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Product Profiles - May 2007

New products/services and supplier announcements from Fecon, Bunting Magnetics Co. , LPS Equipment & Acquisition Co., Tri-Star Metals, Eco Log, Wood-Mizer, Eagle Machinery and Koetter Dry Kiln.

By IRI Staff
Date Posted: 5/1/2007

FECON Offers Stump Grinder for Track Carrier

      FECON has developed the new SH­140 stump grinder for the FECON FTX­140 track carrier machine.

      The FECON SH­140 stump grinder features a 34-inch diameter wheel with 90 cutting tools that provide a work zone 80 inches wide and 24 inches deep.

      With power ranging from 140 hp to 170 hp, the FECON SH140 stump grinder is powerful enough to grind tough stumps and entire root balls.

      FECON also manufactures Bull Hog® mulching attachments, FTX track carriers, tree shears, saws and grapples for vegetation management and reforestation.

      For more information, call FECON at (800) 528-3113, e-mail or visit


Bunting Supplies Magnetic Separators

      Bunting Magnetics Co. manufactures an extensive line of magnetic separation equipment to remove ferrous metals from dry particulate material, liquids, and slurries.

      The company offers a number of magnetic separating solutions for the pallet industry to remove nails and scrap metal from grindings of pallet parts and scrap pallets.

      Bunting’s magnet products include basic cartridges, grates and plate magnets to magnet housings, self-cleaning separators, pulleys and drums. Separators work individually or in tandem to remove ferrous metal debris from gravity, mechanical, or pneumatic conveying systems.

      Bunting magnetic separators come in a wide range of models to handle virtually any application. The company also will supply custom magnetic equipment.

      Bunting magnetic separation equipment is widely used in the food, dairy, grain, chemical, plastics, oil, textile, recycling, and other industries.

      For more information, call Bunting Magnetics at (800) 835-2526 or visit


LPS Equipment Opens Facility in Tennessee

      LPS Equipment & Acquisition Co. has purchased a 35-acre parcel near Clarksburg, Tenn.

      LPS, a full service dealer of used sawmill and pallet machinery, will make the site available to view equipment for sale and also conduct auctions.

      The facility, formerly S&L Pallet Co., will feature a full service shop so that LPS will have the capability to clean, inspect and repair or refurbish used machinery.

      LPS also provides equipment removal and installation services, trucking, financing, plant liquidations, cash buy-outs and auctions via Internet.

      For more information, contact LPS at (800) 598-3651 or visit


Tri-Star Bandsaw Insert Guides Remove Sawdust

      Tri-Star Metals Inc. supplies Ram Jet replaceable insert guides for bandsaws to remove sawdust from boards with compressed air.

      Tri-Star Metals Ram Jet guides enable the production of dust-free boards during sawing, and they eliminate the need for a board deduster or removing sawdust manually.

      The insert guides require no modifications to the saw, only connection of the air line to an inlet device. In addition, they eliminate the need to buy guides – just replace the inserts.

      Tri-Star Metals Inc. manufactures Ram Jet replaceable insert guides for bandsaws supplied by a number of manufacturers, including Brewco, Brewer Inc.-Golden Eagle, Morgan Saw Co., Samuel Kent Baker Inc., Smith Band Resaws, Baker Products and others.

      For more information, call Tri-Star Metals at (800) 685-2899 or e-mail


Eco Log Manufactures Harvesters, Forwarders

      Eco Log manufactures and markets harvesters and forwarders for forestry operations. The company, based in Sweden and with dealers around the world, offers five harvester models, equipped with Log Max single-grip harvesting heads, and four forwarder models. 

      Eco Log is the result of Log Max AB’s acquisition of Caterpillar’s cut-to-length product line in 2004. Log Max has more than 20 years of experience in the forestry industry and is a leading manufacturer of single-grip harvesters.

      Eco Log harvesters and forwarders have built-in serviceability. Easy to access and integrated inspection and service points allows for quick and easy service. Essential components are built as modules, which makes replacement easy.

      Eco Log harvesters feature a pendulum arm suspension technology allows the operator to maneuver the machine in the most dense thinnings and tough terrain while maintaining total control even in the most hard to reach areas.

      Eco Log forwarders feature high ground clearance and low ground pressure. They have the ability to climb over high stumps and rocks as well as travel through deep snow or wet terrain. The roomy cab with easy-to-reach controls and a suspension designed to eliminate vibrations enables the Eco Log forwarder to maintain maximum comfort during the whole work day.

      The Eco Log 590C harvester is designed for very heavy timber with capacity to carry the most powerful Log Max harvester heads. Powered by a Caterpillar C9 ACERT engine, it is the largest harvesting machine on the market, according to Eco Log.

      New features include auto leveling, traction control and a new, stronger frame and frame joint. The IQAN control system has been upgraded to a new version, and its display is mounted in a console for improved viewing.

      Eco Log has two dealers in the U.S., in Wisconsin and Maine. For information, call Eco Log in Wisconsin at (715) 360-8689 or visit the Web site at


Wood-Mizer Introduces LT50 Portable Sawmill

      Wood-Mizer Products introduced the new LT50 portable band sawmill. It is designed for high production sawing and heavy log handling requirements.

      The Wood-Mizer LT50 is powered by a Caterpillar 51 hp diesel engine and can mill logs up to 36 inches in diameter and 21 feet long. It can cut up to 650 board feet per hour, according to Wood-Mizer.

      The Wood-Mizer LT50 features a heavy-duty monorail bed, hydraulic loading arms, hydraulic roller toe-boards, a hydraulic log clamp, plus hydraulic vertical side supports and a bi-directional chain turner. The new chain turner works twice as fast as the standard steel claw turner.

      The optional command control operator station provides access to all hydraulic controls and cutting functions, such as board thickness and head speed. This option also includes Accuset setworks and Autoclutch. Other optional features include a debarker, laser measuring system and automated lubrication system.

       “The LT50 combines the best features of our popular LT40 Super Hydraulic with our semi-industrial LT70 into a powerful mill that is loaded with bells and whistles,” said Dave Mann, vice president of Wood-Mizer’s sawmill division.

      For more information, call Wood-Mizer at (800) 553-0182 or visit


Eagle Machinery Develops New Lumber Infeed System

      Eagle Machinery & Supply has developed a new type of lumber infeed system. The Eagle rake feeders is more compact and efficient than a conventional descrambler infeed system, according to the company. It increases productivity by breaking down bunks of lumber orderly and efficiently.

      The Eagle rake feeder automatic layer singulation feeds lumber one tier at a time onto a transfer chain. It provides automatic singulation to a grading line, planer, rip saw, chop saw, or other machine.

      Bunks of lumber can be inserted and removed from the front, back or either side for fast, flexible changeover to different material.

      For more information, call Eagle Machinery & Supply at (330) 897-3013, e-mail or visit


Koetter Dry Kiln Now Called Nova

      Koetter Dry Kiln Inc. is under new ownership. The company’s name has been changed to Nova Dry Kiln (LLC) and it has moved from Borden Ind. to New Albany, Inc.

      Koetter, whose parent company was Koetter Woodworking Inc., has dry kiln systems in 34 states and 23 countries.

      “Nova Dry Kiln will have the ability to deliver even more value to our customers,” said Jack Meredith, president. “Our vision as a company is to build upon the principles that have brought us to a higher level of success.

      Nova Dry Kiln will continue to provide free lifetime technical support and has a new toll-free phone number, (877) 949-0150. The company has a Web site at


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