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Product Profiles - February 2006

New products/services and supplier announcements from Fecon, Norwood, Komatsu Forest and Morbark.

By IRI Staff
Date Posted: 2/1/2006

FECON Develops Stump Grinder for Excavators

††††††† FECON has developed a new stump grinding attachment for excavators.

††††††† The FECON SRD700 is a diesel-powered, 100% self-contained attachment. It can change a 20-ton excavator into a severe duty stump grinder with excellent reach and mobility.

††††††† The FECON SRD700 stump grinding attachment features a Sandvik Duradisk II cutting system. Other features include easy installation, disk facing the operator for easy viewing, rugged direct drive, deep reduction gearbox, and low speed cutting system to extend tool life.

††††††† The FECON SRD700 weighs about 8,500 pounds, and its mainframe is 39 inches wide and 73 inches high.

††††††† For more information, call FECON at (800) 528-3113 or visit the Web site at

Norwood Offers Portable Mill to Use with Chain Saw

††††††† Norwood Industries has developed a new portable sawmill that owners can use with an ordinary chain saw and household aluminum ladder.

††††††† The Norwood Portamill performs like a sawmill and features an easy, hand-push feed system. With a chain saw as the saw head, cutting depth can be set with a quick turn of the adjusting crank handle.

††††††† The Norwood Portamill can produce smooth dimensional lumber, such as 2x4, 4x4, 2x6 and 6x6, from logs up to 14 inches in diameter and as long as the ladder, which is used for the bed or track of the mill.

††††††† The Norwood Portamill features convenient components that connect and disengage quickly. Set-up takes only minutes, and it can be easily transported by car, truck, boat, ATV or snowmobile.

††††††† For more information, call Norwood Industries at (800) 567-0404 or visit the Web site at

Komatsu Names Schrader To Field Service Group in SE

††††††† Komatsu Forest appointed Stephen Schrader to its field service group.

††††††† Stephen, who has over eight years of heavy equipment experience, will assume responsibility for the U.S. Southeast region.

††††††† For more information on Komatsu Forest forestry machines, call (715) 524-2820 or visit the Web site at

Morbark Predator Shredder Available With Loader Option

††††††† Morbarkís Predator shredder now is available with a self-contained loader. This slow speed, high torque, primary waste reduction shredder offers the convenience of a self-loading machine while reducing the capital costs associated with operating two pieces of equipment.

††††††† With better control over positioning material into the rotors, production is optimized.This unit can produce up to 30 tons per hour, depending on material, and because loading with a grapple offers a better operator view of material, detection of contamination while processing is much easier.

††††††† Loader hydraulics are powered with an auxiliary motor, ensuring that the horsepower from the main engine is dedicated to the rotors. With the push of a button, user-friendly joysticks in the operatorís cab can be changed between Morbark and CAT controls and from beginner, intermediate and advanced speeds. In addition, there are no hydraulic hoses in the cab.

††††††† The Predator with loader is built standard on a fifth wheel frame with a tri-axle design.The increased portability and quick set-up time gives contractors more flexibility in employing the machineís volume reduction capabilities.

††††††† The Morbark Predator shredder is designed to process difficult materials, such as construction & demolition debris, railroad ties and other contaminated waste streams. It is equipped with the Morbark Iqan System. This system is truly variable and automatically adjusts speeds, pressures and rotor direction to optimize production and engine efficiency.

††††††† A satellite modem option, a wireless link between a service center and a piece of equipment, is now available for all Morbark equipment fitted with the Iqan system.This service allows diagnostics and technical adjustments available through a satellite link. Morbark technicians can diagnose a root problem via satellite and have parts on the way, or even fix a problem from its Winn, Michigan facility.

††††††† For more information, call Morbark at (800) 831-0042 or visit the Web site at

FECON Introduces New Compact Forestry Mulcher

††††††† FECON has introduced a new, compact track carrier forestry mulcher.

††††††† The new FECON FTX130-FM is equipped with a 130 hp engine, almost 50% more than similar compact forestry mulchers.

††††††† Equipped with a BH85FM mulching attachment, the machine weighs 15,100 pounds.

††††††† Features include a severe duty hydraulic cooling system and reversible fan.

††††††† The FECON FTX130-FM can travel up to 4.5 mph and generates 69 gpm of hydraulic flow at 6,000 psi.

††††††† Applications include land clearing and right-of-way and vegetation management.

††††††† For more information, call FECON at (800) 528-3113 or visit the Web site at


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