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Turn Waste into Revenue

Essex Box & Pallet and Riverhill Farms have recently installed Bio-Burner systems to heat production buildings and a turkey house. LEI’s Authorized Service Center program offers an opportunity to not only sell The Bio-Burner but to install, service and be the fuel suplier for the customer.

By Staff
Date Posted: 11/1/2012

Turn your “Waste Stream” into a “Revenue Stream” with the help of LEI Products and The Bio-Burner™. The Bio-Burner™ can burn almost any biomass to create heat in its computer controlled hydronic system. The Bio-Burner™ was designed to use locally produced fuel for the lowest cost and highest value to the end user. Not only does the end user benefit from the design, but there is a potential “revenue stream” for those with what was previously considered a “waste stream”. If you have mounds of tree trimmings, wood chips or sawdust from your timber business that is thought of as a waste by-product of the business, it can be processed and sold as biomass fuel to The Bio-Burner™ customers in your area. Other industry wastes such as corn/crop stover, walnut shells, construction waste, and more can be processed and sold as fuel for The Bio-Burner™. LEI Products is creating a Fuel Supplier Network to connect customers with these fuel sources. For more information on becoming a part of this network, visit

The Bio-Burner™ customer, Mike Lemza of Essex Box & Pallet in NY, is turning his “WASTE STREAM into a REVENUE STREAM” with waste wood from his pallet business. Some of his waste wood is chipped and then burned in the BB-500 burner to heat his buildings. With LEI Products’ Bio-Burner™ Processing and Flash Drying System other waste material is processed and dried to make wood pellets.

Mike writes: “I stand behind LEI Products and its equipment for all that they've done both burner and dryer wise. I tell everyone LEI was the best supplier in my project.”

Glenn Rodes from Riverhill Farms uses The Bio-Burner™ BB-500 to heat his turkey house by burning processed construction waste from a local supplier. Glenn has this to share about his Bio-Burner™ experience: “After burning grain for a number of years I was looking for a boiler that would burn a cheaper fuel. Have you seen the price of corn lately? The ability to burn bulk wood chips is what sold me on the Bio-Burner. Burning solid fuel does take some effort compared to gas. You have to feed and clean the unit at regular intervals. Saving money while burning a renewable fuel, and not being tied to a single fuel source that fluctuates wildly in price, makes the extra work worthwhile.”

LEI Products also offers an opportunity for a “revenue stream” with its Authorized Service Center (ASC) program. An ASC has the opportunity to not only sell The Bio-Burner™, but to install, service and be the fuel supplier for the customer.

The Bio-Burner™ Product Line promotes Responsible wood waste management and Cheap heating solutions!

For more information contact: LEI Products 4100 Nebo Road Madisonville, KY 42431 USA  1.877.458.6928

Editor’s note: The preceding was paid advertorial by LEI Products.


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