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Product Profiles - June 2007

New products/services and supplier announcements from Kubinec, MDI, Weima, SMH, Cook''s Saw and Blue Ox.

By IRI Staff
Date Posted: 6/1/2007

Kubinec Polyester Straps Advantageous Over Steel

            Kubinec Strapping Solutions offers a superior, safer alternative to steel banding material — EZ Strap.

            EZ Strap is high-tenacity woven polyester strapping that is formulated to exceed the breaking strength of steel strapping. Fastened with buckles and attached with a tensioning tool, EZ Strap is used for bundling and packaging lumber, trusses and other materials.

            EZ Strap offers several advantages over steel strapping. A coil of EZ Strap weighs only one-fourth the weight of a coil of steel strapping. The woven polyester strapping has a reduced failure rate compared to steel, and it will not rust, stain or damage product. The polyester strap stays tight and does not loosen, and it can be retensioned and reused; the polyester strap also shrinks or expands with loads. Also, EZ Strap is easy to dispose of.

            EZ Strap has been tested and proven to significantly reduce the potential for product damage and personal injury, and their associated costs.

            For more information, call Kubinec Strapping Solutions at (517) 545-4900 or visit the Web site at


Co-Founder of Metal Detectors Dies at 83

            Harry E. Peltzer, co-founder of Metal Detectors Inc. (MDI) in Eugene, Ore., died recently at age 83.

            Harry was chairman of the board of directors of the company until his death, although he earlier passed the ownership of the business to his daughter, Terri Vigil, and son-in-law, Jesse Vigil.

            He suffered a series of strokes in 1995 and went into semi-retirement, but he continued to spend time at MDI, teaching and consulting with Terri and Jesse.

            Harry founded MDI with Richard Noll in 1965, and the business began in a garage. He spent the next 42 years growing and developing MDI.

            Today MDI has an 18,000-square-foot plant and employs 25 people. MDI handles every step of manufacturing metal detecting equipment, from research and development to engineering, manufacturing, sales, service and more.

            Harry graduated from the University of Washington in 2004 following a 60-year hiatus. He attended the university in the 1940s, leaving to raise a family in 1947 when he was only a senior project shy of graduating. When a family member contacted the university to find out what would be required for him to complete his degree requirements, he was given credit for the project for the success of MDI and awarded his degree.

            Harry’s education at the University of Washington was interrupted by World War II. He served in the Army and was a navigator on a B-17 bomber, flying 35 missions in Europe. Harry achieved the rank of First Lieutenant, received four Air Medals and was recommended for assignment as a navigational instructor.


Press from Weima America Produces Square Briquettes

            Weima America has developed a new briquette press that produces square briquettes. Square briquettes can be stacked for easier handling, better packaging and increased marketing opportunities compared to round briquettes.

            The Weima TH70K briquette press produces briquettes by hydraulic pressure only and without the need of a binding agent. The hydraulic drive of the pre-compressor/filling cylinder and the main press cylinder is applied via a self-contained pump.

            The press is available in an optional Duo version that doubles production, which lowers operating costs and increases efficiency. The Duo model provides the capability of producing both square and round briquettes.

            German-based Weima also manufactures shredders and grinders for the woods products industry.

            For more information, contact Weima America at (803) 802-7170, e-mail or visit


Mingo Improved to Mark Logs for Firewood Length

            SMH Inc. has made improvements to the Mingo, a light-weight, hand-held tool for marking logs to be bucked for firewood. It is made of impact-resistant plastic and dispenses ordinary paint used by contractors and surveyors.

            The Mingo is positioned at the end of the log. Holding the easy to grip handle, the notched wheel is rolled the length of the log. As it rolls along, the Mingo clearly marks the log at the precise measured increments with a paint mark.

            The Mingo measures and marks accurately, quickly and easily. With the improvements, it now can mark logs at intervals of 6, 12, 14, 16, 18 or 24 inches.

            For more information, call SMH Inc. at (888) 267-5965, fax (208) 267-4620 or e-mail


Cooks Offers New Resaw

            Cook’s Saw Mfg. offers a low-profile band resaw that can cut 10,000 board feet per day, according to the company.

            The Cook’s Saw resaw is powered by a 30 hp electric motor and is equipped with 26-inch all-metal band wheels. It features either a 6-inch or 8-inch feed belt and has a variable frequency drive ranging up to 90 feet per minute. The resaw can run 1-1/2-inch wide, .055-inch kerf blades or 1-inch, .035-inch kerf blades; a 2-inch blade also is available.

            With the Cook’s Super Sharp blade in the wider, thicker size, the resaw can cut up to 100 feet per minute in 6 inch green red oak, according to the company.

            The low profile design offers many benefits. It allows a clear view of feeding the cant. When the blade height is adjusted, only the saw head moves, so there is no need to adjust the infeed and outfeed rollers.

            Cook’s Saw Mfg. also makes a complete line of thin-kerf band sawmills, edgers, thin-kerf bandsaw blades, blade sharpeners and setters.

            For more information, call Cook’s Saw Mfg. at (800) 473-4804 or visit the Web site at


Blue Ox Introduces New Truck-Mounted Loader

            Blue Ox Equipment Inc. has introduced a new truck-mounted loader, the Xploader, which is designed for large lift capacities.

            The Xploader features a 20-foot boom with 400-degree swing and a 50-inch, continuous rotation grapple. The Xploader has a lift capacity exceeding 6,000 pounds.

            The work station features a seat and joystick controls. Combined with the correct amount of hydraulic pressure, the operator will have fast, effective control while handling and loading logs and other material.

            The Xploader is most effective when powered by PTO or an18 hp Honda engine, which is recommended by Blue Ox Equipment.

            Blue Ox Equipment also manufactures the Big Ox & Lil Ox log loader trailers, several loaders of various sizes and capacities, and the Fire Stomper.

            For more information, call Blue Ox Equipment at (802) 467-1055 or email


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