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Safety Alert: Dump Truck Rolls Over Logger in Garage

A dump truck lurched forward, and the rear wheels ran over both of a logger’s legs.

By Staff
Date Posted: 6/1/2013


 On aspring afternoon in the Appalachians, an independent mechanic shop owner wasadjusting the air brakes on a dump truck owned by a logging contractor. Themechanic asked for help from the owner of the logging company.



 Themechanic was very experienced and had owned his business for many years. Thelogging company owner was 65 years old and had worked in logging and truckingfor over 25 years.



 Themechanic crawled underneath the truck and asked the logging contractor forassistance. The logger joined the mechanic underneath the truck, and he laydown with his legs extended outside of the truck near the rear dual wheels. Theair pressure had not built up in the air brakes, and someone asked one of theother mechanics to start the truck in order build up the air pressure. Themechanic had not chocked the wheels on the truck. Although the parking brakewas set, it may not have been adjusted properly. Both individuals wereunderneath the truck when the other mechanic climbed into the cab and startedthe vehicle. The other mechanic did not engage the clutch when he turned on theengine, and the truck had been left in gear.



 Whenthe engine started, the truck lurched forward, and the rear wheels ran overboth of the logger’s legs.



 Thelogger was rushed to the hospital. Initially, he was told that one of his legscould not be saved due to the seriousness of the injury. He spent a few monthsin the hospital where he underwent many surgeries and skin grafts. He was stillreceiving physical therapy 6 months later and needed a cane to assist him whenwalking.



 Beforeperforming truck maintenance, turn the engine off, set the (properly adjusted)parking brake, and chock the wheels.

 No oneshould be underneath the truck if the engine needs to be started during repairwork.

 Be sureto depress the clutch pedal fully when starting the engine. Another safetyprecaution is to put the transmission in neutral when depressing both the brakeand clutch pedals during starting.

 Do notplace any part of your body in front of or behind the wheels when adjustingbrakes—be sure of the surroundings and let others know if you are going to workunderneath the truck.


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