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Product Profiles - July 2004

The latest new products and company news from leading industry suppliers including: USNR, ADvanced Recycling, Wood-Mizer, Tigercat, Morbark, Nature''s Reflections, Rice Lake Weighing Systems and Bandit.

By TimberLine Staff
Date Posted: 7/2/2004

USNR Completes Installations At Mills in U.S. and Abroad

      USNR recently announced installations at a number of plants in the U.S. and other countries.

      West Fraser Timber installed three new USNR high temperature track kilns at its plant in Huttig, Ark. The kilns are controlled by USNR’s Kiln Boss computerized control system.

      Douglas County Forest Products started up a USNR Quad Roll Log Turner upgrade on its sharp chain line in Roseburg, Ore. The upgrade includes lineal Smart TriCam scanning for auto-rotation and log optimization and a plc controls upgrade supplied by Concept Systems.

      Georgia-Pacific has started the final two of its five TimberGrafx+ Trimmer upgrades at its mills in Palatka and Cross City, Fla. The company invested in the upgrades after achieving significant improvements in yield and product control as a result of an earlier upgrade of its plant in Dudley, N.C.

      New South Lumber installed a controls upgrade on its V6 Trimmer system in Graham, N.C. Other UNSR systems in the mill include a TimberGrafx+ edger system and a V6 cant optimizer.

      JD Irving installed TimberGrafx+ upgrades on its V6 edger and trimmer lines at its plant in Chipman, New Brunswick. The trimmer start-up also included a new PLC5 trimmer controller. The company placed an additional order to upgrade the plc and establish a Windows-based control system at the sorter.

      Pan Pacific Forest Industries started three major scanning and computer upgrades at its plant in Napier, New Zealand. Analog TriCams were replaced with digital Smart TriCams on the double length infeed, auto-rotation and lineal curve sawing gang systems. The company expects significant increases in grade production and recovery.

      For more information contact USNR at (800) 289-8767.



Advanced Recycling Unveils Bigger Slab-Pallet Grinder

      Advanced Recycling Equipment introduced a new model of its Challenger series slab-pallet grinder. The new CHSP400-50 is larger and has greater production capacity. It features a 12-inch infeed height opening and can grind 800 pallets per hour, according to the company.

      Advanced Recycling Equipment slab-pallet grinders are made of oversized components for reliability and durability. They feature the Fixcut™cutting system and are equipped with variable speed infeed drive for sizing end product. Inverter controls allow the grinder to produce various types of products, such as mulch, fuel and animal bedding.

      For more information, call Advanced Recycling Equipment at (800) 611-6599.






Wood-Mizer Develops Industrial Production Edger

      The Wood-Mizer Products industrial division has developed the new E430 edger.

      The new Wood-Mizer E430 edger is a versatile, production edger. It is priced for smaller sawmill businesses yet has the features and capacity to enable them to grow to the 7 million-10 million board feet of hardwood lumber annually.

      Standard features include automatic feed speed adjustment according to board parameters, movable operator console, blade positioning controlled at the operator console, and laser to indicate cut lines.

      The Wood-Mizer E430 is a two-saw edger; both 16-inch blades move outward from the center, allowing the use of an optional tailer. The machine is delivered factory-ready to hook up to electricity and begin running.

      For more information, call Wood-Mizer at (800) 553-0182.



Tigercat Redesigns Skidder for Improved Performance

      Tigercat has redesigned its 620 series skidder for improved performance and fuel efficiency. The new Tigercat 620C is a quicker, more powerful machine than the original skidder with increased empty travel speed and pulling speed. It is suited both for selective thinning and clear felling applications.

      Tigercat upgraded the engine to a 205 hp Cummins QSB5.9 Tier II. The hydrostatic drive provides a smooth ride with no gear shifting – just forward and reverse pedals.

      The Tigercat 620C can operate with variable engine rpm for reduced fuel consumption. The operator can set the minimum engine rpm, depending on terrain conditions, or run at constant rpm for severe terrain conditions. The operator can also limit maximum speed for increased machine control on tough terrain.

      The Parker IQAN system governs all machine functions. Benefits include integrated troubleshooting and simplified maintenance and repair. Hydraulic pilot lines are eliminated. Full horsepower can be put to the ground for higher pulling speeds. The precise nature of the foot pedal and joystick controls is further enhanced.

      For more information, contact a Tigercat dealer or call (519) 442-1000.



Morbark Predator Shredder Available on 5th Wheel Frame

      Morbark now offers its Predator shredder on a fifth-wheel frame. The slow speed, high torque shredder is available in either a two or three axle design and can easily meet weight requirements everywhere. The increased portability and quick set-up time gives contractors more flexibility to use the high volume machine.

      The Morbark Predator shredder is designed to process difficult materials, such as construction and demolition debris, railroad ties and other contaminated waste streams that are not suitable for high speed grinding. All machine functions are operated by remote control.

      The Morbark Predator, which features low maintenance costs, is equipped with twin rotors for volume waste reduction and to produce a manageable end product in a variety of materials and applications.

      The 64-inch by 76-inch opening feeds material into the 15-inch diameter counter-meshing rotors with hooked star shredders mounted to the rotor in a spiral pattern. Each hooked star is equipped with a double-edged tooth staggered across the star for 100% coverage and a total tip diameter of 33 inches for grabbing and grinding material in both directions of rotation.

      Shredder assemblies are hydraulically driven off the engine through two 149:1 reducing transmissions delivering 950,000 inch pounds of torque to each rotor. The electronically controlled auto reversing rotor system allows each rotor to reverse independently of each other if necessary.

      The Morbark Predator is available with electronic diesel engines ranging from 325 to 455 hp.

      For more information, contact Morbark at (989) 866-2381 or visit the Web site at



Cheetah Cub Mulch Coloring  System Uses Same Technology

      Nature’s Reflections has developed a smaller version of its Cheetah mulch coloring system. The Cheetah Cub mulch coloring system uses the same technology as the larger Cheetah system yet is portable enough to be towed by a pick-up truck.

      The Cheetah Cub mulch coloring system will color up to 150 yards of mulch per hour while using only seven or eight gallons of water per yard, producing a drier, lighter product while using less colorant.

      A rotating trommel with spray bars is used to apply the colorant. Mulch flows through the coloring chamber using less horsepower and is less subject to jamming or damaging the machinery.

      The Cheetah Club mulch coloring system is simple to operate with speed control of the constant flow hopper, water flow and amount of colorant; gauges indicate flows of water and colorant.

      For more information, call Nature’s Reflections at (904) 879-7314.



Rice Lake Weighing Systems Buys Powell All-Steel Scales

      Rice Lake Weighing Systems purchased the assets of Alabama-based Powell All-Steel Scales, which has been a premier manufacturer of heavy-capacity scale equipment.

      With the acquisition, Rice Lake Weighing Systems expanded its regional manufacturing presence in the Southeast.

      Rice Lake will manufacture and distribute Powell’s full line of livestock, truck and railroad track scales throughout the world. Rice Lake also is committed to provide the same quality and service that Powell has provided.

      Rice Lake, based in Wisconsin, plans to invest in plant equipment for the Alabama plant to significantly increase production capacity.

      For more information, contact Rice Lake Weighing Systems at (715) 234-9171.



Bandit Offers New Track Model Whole Tree Chipper

      Bandit Industries introduced its new Model 2400 track whole tree chipper, a high-production machine for chipping trees up to 24 inches in diameter.

      The Bandit Model 2400 whole tree chipper features a new five wheel feed system. It is powered by a Caterpillar or Cummins 650 hp diesel engine to produce 100 tons of chips per hour.

      The Bandit Model 2400 whole tree chipper is equipped with a backhoe-style knuckle-boom with a telescoping jib boom and a 42-inch continuous rotation grapple with grapple brake. The discharge chute can swivel 220 degrees, reducing the size needed for a landing and allowing several vans to be spotted at the chipper.

      The Bandit Model 2400 whole tree chipper comes standard with the Auto Feed Plus system, which stops the feed system when engine rpm drops to a certain level; it backs the material out of the cut and restarts the auto feed system when the engine reaches full rpm.

      For more information, call Bandit Industries at (800) 952-0178.


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