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Product Profiles - November 2006

New products/services and supplier announcements from John Deere, Saw Buddy, Fecon, Bandit, Stripper, Supertrak, TimberPro and Canadian Pallet Association.

By IRI Staff
Date Posted: 11/1/2006

John Deere Brings 770D Harvester To NA Market

        John Deere manufactures timber harvesting machines for cut-to-length logging operations. John Deere harvesters are purpose-built machines, and the company offers models that are suited for first thinning to regeneration harvesting.

        The company’s D-series harvesters feature powerful, fuel-efficient John Deere PowerTech Plus™ engines, the Windows®-based Timbermatic 300 management system with Total Machine Control™ (TMC) and cab-leveling technology. An optional self-leveling cab is available on all models.

        New to the North American market this year is the John Deere model 770D harvester. Powered by a 115 hp engine, it is designed for first thinning applications and processing small diameter trees. It is a four-wheeled machine with the agility, stability, and versatility to operate in dense forests. The sturdy structure and even weight distribution keep it steady in all conditions.

        John Deere also manufactures larger, more powerful harvesters. The largest, the model 1470D, is powered by a 241 hp John Deere engine and is designed and built to work in large timber.

        For more information, contact a John Deere dealer or visit


Saw Buddy Provides Benefits to Bandsaws

        The Saw Buddy monitors the amperage of band resaws and regulates infeeds accordingly.

        It provides a number of benefits. Resaws cut straighter and faster, according to the company. It also can save up to 30% on saw blades and 20% on energy costs. In addition, it reduces wears on motors and mechanical parts.

        The Saw Buddy monitors the electrical current flowing through the saw motor thousands of times per second. The data is processed by a computer program to control the speed of the conveyor feeding the wood through the saws. This enables the wood to be cut faster and more precisely.

        The Saw Buddy works like this. Set the speed indicator to the normal speed you would be running the conveyor. The Saw Buddy will maintain that speed as an average speed while going slower through the hard spots and faster through the rest of the wood. For increased production, the speed indicator may be set to the desired faster speed; Saw buddy will the desired faster speed as an average.

        For more information, contact Saw Buddy, Inc. at (866) 296-3669, e-mail or visit


New Fecon Bull Hog Is for Smaller Excavators

        Fecon has added the BH74EXC to its extensive line of Bull Hog® forestry mulchers.

        The BH74EXC was designed for lighter, smaller weight excavators with low ground pressure. It weights 2,850 pounds and features a hydraulic oil flow of 30-35 gpm.

        The Fecon BH74EXC features the same versatility and performance as other Bull Hog models. It is equipped with 30 carbide tipped tools, a 63cc motor, and has a maximum cutting width of 60 inches.

        Fecon Bull Hog forestry mulchers use a hammermill technology to shred and grind vegetation — brush and trees. They may be used for clearing land, removing vegetation from a right-of-way, reducing fuel loads in forests, removing invasive species of trees, and other applications.

        Fecon Bull Hog forestry mulchers also are available for skid steers, PTO applications, and rubber-tired machines.

        Other Fecon products include FTX track carriers, tree shears, tree saws, grapples and stump grinders.

        For more information, call Fecon at (800) 528-3113, e-mail or visit


Bandit Device Enables Fast, Easy, Changes of Screens

        Bandit Industries has developed a new option for Beast recyclers that reduces time spent removing and installing screens on the grinders.

        The new Beast screen changing arm assists the operator in quickly and easily changing and installing screens. The equipment option saves time, which increases production time.

        The screen changing arm is available as a retrofit on most Beast recyclers and as an option on new machines.

        Bandit Industries manufactures a wide range of Beast machines for grinding and recycling wood, including both track machines and towable models, as well as whole tree chippers, hand-fed chippers, stump grinders, and other equipment.

        For more information, contact Bandit Industries at (800) 952-0178, e-mail or visit


Stripper Pull-Through Delimber Not Hydraulic

        The Stripper pull-through delimber from Stripper Mfg. is a patented design without hydraulics and only two moving parts.

        The simple design of the Stripper enables it to be put to work on the job site as soon as it arrives.

        The reversible, bolt-on, ‘easy slide’ knives can be re-sharpened or changed, and the rugged, lightweight head is easy on equipment.

        The Stripper can be purchased with its own chassis, featuring an extendable tongue, or with an adapter plate for easy attachment to trailers and slashers.

        The company also offers a high-speed hydraulic topping saw as an option.

        For more information, call Stripper Mfg. at (207) 890-6597 or visit


Supertrak SK120TR Is for High Production

        The Supertrak SK120TR is a skid steer machine for high production vegetation management. All major components are Caterpillar for excellent product support from a local Caterpillar dealer or Supertrak.

        The Supertrak SK120TR is equipped with the Fecon Bull Hog® forestry mulching attachment to shred brush and trees. The skid steer is powered by a CAT 127 hp engine and moves on rubber tracks.

        The Supertrak SK120TR features a custom, high debris and high ambient temperature radiator and cooling system and a custom, roof-mounted oil cooler.

        Safety features include front and rear halogen work lights, electrical engine monitoring system, emergency engine shut-down system, back-up warning alarm and side window screens. The enclosed operator’s cab has heat, air conditioning and joystick controls.

        Supertrak, based in Florida, is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) company utilizing Caterpillar® components. The company designs and manufactures a complete line of vegetation management and land clearing equipment ranging from 100 hp to 400 hp, both wheel and track machines, including excavators.

        Applications for the company’s equipment include clearing land, maintaining right-of-way, creating firebreaks, reducing fuel loads, and more.

        For more information, call (800) 446-9858 or visit


TimberPro Machines Are Made for Big Attachments

        The TimberPro TB 830 (eight-wheel) and TB 630 (six-wheel) are wheeled machines designed for large cutting or harvesting attachments, such as the Log Max 9000, the Risley Rolly II and Quadco disc saw.

        The TimberPro wheeled harvester and feller-buncher machines have demonstrated they can increase production, especially when operating in rough terrain or in scattered timber.

        The TimberPro line of machines comes standard with 360-degree continuous rotation, which enables the operator to always face his task. This feature also gives the operator the ability to harvest timber 360-degrees around the machine.

        The gullwing design of the engine compartment cover completely shields the engine from hydraulics in order to help prevent fires, and the engine exhaust is insulated for further fire protection and to reduce noise.

        The TimberPro TB 830 and TB 630 come standard with a John Deere 250 hp electronic engine while a Cummins 300 hp electronic engine is available as an option. Other standard features include auto-reversing hydraulic-controlled radiator fan, hydrostatic two-speed transmission, mechanical locking differentials, and more. Options include leveling front frame, 6-foot squirt boom for added reach, quick-change stick boom adapter, feller-buncher booms, and more.

        For more information, call TimberPro at (715) 524-7899, e-mail or visit


Canadian Pallet Assoc. Plans New Zealand Tour

        The Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association (CWPCA-ACMPC) will sponsor an international pallet summit and pallet tour of New Zealand in early 2007.

        The summit and tour, limited to 40 people, will be held March 17-30. An optional trip to Fiji is slated March 30-April 3.

        The tour will include visits to wooden pallet and packaging plants and sawmills. The group will stop in a number of cities, including Auckland, Queenstown, and Christchurch. The tour also will include free time for site-seeing, tours and visits of attractions, rides in a jet boat and hot air balloon, and more.

        The tour package includes 13 nights of lodging, deluxe class coach travel, Air New Zealand flights, buffet breakfasts, eight planned activities, five plant tours, lunches, and special dinner events.

        For more information, contact the association at (877) 224-3555, e-mail or visit


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