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Product Profiles - January 2008

New products/services and supplier announcements from Multitek, Rainier Hydraulics, Peterson Portable Sawmill, Wagner Electronics, Waratah Forestry Attachments and Resource Recovery.

By IRI Staff
Date Posted: 1/1/2008

Multitek Unveils New Firewood Processor

            Multitek has introduced a new firewood processor to its line of equipment. The Multitek 1610EZ firewood processor, which the company introduced last fall, is for small businesses and homeowners.

            The Multitek 1610EZ can process logs – buck them and split the pieces — up to 16 inches in diameter and 10 feet long. The machine is operated by one person and can produce one to one and one-half cords of firewood per hour, according to the company.

            The Multitek 1610EZ features a log lift that lifts the log from ground level and positions it into the machine. The firewood processor is powered by a Honda 24 hp gasoline engine.

            Optional equipment includes 6-way interchangeable wedge and three discharge conveyors ranging from 10-30 feet long.

            The Multitek 1610EZ is easily transportable and may be towed by a pick-up truck.

            For more information, call Multitek at (800) 243-5438 or visit the Web site at


Chomper Firewood Processors Use Shear

            Rainier Hydraulics manufactures the Chomper firewood processor, which is available in a variety of different models.

            The Chomper firewood processors use a shear to buck the log instead of a chainsaw or circular saw. Also, the machines feature a winch system to pull the log into position to begin processing. Chomper machines also feature an automatic cycle that bucks the log, splits the piece and advances the log for the next cut, yielding 2-4 cords of firewood per hour.

            Chomper firewood processors operate at ground level and are designed to be controlled by one person.

            The machines have only two moving parts for consistent, reliable performance and low maintenance. Power ranges from an 18 hp Honda gasoline engine to a John Deere 80 hp diesel engine.

            For more information, call Rainier Hydraulics at (800) 457-9136 or visit


Peterson Offers Bigger Engine Options, Diesel

            Peterson Portable Sawmills is offering more powerful engine choices with the company’s line of portable circular sawmills. In addition, the company now is offering a diesel engine option.

            Peterson swingblade mills now may be purchased with either a Kohler 30 hp or 38 hp gasoline engine; the company previously offered engines up to 27 hp.

            More horsepower will maintain a more consistent speed when cutting dense logs or making large cuts and provide a smoother cut in softwood, the company said in a statement.

            Peterson also is offering a Lombardini 23 hp diesel engine with its 10-inch winch production frame and 10-inch all terrain sawmill models, which provides more torque and reduces fuel costs.

            Peterson obtains and responds to customer feedback about its portable sawmills. In addition, the company is engaged in ongoing research and development. The new engine options are partly a result of these combined efforts.

            Peterson manufacturer Chris Browne said the diesel engine option will be of particular interest to customers in rural or remote areas who have access to on-site diesel tanks. “Now not only will they use their existing diesel source to fuel generators and other machinery, but they will be able to run their sawmills with it as well,” he said.

            For more information on Peterson Portable Sawmills and the latest engines options, call toll-free (877) 327-1471 or email


Wagner Electronics Unveils KATview Software Package

            Wagner Electronics, a leading manufacturer of moisture measurement systems, has introduced the new KATview software package. KATview (Kiln Analysis and Trending) software can provide a new level of performance in kiln drying.

            KATview features include:

• Graphical interface that is easy to use and understand

• Trending chart that helps operators view long-term kiln performance

• Powerful moisture analysis tools to diagnose drying problems

• Easily added to any Wagner Electronics Apex In-Line Moisture Measurement System

• Easily interfaces with other systems within a mill

• Open architecture SQL server model allows quick, easy querying of KATview database for integration into other mill information systems

• Accessible remotely via LAN or WAN

            Wagner Electronics spent two years developing the KATview software in response to customer input.

            “KATview is the foundation of additional kiln drying improvements to be released in the near future,” said Ed Wagner, president of Wagner Electronics.

            One of these improvements includes Wagner’s new patented kiln drying model, which will be introduced soon in its Moisture Management and Grade Recovery program. This

new drying model was developed in partnership with the University of British Columbia and with implementation development by Mike Milota of Oregon State University.

            These improved lumber drying tools will help kiln operators to achieve significantly improved grade recovery on a consistent basis.

            The opportunity for significant grade recovery improvement is substantial. Wagner estimates that better moisture content management can result in a bottom line improvement of over $1 million annually for many softwood mills running 100 MM board feet per year.

            Wagner Electronics provides the forest products industry with a complete line of moisture measurement systems, optimizing moisture management for the sawmill, kiln and planer mill.

            With over 1,000 customers world-wide and over 40 years of experience in providing tools for dry kiln operators, Wagner Electronics is well positioned to provide additional value to the lumber industry.

            For more information on Wagner Electronic Products, visit


Waratah Introduces New Processor-Harvester Head

            Waratah Forestry Attachments has added a powerful new processor-harvesting head to its HTH600 series of attachments. The HTH624-C is part of a new generation of attachment heads that delivers unparalleled performance and productivity, the company said in a statement.

            The Waratah HTH624-C is designed to handle big trees and tough jobs. It easily cuts through large diameter wood and processes timber up to 28 inches in diameter. It can fell trees up to 30 inches in diameter although it achieves optimum production in wood up to 20 inches in diameter.

            Key features include increased top saw cutting capacity from 16 to 20 inches for better access, new ‘C’ design sawbox for improved harvesting applications, and stronger tilt bracket and delimbing knives for increased strength and reliability. Other features include improved hose routing, relocated head module for superior vibration protection, and redesigned valve to improve flow efficiencies to the head.

            Lower-cost spare parts and more commonality will help loggers maintain the attachment and protect their overall investment.

            As with all Waratah attachment heads, the new HTH624-C comes with the guidance and support of a professional, highly trained technical support team.

            For more information, contact a Waratah dealer or visit


Resource Recovery Offers Wood Beaver Processors

            Resource Recovery Systems is a distributor of machinery and equipment for the forest products industry and other applications. The company also rents equipment.

            Resource Recovery Systems represents some of the leading equipment manufacturers, including Morbark, Multitek and the Wood Beaver line of firewood processors.

            Wisconsin-based Resources Recovery Systems has been in business for 15 years and offers a strong commitment to customer service.

            The company supplies wood grinders, hogs and chippers, mulch coloring systems, firewood processors, splitters and bundlers, portable sawmills, and material handling equipment, such as grapples, trailers, screens, conveyors and skidding winches.

            The Wood Beaver line of firewood processors is made in Finland. The machines are powered by tractor PTO and also may be powered by a Honda gasoline engine power pack.

            Resource Recovery Systems also manufactures a line of firewood bundling equipment that it markets under the Wood Beaver Twister brand name.

            For more information, call (800) 569-6813 or visit


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