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Product Profiles - November 2007

New products/services and supplier announcements from Hogzilla, GAP, John Deere, Joral Devices and Qescorp.

By IRI Staff
Date Posted: 11/1/2007

HogZilla Offers New Electric-Powered Grinder

            CW Mill Equipment Co., which manufactures the HogZilla line of wood grinding equipment, has developed a new electric-powered model.

            The new HogZilla TC-1564SE features 800 hp and offers increased efficiency and reduced maintenance. The grinder is of massive construction with an 8-3/4-inch main shaft and a 46-inch diameter, 12-pin hammermill.

            The HogZilla TC-1564SE features a 15-foot tub made of ½-inch steel; the tub floor is made of ¾-inch abrasion resistant steel, and the belly conveyor is 72 inches wide. Several optional features are available to restrain thrown objects.

            CW Mill Equipment also offers many other grinder sizes and configurations, including electric and diesel.

            More information, call CW Mill Equipment at (785) 284-3454 or visit


Gap Offers New G2 Pallet Nailing Machine

            Gap Inc. has developed a new automated pallet nailing machine, the Gap G2. Using pneumatic nailing tools and collated fasteners, it can nail pallets made with new lumber or recycled pallet parts.

            The Gap G2 nailing machine nails the top and bottom deck boards simultaneously, eliminating the need to turn over the pallet; cycle time is 10 seconds. The pneumatic nailing tools that fasten the bottom deck boards have indicator lights to ensure they are nailing.

            The Gap G2 nailing machine can assemble pallets with deck boards ranging from 28 to 60 inches and stringers from 24 to 65 inches. The machine can nail wing pallets out to 4 inches, top and bottom, and has the capability to assemble pallets with four stringers.

            The Gap G2 is simple to operate and features a fast change-over. It has two emergency stops, one on each side of the gantry. The stacker automatically counts the pallets and ejects the stacks.

            Alabama-based Gap began manufacturing pallet nailing machines in 1993 and sold a few hundred of the GAP 960 model in 12 years.

            For more information or to contact the company, call (256) 447-9532 or visit the Web site at


Deere Adds 700J Series Track Feller-Bunchers

            John Deere has introduced its new 700J series of track feller-bunchers. The models 753J and 759J feature a redesigned hydraulic system, improved multi-functioning and best-in-class cutting swath for better performance.

            Hydraulic flow is increased 26% for better productivity. The hydraulic system also is able to prioritize so each hydraulic function is capable of full torque or effort all the time, which results in a significant increase in power. It adjusts power levels to provide power to the area that is needed and ensures the saw circuit receives full power-on-demand. The new system improves saw recovery time and prevents ‘slow-down’ by keeping power from being drained from any one area. Fuel economy is improved, too.

            Boom geometry was redesigned for best-in-class minimum and maximum cutting reach; cutting swath was increased 50%.

            Other features include a new PowerView™ monitor with enhanced diagnostics. An optional fan system reverses air flow to provide purging and cleaning of the cooling system.

            “With the right configuration, these machines are ideal for multiple applications and terrain, including, thinning, regeneration, swamps and steep ground,” said Elliott Little, product marketing manager for John Deere’s construction and forestry division.

            For more information, contact a John Deere dealer or visit


Joral Devices Offers Non-Contact Encoder

            Joral Devices has patented a new rotary encoder, the Joral Hockey Puck.

            The new Joral Hockey Puck rotary encoder is non-contact to the measuring surface and compensates for mechanical misalignment. It has no shaft or bearings, eliminating problems of drag, endplay, corrosion, side loading, and push-out.

            The user mounts a magnet on the rotating object and locates the encoder close by. Precise mounting is not required as the Joral Hockey Puck will tolerate changes in distance, centering and planer tilt. This is important as the machine wears over time.

            Non-contact means vibration and shock from the mechanics are not transmitted directly to the electronics in the encoder.

            For more information, call Joral Devices at (262) 522-3266 or visit


Qescorp Sells Blades For Reciprocating Saws

            Qescorp Inc. distributes metal-cutting and wood-cutting reciprocating saw blades.

            The company offers the Morse Master Cobalt blade for wood-cutting applications. This 9-inch blade, with 5.5 teeth per inch and made of 8% cobalt bi-metal, also cuts through nails. The blade is 0.050-inch thick, which is 42% thicker than standard blades.

            Qescorp offers low pricing and low shipping charges on small orders. It requires no minimum order and offers free shipping on orders more than $150. Shipping is by Fed Ex with three to four business days for delivery.

            Orders can be placed online at the company’s Web site at­, or an order form can be printed from the Web site and sent via fax.

            For more information, visit the Web site or call Qescorp at (888) 641-9798.


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