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Forest Health

  Hurricane Caused Significant Timber Damage - The monetary estimate of timber damage in Florida alone is well over $1 billion.   (1/11/2019)

  From the Hill: California Wildfires Rage, Raise Land Management Concerns - The dire situation points to the need for a national conversation on land management, environmental stewardship and climate considerations.  (12/9/2018)

  Go Wood: Understanding the Science Behind Clearcuts - Author takes video to show the land transformation of a clearcut in Pennsylvania in only four years.  (8/1/2018)

  Industry Unhappy with LEED Draft - Industry Unhappy with LEED Draft  (4/1/2012)

  The Stewards of Snowflake Turn to Bandit: Tri Star Logging Turns Potential Forest Fire Fuel to Biomass Power Through Stewardship - In six generations of loggers, Steve Reidhead and his son Allen have moved their family logging business, Tri Star Logging, from horses to 875 horsepower with their Bandit 3590 whole tree chipper. Wielding two big Bandit machines (3590 and 3680) from Snowflake, Arizona, Tri Star has the ability to process anything the Arizona forest can throw at it.  (11/1/2011)

  Fecon BioMass Harvester Seeks To Turn Fire Hazards into Gold - Unchecked growth of underbrush poses a fire hazard in our nation''s forests. It also wreaks havoc with ecosystems. NC State University Professor Joe Roise PhD has an idea to harvest the woody debris which is causing such problems, and then use it for biomass power generation facilities.  (8/2/2010)

  Green Meets Beautiful at Lot Scapes Where SUPERTRAK, Inc. Plays Leading Role - 140 plays central role at Lot Scapes, a land improvement company  (12/1/2009)

  Active Forest Conservation Beats Passive Preservation: Addressing Accumulated Forest Fuels Can Yield a Triple Win - Active Forest Conservation Beats Passive Preservation—Public policies thwart managers from restoring forests and effecting long-term fuel reduction designed to protect wood, water, wildlife and other values.  (11/1/2009)

  Fighting Invasive Species:Federal Officials Explore Pest Rules for Wood Packaging, Firewood - Federal Officials Explore Pest Rules for Wood Packaging, Firewood – The federal government is considering the potential extension of pallet heat treating to domestic packaging. The possibility of heat treating firewood offers the biggest challenge.  (10/1/2009)

  Fecon Mulchers Draw Receptive Crowd: Taylor Atlantic Hosts Demonstration to Show What Fecon Forestry Mulchers Can Do - Taylor Atlantic-Fecon – Dealership Hosts Successful Demo with Fecon  (8/1/2009)

  There Is A Train Wreck In Our Future: Can We Avoid It? - James Peterson of Evergreen Magazine describes the forest health challenge facing America''s forests. He encourages active management based on sound science.  (12/1/2003)

  Beetle Taking Large Toll in British Columbia - Epidemic spread of destructive mountain Pine Beetle now claims 17% of province''s forest resources.  (11/1/2002)

  Bush Delays Road Ban; Key Appointees Okayed - Bush Delays Road Ban Regulations  (3/1/2001)

  Wildfires Raging Across the West - Federal government sends in troops to fight wildfires while latest blazes enflame policy debate.  (9/1/2000)

  Public Forest$: Do We Get What We Pay For? - Public Lands, Part II: Special Report on Management of National Forests  (1/1/2000)

  Sportsmen Tell FWS Director to Hit the Road - In the Arena, by Rich Jefferson  (1/1/2000)

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