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The Bio-Burner from LEI Products Converts Biomass Into Cheap Heat: Waste not – Want not for cheap Heat!

The Laskowski family, known for its innovations with Wood-Mizer saws and machinery, has worked over the years to design the Bio-Burner, a biomass burner that turns wood fiber waste into useable heat.

By Staff
Date Posted: 10/1/2012

                The idea of using not just prime biomass fuels as a heat source such as pellets and corn, BUT producing heat from “waste” biomass is now a reality thanks to LEI Products – makers of The Bio-Burner™.

                “Being involved in the wood industry for over 25 years, I saw the need for utilizing the mountains of fine sawdust created by band mills and began working on a sawdust burner.  The Bio-Burner evolved from that idea,” said Scott Laskowski, co-owner of LEI Products.  This was just the beginning of using what most consider “waste” woody biomass as a viable fuel for creating heat.  Not only do sawmills now have a solution for their band dust, but The Bio-Burner™ can also burn the “dirty chips” they produce by the tons. What about tree trimmings, forest dead fall, disease/insect infestation and weather related damage?  Yes, all of this wood waste can be turned into an ideal fuel simply by chipping it into an appropriate size for burning. Waste Biomass = Cheap Heat!

                The engineering team at LEI Products has introduced cutting edge technology to the biomass fuel industry through The Bio-Burner™.  This non-catalytic burner creates hot water to transfer heat through hydronic, forced air, or flash drying systems.  The advanced computer controls provide the precise ratio of fuel and air maximizing combustion efficiency.  Since the fully automated computer controls allow only small amounts of fuel to be fed into the combustion chamber at one time, complete gasification is always achieved; therefore, the unit is relatively smoke-free from start-up to shut-down.  The use of a gas igniter also reduces smoke and no smoke = NO CREOSOTE.  A “Smoke Guard” feature for ignition can be set to preference using the color touch screen controls.  The Bio-Burner™ technology goes beyond the single control of water temperature, but monitors and controls the water, combustion, and flue gas temperatures.  With lower flue gas temperatures and the use of a cyclone, the unit is spark-free.  The new PID computer control regulates fuel flow to maintain a preprogramed combustion temperature. The controls also feature intelligent troubleshooting assistance and ten built-in safety/control limits with warnings and/or auto shut-down. As an extra bonus, The Bio-Burner™ controls have network capabilities that allow remote access to the burner.

                The Bio-Burner™ is a multi-day burner meaning that with the aid of the computer controls and the automated fuel feed systems, the burner can provide up to weeks of heat before reloading with fuel.  The automated Fuel Feed Systems range in size holding from 2 yds up to 22 yds of biomass fuel.  These systems are all interchangeable with any of The Bio-Burner™ units.  The Fuel Feed Systems are also multi-fuel capable as is the burner.  The same system can feed all types of biomass being burned in The Bio-Burner™ with no mechanical adjustments – only computer touch screen control setting changes. 

                What does “multi-fuel” mean?  The term multi-fuel is used loosely for burners that are capable of burning more than one type of fuel (Ex. pellets & corn, firewood & dry wood chips, 1 type of biomass & gas backup option) but typically a complete shutdown with mechanical changes to the unit are required to switch fuels. LEI Products’ definition of multi-fuel is being able to burn almost any type of biomass- even mixed fuels - including a gas back-up system all in the same unit with NO interruption in the heat supply.

                The applications for biomass heating are vast and current owners of The Bio-Burner ™ are very pleased with its performance. 

                John Weddington of Weddington Greenhouses in North Carolina says, “We are pleased with how well our BB 500 works after setting it up.  LEI has put a lot of thought into making this machine safe, trouble free and easy to use. 

                It’s amazing how much fuel you can run through with very little ash.” 

                Current Bio-Burner heating applications include:  residential, swimming pools, firehouses, greenhouses, bus garages, turkey farms, tobacco drying, and drying pellet material.  The first commercial application of The Bio-Burner™ was drying tobacco in North Carolina where thousands of dollars in propane were saved using “waste” woodchips from a local sawmill. 

                Ryan Patterson from Patterson Greenhouses wrote, “We purchased two BB-500’s this summer and immediately put them to use curing tobacco. After curing season we moved the burners to our greenhouses where they will carry almost the entire heat load through the winter.  We’ve been well pleased with their performance at both locations and extremely satisfied with the support that has been given by the entire LEI team!” 

                Glenn Rodes from Riverhill Farms uses The Bio-Burner™ BB-500 to heat his turkey house and has this to share about The Bio-Burner™.

                “After burning grain for a number of years I was looking for a boiler that would burn a cheaper fuel.  Have you seen the price of corn lately?  The ability to burn bulk wood chips is what sold me on the Bio-Burner.  I also like the auto ignition feature on the burner. The unit will shut down and restart as needed.”

                “After a few start up issues I have been pleased with the unit. Factory support has been very good,” said Rodes.

                “Burning solid fuel does take some effort. You have to feed and clean the unit at regular intervals.  The extra work is almost enjoyable. Saving money while burning a renewable fuel, and not being tied to a single fuel source that fluctuates wildly in price, make the extra work worthwhile. The control system is easy to operate, and I am a middle aged farmer. That should tell you something. The boiler is hooked into a wireless network, so I am able to monitor, and operate the boiler from my home computer. It is great fun to sit at home and watch the boiler “temperatures” page on the computer screen. But then again, I am easily amused,” added Rodes.

                The Bio-Burner™ customer, Mike Lemza of Essex Box & Pallet in NY, is turning his “WASTE STREAM into a REVENUE STREAM” with waste wood from his pallet business.  Some of his waste wood is chipped and then burned in the BB-500 burner to heat his buildings. With LEI Products’ Bio-Burner™ Processing and Flash Drying System other waste material is processed and dried to make wood pellets.

                Mike writes: “I stand behind LEI Products and its equipment for all that they’ve done both burner and dryer wise. I tell everyone LEI was the best supplier in my project.”

                The Bio-Burner™ Product Line promotes responsible wood waste management and cheap heating solutions!

                Editors note: The preceding editorial was provided by LEI Products. For further information please call 877-458-6928 270-326-2006.


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