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KMC Looks To The Future: Investment Opportunities and New Prototypes Available

KMC Looks To The Future: Investment Opportunities and New Prototypes Available

By Staff
Date Posted: 12/1/2011

            Wayne Farenholtz, president and general manager of KMC-Kootrac, has announced today the company’s plans to redesign its Steel Track Vehicles to meet the future requirements of various industries that utilize Off Highway carriers for their many attachments.

            Since KMC-Kootrac has recently been developing new technologies to reconfigure its vehicles to improve operation and versatility, a new generation of 3000 Series “Tracked Vehicles” has been developed. In addition, a prototype KMC Hydrostatic Drive Welding Tractor with 4 welders, a generator, a compressor, and a crane was designed and built for the Russian oil and gas fields, with interest for more.

            KMC-Kootrac has also designed and manufactured a new five road wheel chassis with an ISO Certified ROPS/FOPS/OPS Operator Cab. This configuration with Hydrostatic Track Drive and hydraulically driven Auger Drill Rig was manufactured for a customer in California for power pole installation. The new KMC design can incorporate various machine sizes utilizing 4-5-6 set of road wheels, depending on the application.

            KMC-Kootrac is known worldwide for its manufacture, sales, and service of KMC High Speed Steel Track (HSST) Vehicles. The unique features of the Steel Track Vehicles include a unitized chassis, front mounted track drive, a torsion bar suspension, rubber bushed “live” steel tracks, and balanced weight distribution. This design allows the tracks to be laid loosely on the ground and conform to the uneven terrain, allowing for better traction, less soil disturbance/compaction, and a smoother ride. It also allows the machine to operate on steep slopes, wet/boggy ground, and environmentally sensitive soils where other ground based machines cannot. The KMC Tracked Vehicles have proven to be one of the best ground-based machines for carrying attachments into hard to access areas.

            KMC-Kootrac markets to worldwide industries including forestry, oil and gas, utility, mining, construction, agriculture, and many others. KMC-Kootrac manufactures Logging Skidders (new and remanufactured), Log Forwarders, Mulchers, Silviculture/Site Preparation Vehicles, Fire Suppression Vehicles (“The Fire Tracker”) for the Forest Industry. Tracked Vehicles with Digger Derricks and Manlifts have been manufactured for the Utilities Industry.

            Other uses of the Tracked Vehicle include: Dumper/Materials Handler, Flatdeck/Cargo, Personnel Carrier, Exploration Drill Rig, Hydro-Seed, Agriculture Fertilizer Spray, Potato Harvester, etc. As a prime mover, it can be used by any industry for any type of Off Highway usage. KMC-Kootrac also carries a large parts inventory to support the service of all the vehicles it sells.


Investment Opportunities

            The original active companies, Kootenay Manufacturing Co. Ltd. and Kootenay Tractor Co. Ltd. have been in business as family owned enterprises located in the Southeastern part of British Columbia, Canada, near Nelson, since 1954. The current owner, Wayne Farenholtz, is nearing retirement and wishes to create a business structure that can provide transitional continuity to the business through the development of new and timely product lines.

            To facilitate this new generation of “Tracked Vehicles” growth, and the semi-retirement of Wayne Farenholtz, KMC-Kootrac is offering an investment opportunity for those who wish to be part of a unique product line with endless possibilities. Wayne is willing to assume less than a majority ownership position in a new company.

            Inquiries are invited from interested parties looking for a long-term business investment in unique industrial products. Active participation in the business operation is desired but not essential. This opportunity relates to a new enterprise for the development and sale of new design mobile equipment utilized in several industries including forestry, construction, oil and gas, mining and utilities. This new business will be an offshoot venture related to long established companies in business manufacturing and selling heavy forestry equipment for over 50 years.

            Specific skills that investors could additionally provide might include:

            • Business management

            • Sales and marketing experience of similar products

            • Advanced market knowledge and contacts in specific market areas such as the USA, South America, New Zealand, Australia, or South East Asia

            • Manufacturing knowledge particularly related to mobile equipment or machinery

            • Mechanical Engineering

            • Sourcing and acquisition knowledge related to major components such as casting, forging, specialty weldments, hydraulics, etc.

            This investment opportunity should appeal to individuals and families looking for an outstanding and secure business in a friendly smaller town atmosphere. The Kootenay area is world renowned for outdoor activities and beautiful surroundings. People come and move their businesses to the Kootenays for a “Lifestyle”.

            Information about KMC-Kootrac product lines can be obtained by accessing the company website at

            For more details call Wayne Farenholtz at 1.800.562.5303 or 1.250.359.5033.


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