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Product Profiles - June 2006

New products/services and supplier announcements from Ellison Sales, Tigercat, Fecon, Safety Speed Cut, Rotex, Inovec and Morbark`.

By IRI Staff
Date Posted: 6/1/2006

Ellison Sales to Market Universe Machine Hogs

††††† Ellison Sales Inc. has agreed to represent Universe Machine Corp. to market wood and bark hogs in the U.S.

††††† The hogs feature patented four-way indexable strikers to simply maintenance and reduce costs and reversible grates.

††††† Replacement rotors also can be supplied for other hogs.

††††† Ellison Sales is based in Portland, Ore., and Universe Machine is located in Edmonton, Alberta.

††††† For more information, call (888) 244-0161, fax (503) 293-0816 or e-mail

Tigercat Introduces Model 610 Skidder

††††† Tigercat has added a new model to its line of hydrostatic skidders. The 173 hp Tigercat model 610 fits into the skidder market segment with the highest unit sales.

††††† The model 610 skidder uses the same electronic-hydrostatic drive control system found on all other Tigercat skidders. With automatic variable speed engine rpm, the system is fuel efficient, and the operatorís job is easier because no throttle control or gear shifting is required.

††††† The engine house is designed for easy access to engine components and service points. The tilting cab accesses the hydraulic and drive line components.

††††† The Tigercat model 610 skidder is available with a single or dual function arch and continuous rotation grapple.

††††† The operatorís station is spacious. The seat and all controls are rotated 40 degrees to the right for reduced neck strain. Visibility to the rear tires and the load is excellent, making the machine ideal in tight selective cut or plantation thinning applications.

††††† The Tigercat model 610 skidder is suited for selective cut and final fell applications where a smaller, quicker, agile machine is required.

††††† For more information, call Tigercat at (519) 442-1000, contact a Tigercat dealer, or visit the Web site at

FECON Hosts School For Mechanics, Techs

††††† FECON dealers recently sent their field service mechanics and technicians for extensive classroom and hands-on training on FECONís new FTX track carriers and attachments.

††††† The training program was held at FECONís facilities in Lebanon, Oh. The event also included a tour of the new plant, which opened in 2005, and introduction of the new FECON FTX130 track carrier.

††††† FECON manufactures Bull Hogģ mulching attachments, FTX track carriers, tree shears and saws and grapples for vegetation management and reforestation.

††††† For more information, call FECON at (800) 528-3113, e-mail, or visit the Web site at

Safety Speed Cut Adds Lasers to Panel Saws

††††† Safety Speed Cut has added laser cutting lines to its vertical panel saws. The new laser cutting lines will help eliminate miscuts, reduce waste and increase yield.

††††† The new laser cutting line increases precision cutting at an affordable price. It also can be mounted on an existing machine or can be purchased as a complete package from the factory.

††††† The new laser projects a 28-inch cutting line with an adjustable focus and on-demand power switch. The device is powered by a 3 volt battery that runs up to 40 hours.

††††† The optional laser line is now available on all Safety Speed Cut vertical panel saws except the 7400 Series and European Style ES52.

††††† For more information, call Safety Speed Cut at (800) 772-2327 or visit the Web site at

Rotex Introduces New APEX Screener

††††† Rotex Inc. has added the new APEX screener to its line of self-contained production screening machines.

††††† With its ergonomic design, the Rotex APEX screener increases up-time by enabling quick screen changes while retaining the same process efficiency and gyratory-reciprocating motion of the ROTEX screener.

††††† The Rotex APEX has other standard features found on the ROTEX, such as positive screen cleaning. It also has enhanced side access doors for efficient screen cleaning and changes.

††††† The new Rotex APEX screener may be used for such applications as forest products, minerals, food processing, pellets, powders, and dry separation screening of other materials.

††††† For more information, call Rotex at (800) 453-2321 or visit the Web site at

INOVEC Announces Sales Hardwood Optimizer Systems

††††† INOVEC recently announced new sales of optimization systems to several hardwood mills.

††††† Industrial Timber and Lumber in Endeavor, Penn. invested in an INOVEC short-coupled LineMaster G3 hardwood lineal edger optimizer. The LineMaster G3 controls a Timber Machine Technologies (TMT) three-saw Scan-N-Saw edger with slewing paddle pickers.

††††† DeNoon Lumber in Bergholz, Oh. purchased an INOVEC YieldMaster StereoScan hardwood carriage optimizer and 3-D log scanner for its new Cleereman carriage. The YieldMaster StereoScan system includes automatic control of the saw guide on the McDonough band mill.

††††† Hardwoods of Michigan in Clinton, Mich. invested in a YieldMaster StereoScan hardwood carriage optimizer and 3-D log scanner for the Cleereman carriage with a McDonough band mill and CM&E slabber.

††††† Kersten Lumber in Birnamwood, Wis. upgraded its INOVEC light-curtain YieldMaster carriage optimizer with StereoScan 3-D log scanning on the McDonough slant carriage.

††††† Timber Products of Munising, Mich. invested in two YieldMaster StereoScan hardwood carriage optimizers with 3-D log scanning for its two Cleereman carriages, each with a Filer and Stowell band mill.

††††† Gestofor in St. Raymond, Quebec, invested in an INOVEC YieldMaster StereoScan hardwood carriage optimizer and 3-D log scanner with automatic saw guide control for the Forano carriage and band mill.

††††† Angelbeck Lumber opened a new mill in Marble Hill, Mo. and invested in an INOVEC YieldMaster StereoScan hardwood carriage optimizer and 3-D log scanner for the Cleereman carriage with a band mill.

††††† BWP Hardwoods in Brookville, Penn. upgraded the existing INOVEC WaneMaster hardwood edger optimizer with new G3 value-driven optimization technology.

††††† McGee Lumber in Aliceville, Ala. invested in an INOVEC YieldMaster StereoScan hardwood carriage optimizer and 3-D log scanner for a new Cleereman carriage with a band mill.

††††† Transylve in St. Louis de Blandford, Quebec, invested in an INOVEC YieldMaster StereoScan hardwood carriage optimizer and 3-D log scanner with electric setworks.

††††† Les Bois Poulin in St. Ludger, Quebec, invested in an INOVEC YieldMaster StereoScan hardwood carriage optimizer and 3-D log scanner with electric setworks.

††††† INOVEC's hardwood optimizers increase recovery and value yield. For more information, contact INOVEC at (800) 678-4649, e-mail or visit the Web site at

Morbark Improves 4600XL Wood Hog

††††† Morbark has redesigned its model 4600XL wood hog, making a number of improvements to the grinder.

††††† The hammermill is 14% larger, increasing the tip swing to 36 inches, and the infeed opening was expanded to 60 inches. Morbark offers power options up to 860 hp.

††††† Additional features include an internal planetary drive feed wheel with no chains and sprockets, which means less maintenance, more torque and increased durability.An aggressive pegged feed wheel prevents wrapping and more positive feed.

††††† Eighteen hammers provide an aggressive, multi-purpose grind. With fewer tips to change and less mill components to maintain, replacement parts are limited.

††††† The Iqan System, uniquely programmed to Morbark machines and standard on the 4600XL, boosts production by providing a consistent feed and substantially minimizing downtime. The system features an easy-to-operate programming tool.

††††† Drive line protection against damage from contaminants is provided through a twin disc hydraulic fluid clutch with a Brunel full break-away torque limiter or a PTTech HPTO System with integral torque protection.

††††† The heavy-duty, WDH 120 infeed chain is long lasting, with the rail size on the chain measuring Ĺ-inch. The reversing radiator fan helps maintain a clean radiator screen and saves on horsepower.

††††† The redesigned Morbark 4600XL wood hog comes standard with an adjustable fifth wheel pin, which allows weight transfers to accommodate state and highway road restrictions. The machine also is available as a track-mounted model.

††††† For more information, call Morbark at (800) 831-0042 or visit the Web site at


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