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Product Profiles - December 2004

New products or company announcements from Log-Master, Amerimulch, Rayco Manufacturing, Simonds, International Knife & Saw, Morbark, FLECO, Central Boiler.

By TimberLine Staff
Date Posted: 12/1/2003

Log-Master Introduces Double-Cut Portable Mill


      Log-Master has added a new double-cut sawmill to its line of portable sawmills. The Log-Master 6 is the only true portable double-cut sawmill on axles that can be towed by a pick-up truck. It is designed to allow the portable sawmiller to maximize production in a minimal amount of time at an affordable cost.

      The Log-Master 6, which is powered by a Cummins 85 hp turbo diesel engine, can reduce sawing time in half. It runs a 2 5/8-inch set tooth blade with two cutting edges – not one, like an ordinary blade. The double-edged blade eliminates the need to retrieve the sawhead after a cut in order to begin a new cut at the front end of the log. Instead, the sawhead makes a cut with every pass up or down the log.

      In tests, the Log-Master 6 double-cut portable sawmill produced 940 board feet of 2x6 lumber in 36 minutes at only 35 linear feet per minute of head rig travel, according to Log-Master.

      In addition, the Log-Master double-cut setter and sharpening system eliminates the need and cost of sending blades out for service.

      Log-Master manufactures portable sawmills with full hydraulic systems for every function, including the band blade. For more information, call Log-Master at (800) 820-9515.




Amerimulch System Uses Less Water to Color Mulch


      Amerimulch has developed a new mulch coloring system that reduces the need for water in the process.

      The new Amerimulch H2NO™ Reduced Water Colorant Delivery System reduces water by 25%-50%, depending on the kind of wood fiber, according to Amerimulch design engineer Rick Stoneking. “With the right fiber, they can make a yard of mulch with six gallons of water per yard,” he said. The new system can be retrofitted to Amerimulch mulch coloring systems.

      The Amerimulch H2NO™ Reduced Water Colorant Delivery System features an array of nozzles and hoses and a high pressure delivery system that creates a foggy mist to deliver the colorant to the wood fiber.

      Besides reducing water use, the improved process results in faster drying times, less wash-off and lower shipping weights while producing quality colored mulch. For more information, contact Amerimulch at (888) 556-3304.




Rayco Introduces More Powerful Stump Cutter


      Rayco Manufacturing Inc. has introduced a new gas-powered, self-propelled stump cutter. The Rayco RG 1631 is a larger, more powerful version of the popular RG 1625A Super Jr.

      The new 31 hp machine features fingertip controls, variable travel speeds, single wheel or posi-traction select drive, an anti-creep hill brake, and a Rayco ‘Quick Stop’ cutter wheel brake for maximum safety.

      “We anticipate the RG 1631 will make a significant impact on the stump cutter industry,” said J.R. Bowling, Rayco’s vice president of sales and marketing. “It offers an exceptional value in the self-propelled market.”

      The RG 1631 self-propelled stump cutter was scheduled to be introduced at the Tree Care Industry Trade Show in Baltimore in mid-November. Production models will be available from the factory in early 2004. For more information, contact Rayco Manufacturing at (800) 392-2686 or visit the Web site at




Int. Knife & Saw Merges with Simonds


      Simonds Industries has completed its previously announced merger with International Knife and Saw. The merged business, headquartered in Fitchburg, Mass., is named Simonds International Corp. It will offer cutting tools and related products for the pallet, wood, pulp, paper, metal and other industries.

      Simonds Industries has been recapitalized through an exchange of stock among shareholders of Simonds Industries and International Knife & Saw, eliminating $82.5 million in debt from the company’s balance sheet.

      Simonds International expects to offer a significantly broader product line and technology base as well as increased global distribution.

      “We are excited about the opportunity to combine forces and strengthen our ability to serve the marketplace,” said Raymond Martino, president and CEO of the newly formed company. For more information, call Simonds at (800) 343-1616 or visit the Web site at



Morbark Develops Dry Mulch Coloring System


      Morbark has developed a new, patent-pending system for coloring mulch. It uses a dry colorant in the form of a power that makes the process more efficient and less expensive.

      A Morbark colorant dispenser can be retrofitted to any Morbark tub grinder. The process automatically meters and applies dry colorant in the discharge area of the tub grinder during a primary ground. The colored mulch can be stockpiled indefinitely or processed immediately.

      For a final ground, water is added in the grinder, and the hammermill action drives the color deeply into the wood. Production rates are limited only by the capacity of the grinder.

      The new Morbark system produces a premium colored mulch with long-lasting color at significantly less cost. For more information or a demonstration video, contact Morbark at (800) 233-6065 or visit the Web site at




FLECO Attachments Launches Web Site


      FLECO Attachments, which supplies OEM-compatible attachments for backhoes, excavators, loaders and dozers, has launched a Web site that offers detailed information about specifications and applications of its products. The Web site features the entire FLECO product line, including pictures.

      Visitors to the Web site may use the ‘Attachment Seeker’ feature to search for products. The feature locates all attachments that fit a specific machine, allowing customers to compare specifications and view pictures. Each page also offers a ‘Request Quote’ feature to obtain a personalized quotation.

      The Web site also features monthly online specials. Other links include installation instructions and the FLECO warranty page.

      FLECO Attachments has a knowledgeable, experienced sales staff and management team that are committed to providing quality service and products to customers.

            For more information, call FLECO Attachments at (888) 577-9695 or visit the Web site at




Central Boiler Offers Dual Fuel Option


      Central Boiler, a supplier of wood heating technology, has developed a Dual Fuel option. Heating systems with the Dual Fuel option may burn wood, fuel oil, propane or natural gas.

       For more information, contact Central Boiler at (800) 248-4681 or visit the Central Boiler internet Web site at



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