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Norwood Introduces Two New Mills into the Market

Norwood Introduces Two New Mills into the Market

By Staff
Date Posted: 1/1/2010

            Exciting times are happening here at Norwood”, said Peter Dale, founder of Norwood Industries. “I started with one sawmill over 15 years ago.  Now, our sawmills are hard at work in over 89 countries globally.  That’s given us more experience and broader customer input.  It’s time that we put all that know-how into two new mills that we’re launching in early 2010 – the LumberMate Pro MX34 and the LumberLite ML26.”

            Over the years, Dale has designed many sawmills with seven making it into production.  The LumberMate has been Norwood’s flagship sawmill since day one.  At nine years, the 2000-series LumberMate has been in production the longest.  It’s earned a solid reputation. 

            Rather than having 3 – 4 different sawmills to choose from, Dale decided to make one sawmill and have many additional accessories and attachments available for the unit. The idea behind this business model is: buy what you need when you need it.  This unique philosophy means that the customer can order the standard LumberMate and have a fully-operational sawmill.  He can, at any time, add some or all of the attachments and turn his sawmill into a fully portable, higher production machine.  This means minimal start-up costs and the ability to add attachments as his business and milling requirements grow.  “Even though we’ll no longer be making the 2000-series LumberMate, we’ll still make its optional accessories and attachments,” explained Dale, “We want our existing LumberMate 2000 owners to know we’ll continue to be there for them.”

            Starting in February 2010, Norwood will begin shipping out the new LumberMate Pro MX34.  Like its predecessor, you can order it standard and add attachments and accessories if and when you need them. 

            Because the LumberMate 2000-series has proven itself to be so dependable, Dale knew that developing a new model LumberMate would be a huge challenge.  “One of my biggest inspirations is our owners - I have always appreciated feed back from all Norwood owners.  They’re out in the field running these machines day in and day out,” said Dale. “That kind of experience is invaluable – I really appreciate all their constructive comments.” 

            “Developing the new LumberMate Pro has been a real challenge – There were a lot of new features that I wanted to see in there and many had never been tried before.  It took a lot of time, and a lot of lost sleep, to get it all right”  Dale chuckles. “Of course, some might say that deciding to also redesign the LumberLite at the same time was probably a bit much.” 

            “I’m really happy with both new models, but I’m particularly proud of the new LumberMate Pro.  It’s an absolute pleasure to operate – so fast and smooth.  I can’t wait until they get out into the field working for our customers.”



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