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Product Profiles - October 2006

New products/services and supplier announcements from Foxjet, Brunner-Hildebrand, Tigercat, Trace Equipment, AMS, Pneumatic Tool and Carolina Inspection Services.

By IRI Staff
Date Posted: 10/1/2006

FoxJet Universal Interface Runs Trident Print Heads

      FoxJet has released a Universal Interface that enables FoxJet Marksman Pro controllers to run other OEM Trident® based print heads.

      In addition, FoxJet Trident based Pro Series print heads can be run from other OEM controllers with the Universal Interface.

      Universal Interface is an economical alternative for companies faced with equipment obsolescence. With FoxJet, they have the option to upgrade Trident based inkjet systems one at a time as needed.

      FoxJet also has launched a new, comprehensive campaign to market the company’s ability to interface with other Trident basked inkjet equipment formerly offered by other original equipment manufacturers. The ‘Flip Flop’ marketing campaign includes a new microsite at where customers can register to win a trip to Puerto Vallarta.

      Linc Systems Inc. offers pallet marking systems in coordination with FoxJet, which is a subsidiary of ITW. The system can print the heat-treatment code as well as company logo, alpha-numeric identification, date, time and shift codes inline as the pallet is conveyed past the print head – eliminating the need for a worker to manually stamp pallets after they have been stacked and stored.

      For more information, see the Linc Systems Web site at or call (800) 513-9918.


Rein Retires as President of Brunner-Hildebrand

      Rein Juergen, president of Brunner-Hildebrand Lumber Dry Kiln Co., retired effective Sept. 30, but he will remain with the company on an advisory basis until a successor is named.

      Rein, a mechanical engineering graduate of New York University, has been president of Brunner-Hildebrand for more than 17 years. Previously he held management positions with a European wood processing machinery company and a major manufacturer of large air compressors.

      Hildebrand-Hoztechnik, the German parent company of Brunner-Hildebrand, expects to make major new product announcements in early 2007, including conventional kilns, vacuum kilns and kiln control systems.

      The company plans to revise its Web site in the near future.

      For more information, call (803) 547-7121 or visit


Tigercat 822/L830 Harvesters, Feller-Bunchers, Now C-Series

      Tigercat has designed a number of enhancements into its new H822C/LH830C cut-to-length harvesters, along with the new Cummins QSL9 Tier III engine.

      Tigercat improved the hydraulic driven cooling fan by adding thermostat control; the fan now operates at automatic variable speed with an automatic purge cycle that can be varied, depending on operating conditions. The heat exchanger size has been increased and is now common to the 860C/870C product line.

      The new Cummins QSL9 engine produces 300 hp at 1,800 rpm and is very responsive. The new common rail fuel system improves engine reliability, and the exhaust manifold hardware is rated for higher temperatures to prevent breakage and exhaust leaks.

      The new 24 volt electrical system improves cranking ability in cold weather and provides better compatibility between the carrier and harvesting head attachments.

      The machines are standard equipped with a 24-12 volt converter to allow for 12 volt radios and other accessories.

      Boom base hose routings have been significantly improved and a swing-out access door at the base of the boom has been added.

      Fuel tank capacity has been increased from 490 to 530 liters. The optional bottom fueling system will be much appreciated by LH830C operators. A venting valve has been added to increase fill speed with bottom fueling.

      The harvesters are available with two ER boom options; the two-piece boom reaches 8.9 meters while the telescopic boom reaches 11 meters.

      Tigercat recently shipped two new H822C harvesters with telescopic booms to Russia as part of a multi-machine deal. Major markets for the H822C and LH830C track harvesters include Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada — wherever there is a requirement for cut-to-length machines to operate in steep terrain, harsh operating conditions and large, heavy timber.

      For more information, contact a Tigercat dealer or visit


Trace Introduces New Pallet Nailing Machine

      Trace Equipment has introduced a new automated nailing machine for the pallet industry, the Woodpecker. The machine is equipped with pneumatic nailing tools and uses collated fasteners, and it is capable of assembling pallets made of new or recycled lumber.

      The standard Woodpecker can build four-stringer pallets up to 64 inches wide and 84 inches long. However, Trace Equipment can provide custom Woodpecker nailing machines for a company’s requirements.

      The Woodpecker, which has a cycle time of three pallets per minute, features a safety stop on both sides of the nailing gantry. The easy-to-read operator’s control box has a safety lock-out valve.

      Slanted bars make it easy to fill the automated runner feeder with new or recycled stringers, and adjustment screws enable quick change-over.

      The Woodpecker features a board hold-down mechanism to ensure proper alignment. Accuracy is further ensured by a state-of-the-art photo-eye and a firing rail that holds up to four sets of firing pins. A flipper automatically turns the partly-nailed pallet over so the top deck can be nailed; when a pallet is being flipped, a finished pallet is pushed automatically into the stacker, which is equipped with a counter and 10-foot outfeed roller table.

      Optional equipment includes stencil, top board flusher, bottom board flusher, and fifth runner.

      Trace Equipment can supply modified versions of the Woodpecker to meet custom requirements for length, width, power, air set-up and more.

      For more information, call Trace Equipment at (877) 778-7223.


AMS Offers New Sterilization Chamber

Automated Machine Systems (AMS) Inc. has developed a new pallet heat-treatment chamber, the PPS600. The new AMS portable sterilizer can heat-treat 630 GMA pallets and still maintain fast cycle times.

      The PPS600 will feature a large BTU burner system and the same fan system used in the PS300, PS500, PS600 and PS700 series sterilizing chambers.

      The PPS600 keeps AMS’s high standards of quality manufactured materials but comes with a new affordable price.

      AMS is a full design and supply integrator of automation, computerization and sterilization for the pallet and material handling industries.

            For more information about AMS or its heat-treatment chambers, call (877) 267-8384.


Workshop Seeks to Help Hardwood Mills to Compete

      A workshop about remaining competitive in hardwood lumber production will be held Nov. 7-9 at the Wood Education and Resource Center in Princeton, W. Va.

      The workshop is for sawmill owners, managers and production managers.

      Information will be presented about new technologies and decision-making tools to assist managers in planning operations and new equipment and technology. The workshop will focus on currently available tools, technologies, and systems rather than ones under development.

      Topics to be covered include impact of raw material on manufacturing performance, optimization, determining true log costs, changes in hardwood lumber markets, strategies to combat globalization, export markets, and more.

      The workshop will be sponsored by Virginia Tech, the University of Wisconsin, the U.S. Forest Service and the National Hardwood Lumber Association.

      For more information, visit, call (540) 231-8752 or e-mail


Pneumatic Tool Removes Nails from Used Lumber

      Reconnx Inc. offers a tool to remove nails from recycled pallet parts. The Nail Kicker® denailer is a pneumatic hand tool that ‘kicks’ nails out from the point side, eliminating the need to pull nails by hand with a claw hammer or other tool.

      The Nail Kicker can be used to straighten a crooked nail, too. When the nail is vertical and perpendicular to the board, the Nail Kicker is aligned with the point of the nail. When the Nail Kicker is activated with a trigger mechanism, the nail is ejected from the other side of the board. It is fast, safe, and precise.

      The Nail Kicker already has been widely used in similar applications in the deconstruction,  salvage and recycling industry.

      For example, Habitat for Humanity uses the Nail Kicker in Austin, Tex. Removing nails from used lumber has helped the organization prevent more than 300,000 cubic yards of wood material from being disposed of in landfills in the past six years. The Re-Store, another nonprofit organization in Seattle, Wash., has used Nail Kickers to help remove nails from flooring.

      The Nail Kicker also should help reduce worker fatigue since it is less strenuous then removing nails with a claw hammer.

      For more information, call Reconnx at 888-44-REUSE or visit


N.C. Company Offers Heat Treatment Inspection Services

      Carolina Inspection Services provides certification for wood packaging materials and heat-treatment programs under ISPM-15 guidelines.

      The North Carolina-based company provides services for inspection, certification and consulting.

      Carolina Inspection Services is an accredited agency with the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) to provide heat-treatment inspection services for both lumber and wood packaging materials.

      The company seeks to enable manufacturers of lumber and wood packaging materials to comply with the ISPM-15 guidelines. The phytosanitary measures are aimed at reducing the risk of introducing or spreading wood-eating insects.

      For more information, call Carolina Inspection Services at (866) 753-5738 or visit the Web site at


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