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New Products for February 2001 TimberLine

By Staff Writer
Date Posted: 2/1/2001

Product Profiles

Carter Has New Brochure for Z-Laser Product Line
A new brochure from Carter Products showcases the Z-Laser products and includes details about specifications and capabilities.

The Z-Laser models range from inexpensive, battery-operated lasers for hobbyists to state-of-the-art 2D laser systems for sophisticated industrial applications. They are manufactured by a leading European laser guide line light company.

In addition to laser guide line lights, Carter Products supplies other woodworking machinery accessories, including band saw guides and wheels and tires, laser pattern generator systems, inspection lights and more.

For more information, contact Carter Products at (616) 451-2928, fax (616) 451-4330, e-mail, or Web at

New Version of Gradex® Is Available from Rotex
Rotex Inc. is making available the latest upgrade for the Gradex® chip classifier software program. The newest version of the Windows® based program improves operator productivity by providing greater flexibility in data analysis, allowing larger samples to be analyzed at one time, and increasing automation of the classification process.

The new software expands data collection, analysis, and reporting capabilities. Up to eight sample identification fields now are available when generating reports. Analysis results are automatically saved in a Microsoft® Access database. Results may be displayed in standard reports or custom reports may be generated in Excel.

For more information, contact Rotex at (800) 453-2321, fax (513) 346-5454, or e-mail at

Bandit Offers New Universal Mount for Megabyte Shear
Bandit Industries has developed a new universal mounting system for the Megabyte Log and Stump Shear Attachment. The new mounting system makes it fairly easy to attach the Megabyte to most excavators while eliminating any need to modify the boom. Adapting the Megabyte to another excavator now only requires that a bushing be inserted into the linkage arm.

The Megabyte Log and Stump Shear Attachment is specially designed to break down stumps and over-sized logs into manageable pieces that can be more efficiently processed through waste reduction equipment. It also acts as a stump puller that will split stumps while still in the ground.

The unique design of the pivoting shear allows equal and full pressure to be put directly opposite the shear and claw. Full splitting and cutting power is present through all phases of the cut, compared to a scissors-type shear, which has most of its power two-thirds through the cut.

The Megabyte is equipped with a replaceable shear knife tip, replaceable front knife surfaces and replaceable teeth.

For more information, contact Bandit Industries at (800) 952-0178, fax (517) 561-2273, e-mail, or Web at

Free Safety Kits Offered for Brush Bandit Chippers
Performance First is offering a free series of safety update kits for all Bandit Industries Brush Bandit® chippers that are not equipped with them.

The offer applies to safety update kits for weld-on infeed extension pan, wooden push-paddle and mount, spring lock for hood pin, chipper hood engine disable switch, infeed chute pull cord stop, and hook lock pin with attaching chain.

To take advantage of this offer, contact your local Bandit dealer or contact Performance First via fax at (517) 561-2986.


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