Technology and Science - Green Operations: Oregon sawmill focuses on sustainability and innovation by processing new hybrid, fast-growing trees while reducing environmental impact.   (6/1/2015)

  Quality Wood Products Promise Bright Future for Mill - One of the world''s largest manufacturers of wood components and mill work, Bright Wood Corporation relies on Wagner Moisture Meters.  (3/4/2015)

  Innovation Keeps H.W. Culp Lumber Company Strong for more than 90 Years: Samuel Strapping Systems supplies equipment to southern pine lumber mill. - Southern pine lumber mill chooses new equipment from Samuel Strapping Systems.  (12/4/2014)

  Wood Castle Furniture Enhances Operation with Wood-Mizer WM4000 - The WM4000 gives Oregon company ability to turn logs into high quality furniture while increasing customization and efficiency for their business.  (8/1/2014)

  German Efficiency: Sawmill Produces Little Waste, Powers Success with Biomass Energy - German Efficiency: HMS-HOLZ sawmill powers facility and sells energy back to the grid using innovative biomass plant design, company works to limit waste and improve log yield.  (8/1/2014)

  Woodlandia Enables Customers to Establish New Profit Centers - Equipment designed to extract the most usable fiber from small logs and stems at heart of Canadian business.  (6/1/2014)

  Texas Mill Upgrades with New Scrag: Crosscut Hardwoods Boosts Production with New Cooper Scrag Mill - Texas sawmill upgrades with new Cooper Machine overhead end-dogging scrag mill to boost production of pallet cut stock.  (3/4/2014)

  Vintage Wagner Meters Moisture Measurement System Still Running Strong after 36 Years! President of Allen Logging Co., is Impressed. - Gerry Lane, President of Allen Logging Co., is impressed with the longevity and reliability of the Wagner systems, as well as the ongoing support from the Wagner Meters team.  (3/4/2014)

  Family Sawmill Business Boosts Production with Wood-Mizer WM4000 - Pennsylvania based Honey Grove Hardwoods gains competitive edge and maximizes yields with Wood-Mizer thin-kerf technology  (3/4/2014)

  Mount Hood Forest Products Has Special Tie to CrossCut Edger Technology from Baxley Equipment - Patent-pending CrossCut technology from Baxley Equipment boosts yield in high-volume mill.  (8/1/2013)

  Anthony Forest Products Benefits from USNR-Installed Refinements to McGehee Curve Sawing Gang - Big gains in cant throughput realized after two upgrades to curve-sawing gang.  (6/1/2013)

  Norwood Offers a Variety of Band Sawmills for Farm and Small Businesses - Peter Dale developed a new portable band sawmill for his own use. After two years of experimentation, Dale had the sawmill he wanted. The Norwood line of LumberMate mills is now well known, just another example of how necessity became the mother of invention.  (3/1/2013)

  Like Father, Like Son - Father/son team resurrected a 25 year-old Wood-Mizer sawmill to start their business.  (3/1/2013)

  A Profitable Private Forest Plan - Along with 200 acres of private forest, the Wood-Mizer LT40 Hydraulic sawmill allows Jim Birkemeier of Timber Green Farm in Wisconsin, the flexibility to saw his own logs for profit, boost the local economy, and hire employees.  (1/1/2013)

  Green Valley Wood Products: Keeping up with the Wood Industry by Going Digital and Sawing for Hobbyists around the World - David Martin of Green Valley Wood Products in Brazil, Indiana specializes in wood blanks for the hobbyist. He has kept up with the wood industry by marketing his stock mainly on Ebay, via his own website and local sales.  (10/1/2012)

  Thin-Kerf to the Test: We know it’ll produce more lumber from a log, but is the reduced production worth it? - This Wood-Mizer article contains testimonials from a half dozen customers about the positive impact that Wood-Mizer’s thin-kerf headrigs, resaws, and small log processing systems have had on their profitability and longevity.  (8/1/2012)

  Heavy-duty Cook’s Saw Is Strong Performer For World Designs Network - Custom sawyer depends on a Cook’s AC-3662 hydraulic sawmill for uniform results.  (6/1/2012)

  Mountain Majesty Part 2 – A dream coming true in the Sierra Nevada Mountains - In the March 2012 issue of TimberLine, Larry Andresen described his dream project. Here, Larry explains the scope of his project in more detail.  (5/1/2012)

  Laser Technology Inc. Rangefinder, Software Improves Log Inventory Control - Simpson Lumber Co. contacted Laser Technology, Inc. for assistance in developing a more accurate, less labor intensive, and easier to use method to measure its log decks at sawmills. Sawmills can know the volume of a ‘closed’ log deck. The need for measuring becomes critical as logs are removed from a deck and processed by the mill.  (4/1/2012)

  Sawing Lumber as a Second Career - Gary McInturf did something he had never dreamed of doing. After getting storm trees cutup by a local man with a Wood-Mizer sawmill, Gary was fascinated and decided to buy his own Wood-Mizer LT40. Read about some of the innovative things he has done to grow his new business.  (4/1/2012)

  You Do It Better! How Recreational Sawyers Can Beat Larger Competition - There are several ways small, recreational sawmill operations can manufacture forest products with higher quality for lower prices using Wood-Mizer sawmills.   (12/1/2011)

  An LT40 sawmill gives this builder his creative outlet: Guido DeVisser – Cowboy Trail Mountaineer Cabins - Guido DeVisser, a talented Canadian timberframer, submitted seven entries to WoodMizer’s Personal Best Contest. Another sawmill owner is living his dream and making them come true for others. After years of running a circle mill, Guido turned to a WoodMizer LT40 bandmill to support his creativity.  (11/1/2011)

  Fourth generation sawyers continue the legacy founded more than fi fty years ago: B & K Wood Products wins Wood-Mizer’s Business Best Award - B & K Wood Products wins Wood-Mizer’s Business Best Award and attributes much of its success to three thin-kerf headrigs and an edger from Wood-Mizer’s industrial line.  (3/1/2011)

  Remington Pallets Relies on a Cook’s Sawmill - Remington Rose got into the sawmill business at an opportune time. Rose owns Remington Pallets & Crates, and he needs a steady, reliable source of low-grade hardwood lumber for the pallet mill, that''s why he chose Cook''s Saw.  (1/1/2011)

  Norwood Introduces Two New Mills into the Market - Norwood Introduces Two New Mills into the Market  (1/1/2010)

  Potomac Supply Corp. Wins Environmental Award, Utilizes Green Energy - Virginia SawmillRelies on McConnell Tech, National Barn, Unitemp, Koger Air and SmartTrac  (8/1/2008)

  Amish Furniture Makers Succeed in Cluster: Ohio Amish Settlement Fosters Prosperous, Growing Hardwood Furniture Industry - Amish in Rural Ohio Thrive at Making Hardwood Furniture  (5/1/2008)

  Irish Sawmill Turns to USNR for New Log Line: USNR Blends North American, European Log Processing Technology - Murray Timber Products – Irish Sawmill Turns to USNR for New Log Line  (3/1/2008)

  Tennessee Mill Reaps Rewards from Resaw: Brewco Horizontal Resaw System Improves Yield - Wilcher and Sons Sawmill – Tennessee Sawmill Reaps Benefits of Brewco Resaw  (3/1/2008)

  Sawing for Grade Increases Value - Sawmill and Treating Insights  (10/1/2007)

  Gulf Lumber Upgrades Head Rig at New Mill: Addition of USNR 3D LASAR Carriage Optimizer System Improves Production Recovery - USNR LASAR 3D Scanner Improves Production, Recovery  (8/1/2007)

  Al-Tom Benefits from Optimized Head Rig: JoeScan Scanners, Nelson Brothers Engineering Optimizer Behind Gains in Yield, Production - JoeScan, Nelson Brothers Fuel Gains in Yield, Production  (8/1/2007)

  North Carolina Mill Specializes in Cypress: Company Cuts Cypress Lumber with Pair of Cook’s Saw Thin-Kerf Band Sawmills - North Carolina Company Cuts Cypress with Cook's Saw Mfg. Mills  (6/1/2007)

  Coomer and Sons Sawmill Adds AWMV Thin-Kerf Head Rig: Indiana Pallet Maker Turns to Wood-Mizer’s Industrial Affiliate - Indiana Pallet Maker Turns to AWMV for New Head Rig  (6/1/2007)

  Planer-Moulder Proves Versatile for Calif. Mill - All Bay Mill & Lumber Adds Pinheiro Planer-Moulder from River Valley Machinery  (3/1/2007)

  Florida Family Sawmill Is Focused on Cypress - Axley Brothers Sawmill Inc. is fully equipped by Jackson Lumber Harvester   (1/1/2005)

  Arkansas Company Automates Dry Kilns - Anthony Timberlands uses Lignomat control system to improve lumber quality  (7/2/2004)

  Flexibility Lets Small Maine Mill Flourish - Pinheiro planer-moulder from River Valley Machinery adds value, flexibility  (4/1/2004)

  Oregon Panel Maker Adapts to Change - North Douglas Wood Products adds finger-jointing line with Conception RP System  (3/17/2004)

  Hankins Lumber Optimizes Grenada Mill - Mississippi sawmill benefits from Inovec YieldMaster StereoScan™3-D system at head rig  (3/17/2004)

  Canadian Pulp Mill Moves To In-Field Chipping - Peace River Pulp restructures operations, to deploy 9 Peterson Pacific machines as portable chip plants.   (4/1/2003)

  Quality Employees Key To Growth Of B&B Lumber - New York company likes truck-mounted Cargotec loglift crane for handling logs in yard.  (4/1/2003)

  Mississippi Sawmill Has Connection to Maine - R&R Timber saws oak, cypress on Sanborn Machine Co. Inc. Min-Max portable sawmill  (1/7/2003)

  New Montana Company Rises from Closed Mill - Select Sawmill Co. model 4221 double-cut band mill Is a key machine for North End Timber Products  (1/7/2003)

  Alabama Sawmiller Turns to Added-Value - Logosol PH260 four-head planer-moulder exceeds expectations; ‘The Finish Is Second to None’  (1/7/2003)

  N.Y. Sawmill Reaps Benefits from Improvements - Cleereman Carriage System Increases Accuracy, Production at McDonough Lumber & Logging  (12/2/2002)

  New Packaging System Aids Weyerhaeuser Mill - Samuel Strapping Systems Retrofit Converts Mill to Plastic Strapping Technology for Bundling Lumber  (12/2/2002)

  Downey's First Move in Optimization Pays Off - Optimized edger from Valley Machine Works is paying dividends for T.P. Downey & Sons.  (8/1/2002)

  Collins Companies Upgrades Oregon Sawmill - Firm committed to conservation revamps mill with high tech optimization equipment.  (3/6/2002)

  New Turner & Conyer Mill Meeting Goals for Production and Quality - Lyons Sawmill & Equipment Designs New Mill for Kentucky Hardwood Manufacturer  (12/3/2001)

  Perceptron Helps Optimize Willamette Upgrade - Perceptron Scanning and Optimization Technology Applied to Bucking, Log Rotation and Break-Down  (10/1/2001)

  Subject: Tree-D Optimizer Retrofits to Chip-N-Saw Infeed - Tree-D Compact 3-D Optimization Retrofit Eliminates Costly Relocation of Upstream Log Handling Equipment  (10/1/2001)

  Optifor Fills Role in Rebuilt Weyerhaeuser Mill; - Supplies Lumber Grading Optimizer for Revamped Big River Mill to Determine Trimming Solutions for Best Value  (10/1/2001)

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