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Product Profiles - March 2007

New products/services and supplier announcements from Select Sawmill, Fecon, Saw Shop, SMH Inc./Mingo, Oregon Cutting Systems, Eagle Machinery, Built-Rite, and Cook's Saw.

By IRI Staff
Date Posted: 3/1/2007

Select Sawmill Grinder Sharpens Band Blades

            Select Sawmill Co., a leading manufacturer of portable double-cut band sawmills, has introduced a new band blade sharpening grinder. The new sharpener maintains saw blades from 4 inches to 7 inches wide.

            The Select grinder features increased blade angle adjustments, automated blade feed with carbide blade pushers, two independently controlled electric motors with inclusive start-stop panel, and a complete heavy-duty support base with attached blade guide posts.

            The Select grinder comes with double-cut attachments and an optional swaging table that can be inserted within the saw blade support stands.

            The Select grinder sharpens blades excellently in the most demanding environments. It is sensibly priced and ensures full control of the blade sharpening process.

            For more information, call Select Sawmill Co. at (866) 724-7600, e-mail or visit


FECON Introduces RF-1000 Soil Hog

            FECON has developed a new machine for performing site preparation work and related tasks.

            The FECON RF-1000 Soil Hog is equipped with fixed carbide tools that can be easily changed for various working conditions.

            The FECON RF-1000 Soil Hog can be used for site preparation, road and landfill construction, grinding stumps, clearing orchards, and other tasks. It works above ground and deep below ground in difficult soils, mixing additives for ground stabilization and planar grinds.

            Roller and trap door options are available.

            For more information, contact FECON at (800) 528-3113 or visit


Saw Shop Supplies Blades for Strob and Cut-Off Saws

            The Saw Shop supplies blades and other equipment for pallet and sawmill machinery.

            The company supplies 10-inch and 12-inch strob saw blades for Pendu and Brewer machines as well as cut-off saw blades ranging from 18 inches to 26 inches.

            The Saw Shop also offers replacement guides for Baker resaws, including guide feet, pads, blocks and roller wheels.

            For more information, call the Saw Shop at (573) 323-8585.


Mingo Measures and Marks Logs for Firewood Bucking

            SMH Inc. has developed a light-weight, hand-held tool for marking logs to be bucked for firewood.

            The Mingo is positioned at the end of the log. Holding the easy to grip handle, the notched wheel is rolled the length of the log. As it rolls along, the Mingo clearly marks the log at the precise measured increments with a paint mark.

            The Mingo measures and marks accurately, quickly and easily. It can measure and mark various lengths, such as 14 inches, 16 inches or 18 inches.

            It is made of impact-resistant plastic and dispenses ordinary paint used by contractors and surveyors.

            For more information, call SMH Inc. at (888) 267-5965, fax (208) 267-4620 or e-mail


Oregon Cutting Systems Adds New 18HX Saw Chain

            Oregon Cutting Systems Group, a unit of Blount Inc., has introduced the new 18HX Harvester saw chain.

            The new 18HX saw chain is an enhanced version of the aggressive, durable 18H chain manufactured exclusively for mechanized timber harvesters.

            It features a thicker drive link, making the saw chain stronger and less likely to break. The load bearing surface of the rivets was increased to fit the thicker drive link, enlarging the contact area and lubrication surface within the moving part of the chain.

            Time-Proven Oregon Cutting Systems features incorporated into the new chain include LubriLink™, a lubrication enhancement feature that promotes reduced chain stretch and longer life, and the patented OCS-01 steel alloy.

            “The most notable improvement in the 18HX will be fewer chain replacements while cutting,” said Chris Seigneur, senior product design engineer for Oregon Cutting systems.

            “Chains require changing when they become dull,” he added, “causing the bar to bind in the cut or breaking the chain. The wide cut of the 18HX allows more clearance for the bar, so there is less opportunity to get caught. The thicker drive link of the 18HX makes it stronger and less likely to break.”

            For more information, call Oregon Cutting Systems at (503) 653-4408 or visit


Eagle Machinery Offers Product Information DVD

            Eagle Machinery & Supply Inc. offers a Total Mill Solution information package that includes equipment literature plus a DVD showcasing Eagle’s custom machinery product line.

            The package highlights the ability of Eagle Machinery’s equipment products to improve the efficiency of mill operations with such machines as the Ripmaster Optimizing Fenceless Ripsaw Feeder and Talon Optimizing Cut-Off Saw.             The package also includes information on equipment for feedworks and material handling.

            Eagle Machinery products are designed and built in the U.S. For more information or to obtain the company’s product information, call Eagle Machinery at (330) 897-3013, e-mail or visit


Built-Rite Develops New Log, Rail Splitter

            Built-Rite Manufacturing has developed a new machine for splitting rails or pre-splitting large logs before processing them into firewood.

            The Built-Rite model 10WS splitter features a 15-inch high, four-way splitting wedge that also goes below the beam for single splitting.

            The hydraulic-powered splitter generates 28 tons of force. It is powered by a 24 hp gasoline engine or a 33 hp diesel engine and is also available with hydraulic quick connects for external drive.

            Built-Rite Manufacturing offers a complete line of equipment for firewood businesses and other operations, including commercial wood splitters, firewood processors, log loaders, portable band sawmills, outdoor furnaces, and more.

            For more information, contact Built-Rite Mfg. at (800) 757-2520, e-mail, or visit


Cook’s Resaw Blade Cuts Costs, Extends Run Time

            Cook’s Saw Mfg. has developed a new band resaw blade.

            The Cook’s patent-pending Super Sharp resaw blade is a superior band blade that can reduce blade costs by more than 50%, according to the company. It also increases sawdust removal from 50%-100%.

            The new Cook’s Super Sharp band blade increases cut time and feed speeds. Customers who have field tested the new blade experienced 50%-100% longer run time compared to other blades they normally used; the Super Sharp performed for 16 to 20 hours.

            The new Cook’s Super Sharp blade is available in 1-inch, 1-1/4-inch and 1-1/2-inch widths.

            For more information, call (800) 473-4804 or visit


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