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Product Profiles - July 2006

New products/services and supplier announcements from Advanced Recycling, Tigercat, AWMV, HMA, NHLA, West Plains, Built-Rite, Fecon and John Deere.

By IRI Staff
Date Posted: 7/1/2006

ARE Challenger Grinders Built for Slabs and Pallets

        The Advanced Recycling Equipment line of Challenger CHSP200-CHSP500 horizontal grinders are designed for grinding from slabs to whole pallets.

        The CHSP200 and CHSP300 are built for reducing slabs edgings and cut pallets while the larger models are made for grinding whole pallets, panels, cardboard, and other material.

        The infeed system of the CHSP grinders is made from a heavy duty steel belt. All components are oversized for high durability and trouble-free operation.

        This line of grinders is equipped with the advanced FIXCUT cutting system, which has been engineered to cut through the toughest slabs and pallets.

        The addition of inverter controls allows the machine to produce various types of wood grindings for animal bedding, burner fuel, mulch, and other applications.

                For more information, call Advanced Recycling Equipment at (800) 611-6599 or visit the Web site at


Tigercat Now Producing E-series Feller-Bunchers

        Tigercat has begun production of the E-series Tier III drive-to-tree feller bun­chers. The first two models to get the E-series designation are the 724 and 726.

        The 724E has undergone extensive redevelopment to incorporate the design features introduced on the 726D model. With an upgraded Cummins QSC8.3, 230 hp Tier III engine, the 726 also gets the E-series designation.

        Like the 726E, the 724E now has a compartmentalized rear frame with separate sections for the engine, cross-flow cooling system and hydraulic components. The engine air pre-cleaner is also housed in its own separate compartment. The other major change is the upgraded Cummins QSB6.7 Tier III engine, making 220 hp at 2,200 rpm.

        The 724E combines high horsepower and excellent stability with a tight turn radius and the visibility-promoting sloping engine house roof. The front chassis, heavy duty boom system and high capacity front axle are designed to withstand the stresses caused by felling and carrying large trees. The result is high performance when operating in challenging terrain or felling tall, heavy, large diameter timber. The 724E also retains the agility, maneuverability and rear visibility to operate in row thinning and selective cut applications. This allows contractors to work in varying applications with a single machine.

        The high capacity cross-flow cooling system ensures that the machine runs cool even in extremely hot ambient temperatures. Hydraulically driven with automatic variable speed, the fan always operates at optimal rpm; when full fan speed is not required, fuel consumption is reduced.

        The reversing feature allows the operator to purge debris from the coolers at the touch of a button. The operator is not required to exit the cab and stop production in order to remove pine needles and other debris that can clog the heat exchangers and reduce cooling capacity.

        Two transmission options are available depending on the application and operator preference: the standard two-speed gearbox or Tigercat’s wide range infinitely variable transmission.

                For more information, contact a Tigercat dealer or visit


AWMV Edger Offers New Computerized Setworks

        AWMV Industrial Products, a division of Wood-Mizer Products, exhibited a new computerized setworks option on its E430 edger at the Richmond Expo recently.

        The setworks system consists of a six button control panel, LED display board readable up to 100 feet, and a six button wireless remote control.

        The setworks can be used to pre-program up to six cuts, which is especially useful when producing dimension lumber.

        The new setworks option on the E430 edger improves accuracy and saves time, said AWMV vice president Kevin Corder.

                For more information, call AWMV Industrial Products at (800) 522-5705 or visit the Web site at


Netterville Leads HMA During 2006

        Members of the Hardwood Manufacturers Association elected Charlie Netterville of Fred Netterville Lumber Co. in Woodeville, Miss., as president at the organization’s recent national conference and expo in Charleston, S.C.

        Jimmy Jones of J.E. Jones Lumber Co. in New Bern, N.C. was elected first vice president, Troy Brown of Kretz Lumber Co. in Antigo, Wis. was elected second vice president, and Susan Regan of Pittsburgh was elected executive vice president.

        Elected to the board of directors were Tommy Kelley, Denis Carrier, James Mulligan, Paul Pomeroy, Steve Jones, Larry Thompson, Pem Jenkins, and Mel Yoder.

                The following directors were elected to the executive committee: Terry Brennan, Jack Shannon, Alan Kitchens, David Weyerhaeuser, Pem Jenkins, and Jamey French.


NHLA to Recognize Hardwood Stewardship

        The National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) is accepting nominations for its 2006 forest stewardship award. Nominations must be received by Aug. 7.

        Any active NHLA member is eligible for the award, regardless of whether the company owns or leases timberland. The award will be presented at the NHLA annual convention Sept. 27-30 in San Antonio, Tex.

        The award is based on five aspects of forest stewardship: public education, political involvement, promotion to private forestland owners, forest management practices if employed on company lands, and mill and business activities that maximize utilization of hardwood resources. Nominations will be judged by a panel of industry leaders and academic experts.

        The association established the award 10 years ago to promote stewardship of hardwood forests, recognize excellence in utilization of hardwood forest resources, and to inform the hardwood community of good forestry practices.

                For more information about the award, call the NLHA at (901) 377-1818.


West Plains Introduces New Multi-Trim Saw

        West Plains Resaw Systems exhibited a new multiple trim saw at the Richmond Expo.

        The new machine has computerized setworks. The saws can be changed over from one cut length to another in only 35 seconds.

        The new West Plains Resaw Systems multi-trim saw is capable of cutting boards and cants up to 6x12.

        Other features include variable speed feed system and 10 hp motors.

                For more information, call G. Wine Sales at (540) 644-9220 or visit


Built-Rite Offers New 16-Way Splitting Wedge

        Built-Rite Manufacturing has introduced a new firewood splitting wedge. It is designed to produce small-diameter split firewood for the packaged or bundled firewood market.

        The multi-ring, 16-way wedge easily splits 14-inch diameter wood into 16 pieces no bigger than 3x3.

        It is available as an option on the Built-Rite model 50 and 86 SCP firewood processors and the company’s 24HPWS wood splitter.

                For more information, call Built-Rite at (800) 757-2520 or visit


FECON Offers New Track Forestry Mulcher

        FECON now offers the FTX­140FM multi-terrain forestry mulcher. It is powered by a John Deere 140 hp engine.

        With the FECON BH85FM Bull Hog® mulcher, the FTX140FM weighs 15,100 pounds. It has a 70-inch cutting width and is suitable for forestry applications, land clearing, orchard clean-up and removal, mechanical fuel treatment and more. The machine can mulch brush, branches, slash, standing and fallen trees, root balls and stumps.

        Features include hydraulic cooler and hydraulic reversing fan. Stump cutters, standard winches and skidder winches are available.

                For more information, call FECON at (800) 528-3113 or visit


John Deere Offers New J-Series Feller-Bunchers

        John Deere’s new 643J and 843J wheel feller-bunchers feature the emission-compliant 6068H diesel engine. The 643J is powered by a 174 hp engine and the 843J, 225 hp. The increased power significantly boosts multi-functioning capabilities and cycle times for added production.

        The feller-buncher cabs feature the new forward-sloping windshield and larger skylight for enhanced visibility.

        The new hydraulically driven reversible cooling fan only runs when needed to cool the engine, maximizing horsepower and fuel efficiency. The fan also reverses to blow debris off the screen for better airflow to the engine compartment, so it runs cooler for increased uptime.

        The new J-series machines feature the new John Deere FD22B felling head, and the redesigned, slightly offset accumulation pocket increases capacity by 20%. The added power provides quicker saw recovery so the operator can make the next cut without waiting for the saw.

        With improved tilt-back geometry on the head and the new link, the J-Series feller-bunchers provide better load transfer capabilities and stability.

        For more information, contact a John Deere dealer or visit


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