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Ponsse Offers Solutions for Harvesting Energy Wood

Ponsse Offers Solutions for Harvesting Energy Wood

By Staff
Date Posted: 9/1/2010

            The economical harvesting of energy wood calls for effective, productive methods. Ponsse Bioenergy products focus on making the harvesting of energy and small wood flexible and efficient. Energy wood can be harvested simultaneously with industrial wood, cut separately, or the harvesting equipment can be harnessed solely for the harvesting of industrial wood when necessary.

            The multi-stemming function of harvester heads is a solution for the productive harvesting of partially-delimbed or undelimbed pulpwood and energy wood. Ponsse offers a broad selection of alternatives. All modern Ponsse harvester heads in the various size categories are suitable for multi-stemming either as such or equipped with minor accessories. The Ponsse EH25 energy wood harvester had is particularly suitable for sites where no feeding or delimbing is required.

            With the multi-stemming feature you can harvest both industrial and energy wood simultaneously, which increases the yield. All modern Ponsse harvester heads can be used for multi-stemming even without mechanical changes. When the aim is to harvest delimbed wood from the stand with multi-stemming, the handling and feeding of bundles can be improved with new feed roller solutions. The solution also works well in regular industrial wood felling.

            With Ponsse harvester heads, multi-stemming is performed with the control function of delimbing knives and feed rollers. When the machine grabs a new trunk, the rollers hold the trunk in place while the knives grab a new tree. After this, the rollers open, grab a new trunk, and cut the new trunk. The operator can control all collecting features by the push of a button. Finally, the bundle is assembled as whole trees, or it is delimbed by feeding the bundle through the harvester head where necessary.

            The size of the harvester head is chosen according to trees to be handled. A strong harvester head, equipped with a large opening, is naturally able to hold larger trunks better. When the diameter of the trunk is small, a smaller and lighter harvester head can be used. The forwarder should preferably be equipped with a load scale for production data recording.

            The Ponsse EH25 energy wood harvester had is a simple, powerful tool especially for harvesting raw energy material during timber stand improvement felling. Thanks to its multi-stemming feature, guillotine cutting method, and easy user controls, the Ponsse EH25 is designed to be a profitable solution when no feeding or delimbing is necessary.

            It is easy to manage the harvester head even in confined harvesting sites, because its center of gravity is sufficiently far away from the boom tip. Thanks to the grapple’s powerful tilt feature, harvested bundles can be held in the vertical position, which facilitates work under difficult conditions, and prevents harvest damage to the residual tree stand. The tilt position can be controlled to any angle. Ponsse EH25 can be installed to different base machines. The EH25 has excellent geometry so controlling can be performed easily and efficiently.

            For additional information, contact Ponsse at 715/369-4833 or see their web site at


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