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Product Profiles - December 2006

New products/services and supplier announcements from Bandit, Beltline, Fecon, Waratah, Lenox WoodMaster, Phillips Saw & Tool and Prentice

By IRI Staff
Date Posted: 12/1/2006

Bandit Chipper, Stump Grinder Self-Propelled

        Bandit Industries manufactures high-powered, self-propelled, remote-controlled equipment for chipping and stump grinding.

        For example, both the Bandit Model 1890 Intimidator chipper and the Bandit model 3200 stump grinder have Caterpillar rubber-track undercarriages to maneuver into the woods. The self-propelled chipper eliminates the need to move tree limbs and trimmings to a roadside for chipping. With the remote controls, the machines can be controlled by a loader operator.

        The machines are particularly suited for land-clearing, site-clearing and other operations.

        The Bandit model 1890 Intimidator chipper has the capacity to chip 18-inch diameter material and is available in a variety of options for engines and additional equipment features.

        The Bandit model 3200 track stump grinder is powered by a Deutz 79 hp engine. It is highly maneuverable and has a three speed hydraulic drive system. The machine can be fitted with an optional grading blade.

                For more information, call Bandit Industries at (800) 952-0178 or visit


Beltline Roll Covering Aids Lumber Processing

        Beltline Inc. supplies even end roll covering for sawmills and lumber remanufacturers.

        The company uses specially formulated poly-line covers for superior high gripping surface and better control of lumber. It also provides superior resistance to abrasion, cutting and gouging for longer life and service. Laboratory tests have shown it will outlast rubber 50-1, according to the company.

        Beltline even roll covering is non-marking and will prevent lumber bounce-back. It moves half-boards easily and also eliminates roller pitch build-up and enables slower roller RPM. It has excellent resistance to pine tar and turpentine and can be used for green or dry lumber applications.

        Beltline can cover rollers sent to its shop and also can send staff to cover rollers on-site at a mill.

                For more information, call Beltline at (770) 504-1484 or e-mail beltline­


FECON Offers New PTO Bull Hog Mulcher

        FECON has expanded its line of Bull Hog® Mulchers with its introduction of the BH85-PTO Ground Wide Heavy Duty Model. It is equipped with 36 double carbide-tipped cutting teeth.

        This Bull Hog Mulcher has a cutting width of 70 inches and weighs 2,900 pounds. It is suitable for clearing and improving lots, rights-of-way, trails, wildlife habitat, firebreaks and other applications.

        Like other FECON Bull Hog Mulchers, the BH85-PTO model features an average tool life of 300-500 hours, a patented rotor design for cutting efficiency and a dependable belt drive system for greater up time.

        Options include custom or universal mounts and rake teeth for the push bar.

                For more information, call FECON at (800) 528-3133 or visit


Waratah to Distribute Hultdins Felling Head

        Waratah Forestry Attachments reached a marketing agreement with Hultdins to be the exclusive distributor for the Hultdins SuperFell SF851.

        Under the agreement, the felling head will be marketed worldwide under the Waratah brand name as the FL85 directional felling head. It will be supported by the Waratah global distribution network.

        The FL85 is a continuous-rotation felling head that can be mounted on a shovel logger, excavator or track feller-buncher carrier and used to fell, pile, cross-cut, trim, top and shovel. This versatile head is suited for harvesting large trees, select cutting valuable species, salvaging damaged timber and right-of-way clearing.

                For more information, contact a Waratah dealer or visit


Lenox Woodmaster C Made for High HP Saws

        The Lenox Woodmaster C is a 2-inch, 0.045-inch gauge carbon blade specially designed to power through wood in high horsepower bandsaw machines and portable sawmills.

        This new heavy gauge blade is available in a variety of tooth spacings to accommodate specialized needs of both high production sawmills and the portable sawmill operator.

        The Lenox Woodmaster C features hardened tooth tips for smooth, consisting sawing and long life, said Lenox bandsaw product manager Mark Holley.

        This new blade features a one-piece, thick-gauge hardened backing steel to allow the blade to feed faster with less deflection. Coupled with the blade’s hardened tooth tips, these features enable the Woodmaster C to accept high feed rates, perform long sawing hours, and cut clearly with reduced dust.

                The Lenox Woodmaster C is available through Lenox distributors. For more information, call Lenox at (800) 628-8810 or visit


Phillips Saw & Tool Offers Blades, Service

        Phillips Saw & Tool supplies saw blades and service for the pallet and sawmill industries. The company provides precision sharpening services along with responsive service and technical support.

        Phillips Saw & Tool offers Talon circular nail-cutting blades for pallet recycling operations. Talon blades feature large carbide teeth for many sharpenings; these blades are available in sizes ranging from 12 inches to 18 inches.

        Phillips Saw & Tool also is a distributor for Lenox and carries the Lenox Woodmaster C and Palletmaster B bandsaw blades as well as reciprocating saw blades for dismantling operations.

                For more information, call Phillips Saw & Tool at (765) 659-1297 or visit


Prentice 2384 Loader Offers Fuel Economy

        The new Prentice 2384 loader is an enhanced version of the 384 model. The Prentice 2384 loader features a larger cab that is easier to enter and exit, improved air conditioning, a larger fuel tank, a power boost mode for maximum productivity and a run mode with significant fuel savings.

        Introduced by the Blount forestry division, the Prentice 2384 also sports the new Prentice red, black and white trade dress.

        A new feature in the Prentice 2384 allows the operator to choose, with the flip of a switch, between two work modes. The run mode for normal operation yields optimum fuel economy and productivity, while the power boost mode provides extra engine power for demanding, high production applications, such as circle saw slasher applications.

        The Prentice 2384 comes equipped with a Cummins 160 hp QSB 6.7 Tier 3 engine; a Cummins 173 hp engine is optional and recommended for circle saw slasher 72-inch disc applications.

        The fuel tank holds 100 gallons — 27 more than in the 384. The larger tank coupled with the run mode means loggers can go up to 2.5 days without refueling.

        The interior of the cab was rearranged to give the operator more leg and shoulder room. The operator has 23 inches of leg room with the seat fully forward and 30 inches with the seat fully back.

        For more information, call Blount at (919) 269-7421 or visit


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