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Wyoming Logger Wins Big Buck Photo Contest

Oregon Teen Wins in Youth Category

By Staff
Date Posted: 3/1/2006

        A rancher and self-employed logger in Wyoming submitted a photo of a 10-point mule deer to win the Big Buck Photo Contest sponsored by Timber­Line.

        The photo entered by Tim Jones also showed his 2-1/2-year-old son, Kacy.

        The winner in the youth hunter category was Micaiah Mullins of Rainer, Ore., who killed an 11-point buck on a hunting trip to Colorado. His kill also was a mule deer.

        Tim, 34, makes his home in New­castle, which is in the northeast corner of the Black Hills and just a short distance from the South Dakota state line.

        Tim was trailing a different buck on his ranch. The deer went trotting into some underbrush, and the deer he bagged emerged from under a tree. He shot at the buck twice — and hit him both times — at a distance of about 80 yards while the animal was running. The buck ran about 15 more yards after being shot and collapsed. Tim was using a Remington 7 mm rifle equipped with a Tasco 3x9 scope.

        Tim was hunting in an area of rough terrain, on the edge of some trees in rolling hills. “He was headed for the real rough stuff,” Tim recalled. He fired a second time because the buck was headed to a steep drop-off.

        It was a very large bodied deer. “We have some real big deer out here,” said Tim. The buck was “probably” the largest he has ever killed.

        “I had all I could do to load that pig into my pick-up truck by myself,” he said. When he drove the carcass to a meat processor, it took two men to unload him.

        The carcass was processed into 30 pounds of venison salami, 20 pounds of jerky, plus steaks — an additional 50 pounds of venison, Tim estimated.

        The buck had the biggest rack of any deer he has killed, Tim figured. He intends to have the head mounted.

        Micaiah, 16, was hunting with a family friend, Forrest Shetler, an Oregon logging contractor, and Forrest’s two sons, Josh and Rob, and Tony White, a friend of Forest’s who is a logging contractor in Washington. The group went to Colorado for a week, staying at the home of Forest’s sister.

        The hunters arrived a day early and spent the time scouting. They saw several ‘spikes’ and other bucks, and Micaiah was excited, according to his father, Jeff. “Forest said to calm down,” he said. It is unusual to see bucks in the open in Oregon, he added.

        They singled out a buck for Micaiah, and they stalked the deer the next day. He fired several times at the buck at a distance of about 300 yards, according to Jeff. Micaiah, who was 15 at the time, was hunting with an Interarms .30-.06 rifle with scope.

        Micaiah, who is home-schooled and is in 10th grade, also killed a cow elk on the same trip and killed another buck earlier at home in Oregon. He is a licensed trapper, too, according to Jeff.

        Tim and Jeff are subscribers of TimberLine magazine, which is published by Industrial Reporting Inc., which also publishes Pallet Enterprise.

        Tim and Micaiah each will receive a $100 gift certificate to Bass Pro Shops from Industrial Reporting.

        The big Buck Photo Contest is based solely on the submitted photographs. The contest does not consider any measurements or antler scoring system.

                This contest is open to subscribers of TimberLine or Pallet Enterprise, the employees who work for their business, and children of a subscriber or an employee.


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