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Product Profiles - February 2007

New products/services and supplier announcements from J&J Machinery, Eagle Machinery, Fecon, Blount, H&A Swing Saw and L&M Equipment.

By IRI Staff
Date Posted: 2/1/2007

J&J Machinery Services Pallet Nailing Systems

        J&J Machinery provides services to refurbish and upgrade automated pallet assembly systems manufactured by Viking and other companies.

        For example, the company offers the Duo-Magic 224 Hot Rod Pallet Assembly Computer System to improve and upgrade the Viking Duo-Matic nailing machines. New ‘fang feeders’ for the shuttle plate enable the use of low-grade deck boards.

        For beam type nailing machines, J&J has developed an integrated positive clamp system for rails and other upgrades.

        For more information about refurbishing and upgrading nailing machines, call J&J Machinery at (850) 712-4975.


Eagle Machinery Offers Multi-Trim Saw, More

        Eagle Machinery & Supply Inc. manufactures machinery and equipment for the sawmill, pallet and lumber remanufacturing industries. The company’s product line includes cut-off saws, multi-trim saws, rip saws, and material handling equipment, such as stackers, feeders, conveyors, transfer chains and blowers.

        The Eagle Machinery multi-trim saw features even-ending rolls and variable speed feed chains for flexibility. It has outfeed receiving arms to simplify off-loading, a built-in horizontal waste conveyor, and a dust hood and hold-down units for smooth, trouble-free feeding. An adjustable sixth arm is optional.

        For more information about Eagle Machinery & Supply or its products, call (330) 897-3013 or visit


FECON Has Mini-Grapples for Compact Excavators

        FECON Inc. has begun to offer mini-grapples for compact excavators up to 11,000 pounds.

        They are available in three models with weights ranging from 170 pounds to 430 pounds. Opening widths range from 40 inches to 60 inches.

        FECON mini-grapples can be used for moving debris, rock and brush piles, log loading and unloading, and handling landscaping materials.

        For more information, call FECON at (800) 528-3113 or visit


Cemar Electro Distributing Disto Laser Distance Meters

        Cemar Electro Inc. announced a distribution agreement for the new generation of Disto laser distance meters.

        Disto laser distance meters are affordable, accurate and offer several easy-to-use functions. They have a range of up to 650 feet with accuracy as precise as 1/16-inch.

        Several models are available, from meters that will take basic measurements to advanced meters with wireless capabilities that can measure a tree with two clicks of a button.

        For more information, call Cemar electro at (800) 298-5273 or visit


Blount Unveils New Prentice 2430 Skidder

        The Blount forestry division recently introduced the Prentice 2430 skidder. It provides a single arch option to complement the Prentice 2432 dual-arch skidder, which was introduced last year.

        The next-generation Prentice skidders feature new engines and hydraulic systems, more durable center joints and a more comfortable, functional cab.

         Both models have the new Cummins Tier III QSB 173 hp engine with improved low-end torque to accelerate faster with full loads. The new Kawasaki hydraulic system is simple, reliable and field proven.

        The Prentice skidders are more stable as a result of better weight distribution with a longer wheelbase. At 150 inches, both the dual and single arch skidders have the longest wheelbase of all skidders in their respective classes.

        The new blade is built stronger and more rugged with improved protection for the hoses. The hefty blade puts more weight on the front axle, which helps increase stability. The blade is 10 inches wider for improved use in stacking wood and clearing trails.

        New components increase the durability of the center joint: 3-inch pins, front and rear frame plates from 40% to 60% thicker, and tapered roller bearings that replaced spherical bushings top and bottom.

        The skidders feature a new cab design with a revamped heat/AC system with vents positioned to direct more airflow onto the operator. The air suspension seat is positioned directly above the pivot point between the axles, so the operator feels less motion.

        Changes to the boom and arch geometry of the dual arch skidder increased its lifting power 52% and improved holding ability 71%.

        For more information, call Blount at (919) 269-7421 or visit


H&A Swing Saw Enables Fast Cut-Off Operations

        H&A Swing Saw Inc. offers a fast swing saw for most cut-off operations.

        The H&A Swing Saw can make up to 72 cuts per minute, according to the company, featuring greater capacity and easy operation.

        H&A offers three models of its Swing Saw, all with safety features.

        For more information, call H&A Swing Saw at (800) 397-3703.


Canadian Supplier Offers New Cross-Cut Package Saw

        L-M Equipment Co. Ltd., based in British Columbia, has introduced a new cross-cut package saw, the I-Cut. It is the newest system in the company’s line of bundle cross-cut systems.

        The L-M I-CUT system offers the latest technology. It features a double linear bearing guide system with built-in hold-down and guards to ensure greater accuracy and operator safety. Cutting capabilities range from 20 feet to 60 feet long — and longer if required.

        The L-M I-CUT system can be used to quickly and accurately process bundles or packages of pallet stock, structural components, studs, fencing, I-joists, and other lumber and building products.

        The L-M I-CUT system is competitively priced and offers flexible design options so it can be custom-built.

        For more information call L-M Equipment at (604) 431-8800, e-mail or visit


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