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Product Profiles - January 2006

New products/services and supplier announcements from John Deere, Central Boiler, Joral Devices, Komatsu Forest, Just-In Case Fire and Multi-Seal.

By IRI Staff
Date Posted: 1/1/2006

Deere Adds Two New Wheeled Feller-Bunchers

        John Deere introduced its new model 643J and 843J wheeled feller-bunchers.

        The new machines feature the emission-compliant John Deere 6068H engine with increased power; the 643J is rated for 174 hp and the 843J, 225 hp. The added power increases the machines’ multi-functioning capabilities and cycle times, increasing productivity.

        The new J-series machines feature the new FD22B felling head. The re-designed, slightly offset accumulation pocket increases accumulation capacity up to 20% more than the previous model. Coupled with the additional power, the new felling head provides quicker saw recovery so the operator can make the next cut without waiting on the saw.

        The new J-series wheeled feller-bunchers are equipped with new hydraulically reversing cool fans to automatically blow debris off the grill screen for improved airflow into the engine, allowing it to run much cooler for increased uptime.

        A new forward-sloping windshield and larger skylight provide enhanced visibility.

                For more information, call John Deere at (309) 765-1992 or visit the Web site at


ThermoPEX Pipe System Increases Heat Transfer

        Central Boiler, which manufactures the Classic outdoor wood furnace, has introduced the new ThermoPEX insulating piping system. It is designed to maximize efficiency of the outdoor wood furnace by transferring more heat from the furnace to the building being heated.

        ThermoPEX is easy to install, which makes it appealing to homeowners who choose to install the furnace themselves.

        The PEX supply and return lines are centered in the insulation to maximize the amount of insulation surrounding them. The manufacturing process ensures an airtight, waterproof, urethane insulation enclosed in a thick, durable, flexible, protective waterproof jacket.

        The ThermoPEX insulated pipe system and a complete line of Classic outdoor wood furnaces and related parts and accessories are available at authorized Central Boiler dealerships across the country.

                For more information or to find a dealer, visit the Web site at or call (218) 782-2575.


Joral Devices Develops New Encoder for Logging

        Joral Devices has developed a new rotary encoder for the logging industry. It marries the unique mechanical design with a new advanced digital signal processing technology. The new Joral Devices encoder is durable, versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.

        The angular measurement sensor is the heart of the encoder. It is comprised of a magnet pressed into the low inertia encoder shaft, which is located above the specialized magnetic digital signal processor. The technology is packed and sealed into a 2-inch diameter rugged aluminum housing.

        A wide range of outputs are possible, including quadrature, step and direction, PWM or analog output. The device can be supplied as an absolute or incremental encoder.

        The Joral Devices encoder is easy to use, and LEDs simple installation and diagnostics. An operating power supply range of 5 to 45 VDC allows the encoder to fit into various power systems, and all the signals have short-circuit and over-temperature protection.

        Joral Devices will custom design and manufacture encoders to meet specific application requirements.

                For more information, call Joral Devices at (262) 951-6725 or visit the Web site at


Valmet Drives Komatsu Plant Expansion in Sweden

        Komatsu Forest is expanding production by 30% at its factory in Sweden. The company is investing more than $3.7 million to increase efficiency and quality assurance and shorten lead times.

        The expansion project, which will be completed in March, was driven by strong demand for its line of Valmet forestry machines, the company said.

        The company is adopting ‘paced production’ in the plant with set assembly time intervals, which is intended to reduce assembly time by half.

        Pre-assembly operations will be increased, so a large number of components will be pre-assembled and quality assured before reaching final assembly. Final assembly will require fewer steps. A quality assurance group will test and tune completed machines to further improve quality.

                For more information about Komatsu Forest machines, call the company at (715) 524-2820 or visit the Web site at


Kiln-direct Expands Plant, Production, Service

        Kiln-direct is expanding in order to meet the demands of the pallet industry for its pallet heat-treatment systems.

        The company has added a new building that tripled production space. This has allowed for a 50% increase in production of pallet kilns, and Kiln-direct anticipates another 50% increase if sales continue to climb.

        Kiln-direct has expanded its service department with the addition of two new service technicians headed by a senior technician. This organizational change will allow Kiln-direct to handle new installations more efficiently and also to provide stronger support and service to current customers.

        Customers are now able to call a service line directly and speak to a technician. Kiln-direct has also hired a new employee to handle service part orders, procurement and assistance in overall plant management.

        Kiln-direct’s staff is excited about the changes and is looking forward to the future as they continually strive to offer the best services, products, and resources to customers.

                For more information, call Kiln-direct at (910) 259-9794 or visit the Web site at


Fire Caddy System Designed to Fight Class A and B Fires

        Just-In Case Fire manufactures Fire Caddy portable fire suppression systems that use FlameOut®, a biodegradable foam fire retardant that works on class A and B fires.

        The Fire Caddy base model FC-CD-W-H1 features a variable flow rate with up to two lines that can operate simultaneously. Available in diesel motor and two-stage Davey Firefighter gasoline engine pumps, it is limited only by the available water supply.

        The Fire Caddy, mounted on 16-inch pneumatic tires for mobility, is equipped with a Honda 5.5 hp engine with a Davey single stage pump. The system includes a 20-foot, 1-1/2-inch suction line, a 50-foot, ¾-inch discharge line, a foot valve, and an air aspirating nozzle with flow rate of 12 gallons per minute. It can generate over 70 psi of pressure while delivering up to 33 gallons per minute on two lines.

        Fire Caddy can use any ready source of water, such as ponds, streams, swimming pools or city service; alternately, it can be connected to a truck or trailer mounted water tank.

                For more information, contact Just-In Case Fire at (615) 423-5398 or see the Web site at


Multi-Seal Seals, Protects Tires for Life of the Tread

        Multi-Seal is a preventive maintenance product that forms a permanent plug to seal tires in the event of a puncture. It is designed to seal and protect tires for the life of the tread.

        Multi-Seal is a system of synthetic fibers and fillers in a carefully designed liquid suspension. When a puncture occurs, the escaping air carries Multi-Seal to the hole. The fibers cling to the side of the puncture and form a filter that entraps the fillers. A plug is created, sealing the leak instantly with almost no air loss, and forms a dense, permanent plug.

        This product is appropriate for preventive maintenance of rolling stock at pallet manufacturing and pallet recycling businesses, where discarded pallet nails on the plant floor or yard can cause flat tires that are costly to repair and costly in down time. Multi-Seal saves tire repairs, extends tire life, and saves labor and down time in these applications as well as others.

        A tire requires treatment only once for the life of the tread. Multi-Seal will seal up to ¼ of an inch. In eight-ply tires, it will seal a ½-inch puncture, and in 22-ply ties, punctures up to 1 inch.

        Multi-Seal can be washed out with water if needed.

                For more information, contact Multi-Seal at (740) 548-4689 or visit the Web site at


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